The Empire bludgeon again!
This is the name of the upcoming Kickstarter campaign that will catapult us, once again, into the lands of Brancalonia. Remember the caciarona and light-hearted setting we got to talk about on our pages? You can find one not review, in line with the product, and an interview with Mauro Longo concerning the dawn of project.

After having triumphed at the Ennies Awards, the international RPG Oscars, Brancalonia, the Spaghetti Fantasy setting for the Fifth Edition of the most famous RPG of all time, is about to return with a new expansion created in collaboration with Feudalism and Freedom and its infamous community.

So: the Empire bludgeon again!
As soon as this news reached my ears, music began to resonate in the distance.

And after disturbing the Nanowar of Steel, let's analyze what the next Kickstarter campaign will offer us.

The new Kickstarter campaign and the manuals of "The Empire still leads"

Neither "The Empire bludgeon again”We will find an entire war-themed game campaign, developed in ten interlinked adventures, new backgrounds, races and classes. There will also be an in-depth study on the lands north of the Kingdom of Size, as well as new dive games, military equipment, magical junk and over twenty new opponents and monsters!
Through this campaign you can also retrieve the publications released during the first Brancalonia crowdfunding and buy theAlmanac of the Menagramo, a collection that contains a collection of special and discontinued material that appeared online, in magazines and limited editions, as well as stretch goals.

Contents of the Kicksterter Campaign Manual

Brancalonia - The Empire bludgeon again it consists of about 180 color pages, richly illustrated with maps, characters, antagonists, monsters and other evocative images dedicated to the municipalities and districts of the North of the Kingdom. Inside you will find:

  • A description of the northern regions of the Kingdom, with Secrets, Threats, Curiosities, sights, rumors, creatures and new gameplay insights
  • In-depth study of the Empire, its secrets and its armies
  • Map and legend of the Pianaverna and the North of the Kingdom
  • An original game campaign in 10 linked adventures
  • New Races and classes, new Backgrounds, new Bettola Games, new Granlussi, new Equipment and new Magical Junk available to the Rogues
  • Over 20 new monsters, opponents and enemies

The Menagram's Almanac # 1 is a hardcover Collector Edition in full color that contains the Gazettes of the Menagramo # 1-3, some of the most loved short adventures by players and never published in volume: For a handful of hops, Showdown in Borgoratto e The treasure of the bigatto, plus extras unlocked as stretch goals during the previous campaign!

Mazzuola Empire again

But it's not just Empire. Brancalonia's (Dis) Organized Game Campaign

In recent weeks, the first session of the Brancalonia (Dis) Organized game campaign was held in Milan. The goal of this event is, (yes, you can learn it), the fun. Like all game campaigns organized nationally, players are invited to set their jobs in the counterpart of their city of residence: Tarantasia for Milan, Porto Patacca for Rome and Fioraccia for Florence.
The other purpose is the dissemination of Brancalonia on the national territory. But there is also room for players and their gangs. The organizers of the tables will be able to collect the games created by the people involved, the concoctions and the junk found in the raids and submit them to Acheron Games itself, which will select the most fun and creative and then, subsequently and upon request to the creator, publish it in future releases. .

In order to play at the table it will also be necessary to adhere to a specific code of conduct which must maintain a PEGI 13 style. No distinction at the table. All the people are there to play and have fun.

So, are you ready to join one of the four factions vying for Kingdom junk and petecchioni? If the answer is yes, we invite you to contact the organizers of your city and take a seat at the table! I recommend, always in safety.


When Brancalonia was announced some time ago, I never expected it to come to Ennies Awards, let alone that it could conquer the international audience.
Now the interest in this Dungeons & Dragons 5E product has grown and the Emperor is gathering his strength to be able to excise the unfortunate "subjects" of the Kingdom.

The date chosen is that of October 20 and you can find the link to the campaign to this address. In the meantime it is possible to come across, on the social networks of Feudalism and Freedom e Acheron Games, all the news and flyers of the campaign!

Lastly, here is an exclusive image of the new manual!

Brancalonia Cook Empire