With “The forgotten ones”We come to the fifth chapter of the tetralogy of the invasion of Erondár by the army of the undead of the necromancer Saul Jeranas.

The Forgotten is the fifth chapter of the tetralogy of the undead
The symbol on the title page indicates the fifth chapter of the tetralogy of the undead

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A legion arises from the dead
They have come to claim our heads

nnihilate, Needles of Rust, 2021, This Ending

The forgotten

The Forgotten presents three stories by Enoch, Barbieri and Vietti about some undead who cannot find peace before they have solved something ...
Forgotten by death or have something pending yet to do?

The multitude of undead that raged far and wide throughout the Erondár, left behind them deep wounds that will hardly heal… but something else too!
Some members of the army of Jeranas, having failed his impious necromancy, were inexplicably removed from the fate reserved for all others and have ... survived, despite their horrible condition of undead. For what reason they, lost in the fog of time, have been "forgotten by death"?

Episode analysis

Last year's bis number had as a "frame" four ages of our hero Ian, almost a sort of multi-birthday. This year, instead, we are holding the fifth chapter of the tetralogy of the plague of the undead unleashed by Saul Jeranas in our hands.

It is a rather particular fifth chapter as the stories told take place in different places and with different protagonists, the only point in common are those who, at the end of the nefarious influence of the necromancer, have not returned to rest in the oblivion of death ... maybe there is still something outstanding for them in the world?

Luca Enoch in They come with the fog (small spoiler already in the title), bases a story where the sense of guilt grips the soul of a man in the same way as a team of undead that besieges a manor, whose defense are Gmor and Rehka.

Gmor and Rehka find themselves at the center of an unresolved matter between a company of soldiers, now undead, and their old commander ...
Gmor and Rehka have their work cut out with this undead company

Luca Barbieri in Vaktar, juggles between love and death in a melancholy union, with Ian as a witness. We will also have the opportunity to get acquainted with the aforementioned Vaktar ...

Vaktar is perhaps the most melancholy tale of the three presented in The Forgotten. After all, Love and Death often go hand in hand ...
Memories transcend undead ...

Stefano Vietti reserves a "bad business" for old Alben, accompanied by the half-elf Sashima. In the "adventure" at the Nero Castello the two will face each other The nightmare in the eyes some black elves (among them someone known?) tormented not only by the undead, but also by the terrible experiments of yet another necromancer. Is it part of something bigger? Only time will tell ...

Alben and Sashima at Black Castle find some undead black elves and a necromancer. A nightmare situation!
Alben and Sashima clean up the undead at Black Castle

At the opening

In the editorial, Chronicles of the Rebellion, of this summer issue (experiment started last summer by Sergio Bonelli Editore on several of his publications), Luca Barbieri introduces us to the three authors and the three designers of the three stories collected in the register (we talk about them in the corresponding paragraphs).

Apart from remembering the summer releases of Dragonero, The days of hate and Analysis coloured The kingdom of wolves (which we talked about here), and Born in battle forthcoming (August), Barbieri wishes you a good summer of reading dragonerian to which we unite heartily!

Drawings & lettering

The cover, by the close-knit duo Gianluca Pagliarani (drawings) and Paolo Francescutto (colors), does not portray a specific moment of one of the three stories, but rather a suggestion of the events narrated in the register The forgotten.

The three designers are the veteran Vincent Riccardi, Thomas Bianchi, of which we had been able to admire some tables in Told at night ( "Dragonero the Rebel"N. 27), and the absolute rookie Luca Bulgheroni.

For these three stories we find two names in the lettering, Valentina Pejrano e Alessandra Belletti.

In the next issue, "Born in battle” (“Dragonero the Rebel"N. 34, 9 August) we will find Ian busy defending Briana and, above all, her daughter Elara, who is about to be born, from Roney's ruthless revenge!

From the shadows we rise. In silence we strike.

The rebels of Erondár