Today we will follow closely "The flight of wyverns".
Have you equipped yourself with Technocrat telescopes as I advised you?

To observe The Flight of the Wyverns, what's better than a Technocrat telescope?
To observe The Flight of the Wyverns, what could be better than a telescope of the Technocrats?

We also celebrate the fact that I will no longer maze you with the shopping list of references to last year's episodes, Thu in fact you can find the cornerstone with all the articles of "Dragonero the Rebel”Released so far.
So, without wasting any more time, let's get started… go with the intro!

In your den, you're waiting for the crowned moonlight
Wyvern, arise, and dazzle the night
... "

Wyvern Solitude Chant, Echoes from the Stone Keeper, 2012, Darkenhöld

The flight of wyverns

The flight of wyverns is portrayed here in Ian's dramatic struggle against fierce winged reptiles
Ian struggling with two wild wyverns

Roccabruna, nest of the wyverns of the imperial Dragonieri, has fallen under the blows of the army of the Black Queens. The Rebels recently managed to destroy the tower of Tectuendàrt, where airships and clouds were built. The Empire is now devoid of any air force, so it is time for the resistance to take control of the Erondarian skies.
The mission of Ian, Myrva and Gmor is not the easiest, in fact they must reach the place where the wild wyverns nest, creatures difficult to ride due to their ferocious and indomitable nature. Or maybe Dragonero is the custodian of a secret capable of taming them ...

The flight of wyverns never goes too far from their nest
The Wyvern's Nest.
You have to have a lot of courage to venture there

Episode analysis

The Empire has been in a bit of trouble lately, so the Rebels decide to make their move and move to "free" another piece on the board. Luca Enoch manages to weave a very enjoyable story in its verticality, but which fits perfectly within the great tapestry of the narrative of the rebellion.

Like other episodes, this too fits in the wake of those who tell the obligatory effort that the Rebels are forced to make in trying to recover resources, allies and support. But as always, the narration that Luca Enoch bases, is the background to something else. Being right does not exempt you from using any means at your disposal. Convincing Thauras, who does not rightly want to endanger the Great Mother, by showing him the violence of the most rampant imperial expansionism against a town that has remained neutral, is perfectly justified. The Rebels need, at any cost, a force that allows them to rule the skies.

A village full of corpses cut down by the red cry of the Lady of Blood Tears
Being a neutral village is not enough to save itself from the horrors of Erondarian expansionism

In addition to introducing us to the maneuvers of the rebellion, Enoch takes the opportunity to show us what is happening behind enemy lines. We had already seen something move in the imperial palace, now we are witnessing the addition of another piece. What this means for the puppet emperor Nahim is not yet known, but it will certainly play an important role in the future of Erondár.

But let's not forget what the title of this month's register is: "The flight of wyverns". Here we forget for a moment of struggles and intrigues, and we return to soar again in the skies with these, rediscovered, majestic but dangerous creatures.

Wyvern flight can be beautiful to look at but also dangerous if it is perceived as a threat
Wild wyverns are truly ferocious

At the opening

The editorial, Chronicles of the Rebellion by Luca Barbieri, presents a brief summary concerning the importance that the lives covered within the military organization of the former Erondarian Empire. They were in fact among the first targets during the invasion of the Black Queens ("Prisoner!","Black Dragon"No. 57, February 2018). From that moment on the Great Mother and the master of the Keepers of the wyverns, Thauras, had fled flying away who knows where. In this book we will discover their fate.

Other communications concern the release of the first four debut episodes of Dragonero collected, for the first time, in a single volume: "The blood of the dragon". Also within the Dragonero universe the necklace soulless won the Comics Oscar 2020, awarded by the cultural association Bergomix, in the category "best comic book series / comic shop". The runner-up, Zardo di Sclavi / Mammuccari, is also published by Sergio Bonelli Editore, which once again underlines, as if it were needed, the high quality and commitment that the publishing house has lavished even in this not-so-easy year.


The flight of wyverns stands out right from the cover. Gianluca Pagliarani is able, with skill, to catapult us into the sky at the mercy of the ferocious flying beasts. There is no top or bottom, only Ian's fight against the winged reptiles. Paolo Francescutto's colors only embellish a scene so full of action. 

For this register the drawings were entrusted to a single hand, that of Salvatore Porcaro. The choice of this author is very apt, as he manages to make the most of the majesty and predatory grace of the wyverns. His drawings, full of dark tones, also go very well with action scenes, as well as those set in buildings where intrigues are woven.

The Great Mother joins The Flight of Wyverns
The Great Mother in all her rapacious splendor

Next month we will see "Yannah's sacrifice " ( "Dragonero the Rebel " n ° 17, 10 March 2021). We prepare the handkerchiefs, or not! In fact, as the curator Luca Barbieri says

"... it could be a tasty spoiler or a misleading trap ..."

From the shadows we rise. In silence we strike.

The rebels of Erondár