We continue our magazine weekly with the review of the second episode of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, the series concerning Sam Wilson e Bucky Barnes. Following the clues of the pilot episode, the series brings the new Captain America and some new extras to the stage, as if to dispel part of the initial mystery.

Texture with spoilerons

The episode opens with the presentation of the new one captain America, John Walker (interpreted by Wyatt russell), a man enough buried below the figure he will have to replace. John is in fact a soldier who has participated in numerous actions, performed spectacular acts and who, despite everything, has difficulty in feeling like Steve Rogers. Despite this, he tries with all of himself. And, observing it (e also knowing how it will end), a little I have empathized with his character. Nobody would like to replace somebody else.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier 1x02

Sam and Buchy, meanwhile, are busy, even with many quotes, in stopping a group of Flag Breakers. The problem is that of the eight enemies, eight are supermen, and give a lot of trouble to Falcon and a "moderate" Winter Soldier. Here then, to the rescue, Cap e Battlestar (aka Lemar Hoskins, interpreted by Cle Bennett), which lead the battle from one excruciating defeat to one tactical retreat. After the clash with many disagreements, however, the four remain distant: both Sam and Bucky do not recognize John the role they have sewing on.

Bucky then takes Sam to find a friend: a African American veteran of the Korean War which, surprisingly, turns out to be also a super soldier, used by theHydra for not exactly happy purposes. How many super soldiers are jumping out in this series? Following this meeting, Bucky is arrested for being on probation. A subsequent psychological session brings Sam and Bucky to a partial rapprochement. The two meet, once again, John and Lemar, who continue to offer a helping hand. They refuse it (again) to head towards Helmut Zemo; Will he tell them more about the super soldiers?

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier 1x02

Scattered opinions and thoughts

To be the second episode of six, I think that The Falcon and The Winter Soldier has already proven itself more marvelous di Wandavision. The relationship between Bucky and Sam, full of action and slightly disheartening jokes, screamed The Marvel movies from each bell tower; the actions, often frozen with respect to the narrative, as well. It was understandable, given that the two characters had (and have) a story behind them that is more action than introspective.

A timid attempt, in my opinion, to "make it more serious”The situation arose with the meeting with the police: it is something terribly popped out of nothing, it's a quite blatant criticism of the flawed American system, but it's too much "there to stay there". It could have been better inserted, in my opinion; exactly as, for now, the "antagonists" are inserted. Great to see that there is the Grey as well as black and white, but I hope they deepen them more. So they just look like good who are bad for the circumstances. Come on Marvel you can pull off a villain like Thanos.

The front of the action and the scripts are excellent: the high budget of each episode makes itself felt, and the fight scene on the two trucks is really excellent (despite some defects); also the scene immediately after, with Sam and Bucky walking in the countryside, is really pleasant. A master's touch (in my opinion) would have been to do it in longshot, but it takes what passes.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier 1x02

I was hoping to see already posted Sharon carter (interpreted by Emily VanCamp) instead I'll have to wait: we will probably see her go into action in the next episode, along with Helmut Zemo (interpreted by Daniel Bruhl).