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As usual, those interested in the history of the "Dragonero the Rebel" of the Sergio Bonelli Editore can find it in this article summary.
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Arrows are raining from the sky
As brothers fight side by side
... "

tory Song, Victory Song, 2007, Ensiferum

The flames of the revolt

The flames of the revolt prepares the last steps for the liberation of the Erondár
Ian and Emperor Nahim ride towards the liberation of the Erondár

Now that they have Nahim as their guide, Ian and companions are no longer rebels, but freedom fighters: The Swords of Justice. Their sole purpose is to overthrow Leario's tyrannical usurping theocracy. The time to act is almost upon us! Therefore, before launching the Attack that will free the Erondár from the bloody yoke imposed on it by the Lady of Tears, it is necessary to clear the way with targeted attacks. So who better than Ausofer, brilliant-minded strategist, is he able to organize the first three moves of the counterattack?

More Ausofer's secrets are revealed in The Flames of Uprising
Ausofer the mind of the Rebellion

Episode analysis

Once again we find an extremely multifaceted book in our hands, both for the numerous authors behind the stories and for the style of the drawings. Although this formula does not appeal to many who follow the adventures of Ian and his companions, its functionality is undoubted.

We have had the opportunity, several times, to underline how much the world in which the Dragonero stories take place is a living universe; each character, each event is not an end in itself: the reverberations of each issue have repercussions on lives and on the future narrative.
We have wondered, on several occasions, about the need for certain episodes, or the reason for certain half-spoken sentences, or the introduction of so many characters. Vietti, Enoch and Barbieri, which has become a real third pillar, have woven, continue to weave threads, and we are sure that the future will hold interesting surprises, thanks to their vision that spans every corner of the Erondár and in the soul of every actor in the saga.

This is what it is "The flames of the revolt“: A large stage that should not be considered as a mere catwalk, but as a moment in which to show the result, or at least a large part of it, of this long and accurate worldbuilding.

Let's review familiar faces, others less so, and discover their importance. Shote e Gheal we have seen them act in this issue. Regarding Cloud we are sure that it will make a splash in the pages of the next issues. Also because, from this article, we can assume that ours Ian's Angels they will have much more space in the future!

In The Flames of Revolt we find Shōte and Gheal as infiltrated in a temple of the Lady of Tears
Shote e Gheal seems to have found their place in the ranks of the Swords of Justice

We find situations and emotions already seen, but it is right that they are emphasized as much as possible: oppression, violence, use of fear to subjugate.

In The flames of the revolt we see the population still oppressed by Leario's heel
The population is always the first victim of war

Where, however, the darkness thickens, and it almost makes you smile to think of the theocracy of Leario as if it were darkness when there is a much darker one on the horizon, there is a spirit of sacrifice, friendship, a sense of camaraderie and union under two flags synonymous with forthcoming liberation!

Emperor Nahim ignites the flames of revolt
Emperor Nahim leads the liberation army

But, as we have already pointed out, something dark will soon unleash for the Erondár, as the last pages of the register reveal ...

At the opening

Luca Barbieri, in the editorial Chronicles of the Rebellion, before introducing us to the authors who gave birth to "The flames of the revolt", Tells us about another piece of the great tapestry that is the Dragonero saga: soulless. In fact, the month of December saw the release of the eighth volume Truce. We got to mention that this series deals with the period when Ian (young) was part of the mercenary company of Gredo Senzanima. A fundamental moment for our hero, but characterized by violent and dark moments… a more “adult” series that we advise you to recover and start following!

As for what we are going to read in the register, we discover that there are three stories in this issue, by three authors Stefano Vietti, Luca Enoch (who also takes care of the frame) and Luca Barbieri (in that order), and four designers whom we will meet in the appropriate paragraph.

Drawings & lettering

Gianluca Pagliarani (drawings) and Paolo Francescutto (colors) give life to a cover full of meaningful action. Seeing Ian, holding the Rebel flag in his hand, riding next to the Emperor Nahim, with the imperial cloth, immediately arouses in the reader a sense of revenge for all the people of Erondár!

Francesco Rizzato he took care of the frame (the first and last five pages of the register). Marco Itri is a new entry for the Dragonero team and drew the first story. We find then Ludovica Ceregatti e Diego Bonesso for the last.

At the lettering we find the ever more present Luke Rope.

For the January issue I will try to resume the same cadence without leaving anything behind. In a few days we will sit in front of a fire and listen to what is "Told to the Night"(“Dragonero the Rebel"N. January 27, 9)!

From the shadows we rise. In silence we strike.

The Rebels of Erondár