"The Curse of the Statuettes" is an adventure role-playing module Tails of Equestria, inspired by the My Little Pony franchise, designed for level 2 Pony. Written by Zak Barouh and published in Italy by Need Games, "The Curse of the Statuettes" proves to be an excellent addition for what is an unconventional role-playing game . It is placed temporally after the introductory adventure of the manual and has an episodic structure that could give way to a beautiful campaign.

Who is "The Curse of the Statuettes" aimed at?

Although anyone can read and play Tails of Equestria, the adventure module takes up the display style of the basic manual. This choice also allows very young readers to understand the mechanics and secrets of being good players and good masters. To all this are added the important lessons of the game, with the power of friendship and collaboration as a solution to the difficulties with respect to violence and deception.

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Incipit of the adventure

The story opens where the previous one ended, with our group of PGs (Pony Players) who, after solving their little problem with the puppies, see a little dragon coming in their direction. In this way they will discover how the Mane Six are in danger and there is an urgent need for their help. From that moment it will be up to the courage and friendship between the Pony Players to decide the pacing and the end of the story.

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A greater choice to the PCs

Unlike the introductory adventure of the basic manual, where it was clear that the kindness and power of friendship won any danger, in this adventure module the players and the playing ponies will have to put into practice what they have learned. Although the strength of compassion and friendship are still perfectly present, the PCs must find the opportunity and the energy to pursue this good fight, resorting to the hoof-to-hoof conflict only in emergencies. Although this can be seen as a step back from the manual, it actually hides the lesson of how it is not always easy and immediate to be friendly with those who attack us.

Put all the rules into action

For the Playing Ponies this adventure will be much more demanding than the introductory one. Players will be called upon to use imagination and imagination from the first moment, when they have to prepare for the trip. This effort will obviously be rewarded during the many tests they will face. In general, the playing ponies will be forced to use all their skills, highlighting their strength, their charm and their mind.

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An open ending

Presenting itself as a long story, "The Curse of the Statuettes" is the first chapter of a beautiful adventure. Although the PCs can experience other events before continuing with the next release, the ending clearly suggests that the discoveries of the ponies and players will come in handy in the next chapter. This tickles the curiosity of the table and leaves that desire to continue to understand what comes next.

Let's sum up on "The Curse of the Statuettes"

Tails of Equestria continues to surprise with the attention it pays to the little ones. Although there are much more mature fans of My Little Pony, each cure is dedicated to a very young audience. Even the lessons that can be learned from this adventure module are worthy of praise and run counter to the classic formula of the party of characters who have to face bosses, powerful beings and random encounters.

"The Curse of the Statuettes" can be purchased on Need Games site.