What is an RPG like about returning to your home village, to find it destroyed? Let's explore The Fall of Home by Jo Winter, now on Kickstarter.

On Monday we told you about the Zine Month 2022, the initiative to promote the works of indie role-playing authors and authors. Among the different titles we had listed, there was also The Fall of Home.
In these days we have made contact with the author, JoWinter, to get some more information on his role-playing game.
Currently, The Fall of Home is in the last few days of crowdfunding on Kickstarter, so we're also going to take a look at how her fundraiser is progressing. You can find the Kickstarter of The Fall of Home at this link.


What is it about? The Fall of Home?

The Fall of Home speaks, as the title suggests, of the theme of loss of one's home or, more precisely, of one's native village. However, where in many stories this loss is what prompts the hero to embark on his own journey, in The Fall of Home the destruction of the village is what the heroes find when they return home after making a journey. Kind of like when Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin return to the Shire, to find it changed and corrupted by Saruman's forces.
However, in this RPG your native village will not only be corrupted - it has been destroyed.
This game, therefore, explores the relationship the characters have with their home, and the conflicting feelings that emerge from exploring its ruins.

The version of The Fall of Home present on Kickstarter is the second edition of the game. The first edition can be downloaded for free at this link.

Cover of The Fall of Home, by Charles Ferguson-Avery
Cover of The Fall of Home, by Charles Ferguson-Avery

What are the mechanics of the game?

The Fall of Home it's a role-playing game masterless, therefore without the figure of the game master, e saysless, therefore without dice. It is meant to be played in one one shot from 2-4 hours and with a group of two to five players. The game has three phases: creating the characters and the world, exploring the ruins of the House and deciding on your future.

Phase 1: the creation of the world and the characters

The play group will do the together world building of the setting and the House to which they will have to return. In this new edition of the game, worldbuilding will rely on a created system and following the best practices, which will have mechanical repercussions on the game. Instead, the creation of the House it will be based on seven Traits, that is on seven keywords chosen collaboratively by the players.

Each player can choose one Street, that is a type of character to play. The proposed Roads are six. The Chick (Fledgeling) left Home very recently, while the Drifter (Wanderlost) left home when it became too familiar. The Rose-tinted only has fuzzy memories of their Home, while the Estranged left home because they found it painful to live there. The Ravenous found a house too narrow and stuffy, where the Academic has gone to study the world.

Phase 2: the exploration of the ruins

Based on the Remains found among the ruins of the village, it will be possible to start Scenes, in which the different characters will compare their respective memories of what Home was like for them. Each character will have a certain number of Remnants to spend to create Scenes, in which other characters can also fit.
In each scene, they will earn Fragments, that is, memories of Home; the more village Aspects referenced, the more Shards you earn.

Phase 3: what will happen in the future

When a player has run out of all his Remains, the last phase of the game begins. Here, all the characters explain why they left Home and will have to decide what to do with their future.
If all characters agree, they will be able to spend the collected Shards for rebuild House: the more fragments they have, the better the rebuild will be. If they want to get on with their life, will be able to spend the Shards to claim Remnants, with which to influence their future.

Internal illustration of The Fall of Home, by Conner Fawcett
Interior illustration of The Fall of Home, by Millie Winter

How the Kickstarter of The Fall of Home?

The crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter di The Fall of Home has a target of £ 2.800 (€ 3.361) e it will close on Monday 28 February.
The products offered are: a little book with the rules and two pre-made settings for those who want a quick game, and the character sheets printed on cardboard. Everything will be printed in color and in A5 format. Everything is expected to be delivered in November 2022.
The illustrations will be by Charles Ferguson-Avery (Into the wyrd and wild, the vast in the dark) is Conner Fawcett (Wanderhome).
There are six levels of plegde:

  • Follow along (€ 2). Designed for those who want to follow Kickstarter updates;
  • TheAcademic (€ 5). For those who want to donate a common copy for those who otherwise would not have been able to afford the game;
  • The Fledgeling (€ 10). Includes a PDF copy of the game, access to all stretch goals and the gift of a joint copy;
  • The Rose-Tinted (€ 15). Includes a physical copy, a PDF copy, access to all stretch goals and the gift of a common copy;
  • The Wanderlost (€ 22). It includes all the elements of the level The Rose-Tinted, to which are added the cards of the characters printed in cardboard;
  • The Ravenous (€ 61). It includes all elements of The Wanderlost, but you will have your own name in the game and donate five common copies.

How is crowdfunding progressing?

The Fall of Home has achieved its goal and currently has raised over £ 3.360 (€ 4.000) thanks to contributions from over 250 supporters and supporters.
At the moment the first has been unlocked stretch goals, which consists of two pre-made houses, prepared by Sasha Winter (The girlfriend of my girlfriend is my friend). The next stretch goals to unlock are additional illustrations by Conner Fawcett and a soundtrack created by Molly Noise.

Some conclusive words

Personally, I find the idea of The Fall of Home very intriguing and I can't wait to be able to play this second edition, revised and improved, in some RPG evenings. I believe the game has the potential to explore several interesting themes and bring one to life very powerful storytelling.
As a person who left his hometown, of which I have bittersweet memories, the theme of The Fall of Home it touches me closely. So, I'm sure I'm interested in the game and I hope it can unlock the next stretch goals as well.