The Boys is one television series US designed by Eric Kripke, Evan Goldberg e Seth Rogen and based onnamesake cartoon created by G e Darick Robertson. The series made its Prime Video debut on July 26, 2019, gaining fame very quickly. It is one of the most incisive series of the year and a product capable of gathering a very disparate fan base.


In a world where Superheroes are Marketing and Social products, spending the days between an advertisement and an interview rather than saving lives, the worst happens: A young woman loses her life because overwhelmed by a Super. The boy, Hugh, tries in every way to get justice but learns very quickly that the world is willing to forgive any kind of mistake to people with superpowers. Once the axiom of heroic impunity is laid, the real rotten arrives.

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The fierce criticism of modern society

This series rides modern themes and does so by leaving viewers the bitter taste of the truth about the language. 

Superheroes are just marketing products, doing absolutely nothing heroic all day long. Some well-scripted and well-filmed videos are enough to give the world the impression of something spectacular, when in reality it is all fiction. The criticism is quite evident: we take everything we see on television and on social media as cast gold. It is enough for us to watch a video so as not to question its truthfulness and we quickly boil people as saints or devils.

The human being is willing to forgive everything to his myths. Every mistake, no matter the size, is overshadowed with annoying simplicity. Once you put a person on a pedestal, they become untouchable.

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Power and Sexual Abuse

Would you ever think anyone could sexually abuse Superman? Obviously nobody would have the necessary strength, but what about power? In our world it takes forms that are beyond physical strength. Well this series will clarify any doubt: a power situation does not pass by physical prowess or dangerousness in combat. When a person possesses your present and future and with a word he can break it, pushing you into the street, the power is felt. This simple concept will become clear to viewers from the first episodes.

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A phenomenal cast

From Karl Urban to Jessie Usher, all the performers have done a fantastic job. Especially the actors who have ventured into the Seven have managed to give an incredible depth to those who are both victims and villains. In particular, we must highlight the interpretations of Karl Urban, already known to fans of The Lord of the Rings, and of Antony Star. The two kings, placed opposite each other on the board, are as enemies as they are similar in methods.

Visually simple but strong impact

The Boys proved to audiences that it doesn't take a lot of CGI to talk about superheroes. In this series it turns out to be simple but with a strong impact, limiting itself to what is strictly necessary to give the idea of ​​the powers of the heroes, rather than spectacularization. The rest of the technical sector does not excel but does not compromise the viewer's vision, limiting itself to doing its job.

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A series that pushes us to reflect

The Boys is a series that pits the viewer against unpleasant truths and in its eight episodes this goal does not fail even for a moment. It is of little use to know that the Seven are a monkey of the Justice League to make the truth less bitter: the problem is not the Super but the human being.