“The Boys” is an American television series created by Eric Kripke, Evan Goldberg e Seth Rogen and based onnamesake cartoon created by G e Darick Robertson. The series recently received a second season, also published by the Amazon Prime Video streaming platform, with weekly episodes. After having also seen the fateful eighth episode, the time has come to pull the strings of this second season, its change of tone and new themes with respect to the the first.

The old new The Seven

“The Boys” always has as its main focus for its series the superhero group “The Seven”, the dark, complex and perhaps more realistic version of the Justice League. This season Vought International has decided to push for a contract with the government in order to sell its flagship product, compound V, to the Pentagon. In order to obtain this important order, Vought International has decided to push on the mythicization of its Superheroes, commissioning a film about them, commercials and creating Villain that can represent a threat.

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New faces and a different approach to reality

This season of “The Boys” seems to enter the pre-covid world with a straight leg, bringing with it memes, influencers, instagram direct and all that part of image work. There is talk of using influencers to turn the masses against a certain target. There is talk of teasing people's stomachs and anger to get results. All those themes that we are discovering in recent years have already been included in the series and the result is creepy down your spine.

Another creepy element is the way public interest and appreciation change from moment to moment. Without spoilers, the series will see different characters gain and lose favor with the crowd in a moment and always in an unpredictable way. This is something that we can also see in Italy with the prominent figures of politics who, over the course of months, often gain and lose several percentage points.

The Stormfront Affair

I have never been a huge fan of sex changes between comics and various adaptations, especially when you literally want to take a "male" story and transpose it to "female" without any kind of modification. Stormfront in the comics is a man, clearly inspired by Thor and Shazam, but in the series he is a woman and WOW, change was never better. The reason for so much wonder is due to the fact that the Stormfront proposed by Amazon is not a faded copy of the original but, a completely different reinterpretation of the character.

Aya Rachel Cash proved to be a talented actress and great depth, bringing to the screen a complex character whose thousand nuances hide and reveal a lot of both the hypocrisy of the United States and its history.

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Clean up your public image

The good "The Deep", accused of sexual harassment last season and demoted to the point of losing his place in "The Seven", has found a home in the Church. This parody of the thousand American churches, devoted more to public image than to substance, through its consultants shows us how it is more important to show oneself changed than to really be. The Deep's psychological problems with itself are handled in a very mild manner, leaving us to understand only that they exist, while its public image is completely restructured.

Homelander vs. Butcher

Two of the characters with the best development are also the protagonists of the series. Homelander and Butcher, who in the finale of last season we saw explode in the struggle to recover loved ones, have a real boom. Both reveal their own insecurities, hidden behind the apparent invincibility, and the fact that they are actually two extremely emotional and fragile characters, forced by the world around them to change.

Queer Tokens

The not-so-good Maeve suffers a kind of violence that is fairly common nowadays and is worth reflecting on this season. Her character, in the bisexual and in love with a woman series, is taken by Vought International to become a lesbian icon, completely eradicating her bisexual component. Taking a private relationship, of whatever nature it may be, to distort it and throw it in the papers to say "hey, we have the lesbian relationship" is a great criticism of modern society, especially that of entertainment. Fortunately none of this is shown as vaguely positive, forcing the viewer to confront this uncomfortable truth about the exploitation of the queer token character.

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