We broke up with an invitation to go and meet "The daughters of Karnon", you are ready?

First, however, a brief review of the previous books. We have witnessed the rise of the Rebellion (Thu), we analyzed the inner struggles of some characters (Thu), up to Sera's emotional ordeal (Thu). Our gaze then rested on the Theocracy's attempts to subjugate the Erondár (Thu), and the counter-moves that the Rebellion has put in place to seek support (Thu), allies (Thu) and ways to move faster (Thu). A mission was then particularly interesting because it hit one of the nerve centers of the Empire (Thu). We then turned our spotlight on Ian. History (Thu) which sees him protagonist will certainly have interesting future implications. We finally took a breather by looking back at the very first days of the Rebellion (Thu). Last month, however, we followed (Thu) the recovery of a relic by Ian and Aura and the wanderings of Alben.
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Still they are blind
Pigeonhearted beings of flesh and blood
Keeps closing their eyes
For the dangers that threaten

Ourselves and our nature
And that is why they all enrage me

Sights and visions
Prophecies and horror

United we stand (together we walk)
I'll be there when you hunt them down "

Mother North, Nemesis Divina, 1996, Satyricon

The daughters of Karnon

Cover of issue 13 of "Dragonero, the Rebel": The daughters of Karnon

The war against the Black Queens has left Erondár battered by death, disease and devastation. The agricultural regions, which were once prosperous and luxuriant, have lost their inhabitants, fled or died, and are now only pastures for the herds of ranchers. As always, the heaviest price was paid by the weakest, in this case the war widows who, having lost their husbands and children, abandoned their farms and moved elsewhere. Some, alone in their desperation, however, decided to stay and took refuge in a mysterious forest, where they made a pact with the entity that inhabits it.

The Solitaire contemplates the dark magnificence of Karnon
Karnon in its dark magnificence

The pact is binding, inflexible and unavoidable, and is enforced firmly by the "Solitary“, The ferocious witch at the head of the coven.

Karnon's daughters are curious and follow Ian and Gmor deep into the woods
Ian and Gmor followed by the curious daughters of Karnon

Ian and Gmor will feel compelled to make their way through this dark and magical wood, home to ancient spirits and new creatures, to find a solution to the dramatic events that occurred in a nearby village, where they had gone to buy horses for the Rebellion.

One of The Daughters of Karnon finds death at the hands of the villagers of Mărepasce. What will this entail?
La Solitary contemplates the corpse of Irlewana. What will be the price that the village of Mărepasce will he have to pay for this terrible act?

Episode analysis

"The daughters of Karnon“Those who deal with showing us the consequences on the passing of life in Erondár after the end of the war against the Black Queens and the establishment of the Theocracy are inserted in the list of books. The story clearly has a vertical cut, thus enriching and completing the narrative universe of Dragonero, while the horizontal plot remains only hinted at.

Upon arrival of Ian and Gmor at the village of Mărepasce, the remains of a creature burned at the stake immediately catch the eye as it is believed to be a witch from the nearby and mysterious Bosco dei Cervi. This terrible action is the daughter of ignorance, fear of the different and hatred and will be the harbinger of a self-destructive spiral of revenge that will involve our two heroes. A not very original plot, but congenial to the very essence of the story and there is also time to make a new friend and ally!

Several times we have seen the moral compass of the characters of the Dragonero saga being put to the test, as we have seen as many times, or we will see in the case of the sixth volume of Senzanima, the thin line that separates victims and executioners.

"The Daughters of Karnon" and this. Luca Enoch sets up a story that is difficult to deal with emotionally, puts us to the test in examining the events but above all in formulating a univocal judgment.

At the opening

Luca Barbieri, in his Chronicles of the Rebellion, in addition to introducing the designer of this month's register, provides some information, always at the service of new readers or for those who have forgotten or lost some detail, directly from Dragonero's past. The kiss of witch that Ian bears upon himself, and which will carry a certain weight in this month's adventure, dates back to the episode "The touch that kills” (“Black Dragon"N ° 9, February 2014), where Leario made his appearance for the first time in the world of Dragonero.
Furthermore, we are presented with the Dragonero Magazine of November and the new volume of Soulless ("casualties") due out in December.


The drawings in this month's register see the debut of a new talent from the Dragonero artistic team. Lorenzo Nuti, born in 1985, is an illustrator, cartoonist, concept artist and passionate about traditional painting. Abroad he is known for his Western-Erotic trilogy "Les bêtes de Black City" (film script Marco Rastrelli, Tabou BD Editions, 2011-2015) and for his works as Background artist and Tecnical Artistic Supervisor in the field of animation. In Italy they came out "John with black bands" (written by Marco Rastrelli, Kleiner Flug, 2016), the comic book adaptation of Roberto Genovesi's historical-fantasy novel "The occult legion of the Roman Empire" (film script Andrea Meucci, Newton Compton Publishers, 2017) and edited the pencils / inks of "Horatio Nelson - Approach maneuvers"and "Horatio Nelson - Nelson's blood" (history Marco Rastrelli, colors Luca Pinelli, Editorial Cosmo e Kleiner Flug, 2019). The work that Nuti does in the register is sublime in arousing the strong emotions that are the substratum of the story. Curiosity, abandonment, suffering, anger, mystery and violence have their space and find their maximum expression in the balance of the passages between them.

The cover is entrusted to the duo Gianluca Pagliarani (drawings) and Paolo Francescutto (colors), which portray one of the moments of the story, luminous in its autumnal tones, but with the looming shadow of Karnon to herald a whole different type of narration.

Next December 9 we will all be "Wanted!” (“Dragonero, the Rebel"No. 14). Are you ready to sell your skin dearly with Ian and companions?
But first we will read on to analyze the Dragonero Magazine out November 24.

From the shadows we rise. In silence we strike.

The rebels of Erondár