The audience of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is divided. There are those who consider it a huge filler series, a sort of run-up before the big jump (phase 4), the swan song of the MCU and much more. If I were to judge the series so far, I could definitely say that the level reached right now is very high. For a Marvel series.

Today we talk about Truth. The review will contain spoiler on the plot of the episode and the previous ones, which you can find Wed.

A Forrest Gump but without Forrest and without Gump

The episode begins with the escape of John Walker, who arrives out of breath in an abandoned warehouse, followed by Sam and Bucky. The two try to convince the "new" captain to give up the shield, but John just does not fit; the matter is resolved with punches and kicks and John is forced to hand over the shield. Once back home, the latter loses all privileges (with future repercussions if he returns to action) while the two friends, after an altercation, separate.

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier 1x05

The scene switches to Karli, intent on motivating her apostles (we can call them that) to take courage and to go through with it. Meanwhile, Zemo is joined by Bucky and surrenders to the Dora Millaje, leaving the Winter Soldier with advice that appears to be an inevitable choice: Karli will have to die, by force of circumstances. Sam meets Isaiah (who, paradoxically, is found appearing in the episode that bears the title of his Panini comic, Verità / Truth). The two talk, bringing to light the truth we all know about America. Sam returns to his sister confused, trying to fix the boat. It is the return of Bucky that convinces him to "carry the shield". The proving ground will be the council headquarters in New York, where Karli is about to hit delegates for the Patch Act.

A fair bet that ends in a strange way

That The Falcon and The Winter Soldier was a difficult series was something I had imagined since its departure. To hide under the carpet how “delicate” the representation of a black person is in the USA, marked for months by the BLM movement, is at least stupid. This is why Isaiah's speech surprised me, a speech decidedly inclined to awaken feelings of revenge in the observer. Dangerous feelings and opinions for a series with such a wide audience as, in fact, a Marvel series.

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier 1x05

I'm not sure what I expected would come up next; it is not Watchmen, nor V for Vendetta, but the tone and motivations that led Sam to take up the shield appear quite weak to me; wanting to clean up a symbol, and what it represents, really prevails over what that symbol symbolized (more or less veiled?). In my opinion, John's morph could have been better rendered; it is probable that the stage time alone made the reasons for this transition banal.

Basically, the fifth installment (like the fourth) of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier could have been more, and at the same time “they can't be more”. Quoting a famous phrase from another superhero tale, i can't lash out like some raging entitled maniac, that is a white man's luxury.