With "Keyra's fate"I had boasted a vacation, a picnic on the Island of the Orcs, for our heroes so far tried hard, but never was the forecast more wrong!

Where are we at the Rebellion? We saw how it started (Thu) and the consequences that these upheavals had on the various characters (in these the two Articles), and especially with the vibrant story with Sera starring (Thu), and the world they live in (Thu). This month's register combines both personal events and socio-political changes and evolutions.
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Blackhand: For orcs there is no other life than war.

Warcraft - The beginning

Keyra's fate

Cover of issue 7 of "Dragonero, the Rebel": "The fate of Keyra"
What will Keyra's fate be like?

"Keyra's fate”Enriches the already large mosaic of the situation that rages for Erondár and the lands beyond its influence, after the War against the Black Queens, the birth of the Theocracy and the consequent Rebellion.

Apart from a few pages that mention the difficult situation that the Empire is having to face against the Enclave of the Mountain and Candarya, the rest of our attention is focused on the Orcs, perhaps the race that most of all has always suffered the harassment of the Erondarians, as we have been told since the first issues of Dragonero.

The Orcs fear a future clash with the Empire, so they decide to put their divisions aside and elect a single leader, as per ancient tradition, to guide them in this uncertain time. Ian, Gmor, together with Aura, will accompany their old friend Keyra to the Isle of the Orcs so that she can face these trials, but not only she will have to face dangers and pitfalls ...

Keyra, who is she?

Vietti and Enoch have proven to possess the undisputed ability to know how to weave a living tapestry, which sweeps the boundaries of Dragonero and which embraces the stories of Ian and his companions in each of their incarnations (classic series, the young adult series that narrates adolescence by Ian "Dragonero Adventures","soulless"And novels).
We met Keyra during the youth of Ian and Gmor, with whom she became friends, for Gmor something more, also given "the enthusiast"Beginning of the register!

Before facing her destiny, Keyra leaves some tenderness with Gmor
Orchid effusions

The carefree years are long gone, Keyra, thanks to her exploits, is highly respected among her people, as well as being the "war leader" of the first and only (for now) battalion of warrior orcs, born during the battle against the Black Queens. , and now, in the moment of the call, she who possesses the blood of the first, is ready to face the Tagh-Hak.

In "The Fate of Keyra" Ian, Gmor and Aura will go to the aid of Keyra
Old friends

Keyra with her strength and sensitivity and her own psychology thus becomes part of the already large number of well-rounded female characters (Sera, Briana, Ecuba, Aura, just to name a few), cornerstones of Dragonero's stories!

Let's avoid further spoilers, buy the book and find out what Keyra's fate will be, but keep in mind that, as always when we read a Dragonero story, nothing will ever be the same again!

Strengths of Dragonero

As has been pointed out over and over again, the Dragonero saga has many aspects that make it, with good reason, one of the best series of the Sergio Bonelli Editore, and perhaps of the entire Italian comics scene, precisely because Enoch and Vietti, in recent years have been able to build a unique narrative system. To quote another comic work dear to me, "Planetary"(1998) by Warren Ellis (text) and John Cassady (drawings): the land of Dragonero is a world with such well-developed environmental and narrative engines that it practically lives its own life (Semicit.).


The History, expertly outlined and expanded in book after book, is based on a strong sense of continuity. The collapse of the Erondarian Empire and the Saga of the Black Queens, the balances of the enclaves and independent satrapies, the relationships between the various races and the work of deepening their customs and traditions (the originating society of this episode), the of some characters (for example the eight tables of the May volume which focus on Ausofer and Briana), the rise of the Theocracy and its attempt to expand and face future threats (with a small study by Leario, Rooney and his wife Sophia) . Everything had been skillfully sown, cared for and made to grow, until it was time to allow us to pick the fruit and taste it.

This was Dragonero. With "Dragonero, the Rebel"We became more careful, so the authors knew"reinvent"Their narration focusing more on events, which will surely have interesting developments, rather than on Ian, lately more spectator than actor (in this video Vietti revealed that the Rebel saga will go on for at least another couple of years!).

The drawings

But what would Dragonero be without its designers? Fabrizio Galliccia deals with the first part of the episode, alternating moments of quiet, but not emotional, with moments of pure and simple action. The dark and violent central tables of the register are the work of Vincenzo Riccardi, while the conclusion is signed by the always excellent Gianluca Pagliarani, who also takes care of the cover, with the colors of Paolo Francescutto.

And to conclude ... indeed to start!

We asked ourselves what Dragonero is without the story and the designers, but what about the inevitable editorial Chronicles of the Rebellion by Luca Barbieri?
This month's editorial is punctuated by the immanent presence of covid-19 with the hope that the physical and mental grip may have loosened, as well as sincere and heartfelt thanks for the affection shown by us readers.
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Next month (June 9) we will find out how "The secret of the Ubiqui” (“Dragonero, the Rebel"N ° 8) is the key to fighting the Empire, we read around!

From the shadows we rise. In silence we strike.

The rebels of Erondár