Let's talk about crowdfunding for the Italian translation of Alas for the Awful Sea, Namely The ballad of the cruel sea. How does the Dreamlord edition embellish this RPG?

Among the 2020 novelties proposed by dreamlord, which we have already talked about Thu, The ballad of the cruel sea it is probably one of the most ambitious projects. And, with the difficulties that the Italian recreational world has faced due to the pandemic, including i the two references and, in the end, the cancellation of the Modena Play, bringing a similar project to Italy is not at all easy.

So let's see how Dreamlord wants to restructure The ballad of the cruel sea, so as to bring a quality product to Italy and, de facto, a improved version of the English original.

The English cover of The Ballad of the Cruel Sea
The English cover of The ballad of the cruel sea

The ballad of the cruel sea: two words about role playing

Already known to the public as Alas for the Awful Sea, The ballad of the cruel sea is a role-playing game that uses the system Powered By The Apocalypse (PBTA), similarly to titles like Pigsmoke, Offworlders e Root.

Set in the English seas of 1800, The ballad of the cruel sea speaks of the difficult choices that life at the time required. Indeed, amidst poverty, class oppression, superstition and, of course, personal problems and desires, it is not easy to survive, or to find a happy ending for yourself. The characters will therefore have to deal with very human problems, as well as with supernatural threats related to the dark Irish and Scottish folklore. But in any case, the solution to these problems will never be taken for granted, nor will they see the factions painted in black and white tones.

The libretti de The ballad of the cruel sea

The characters of The ballad of the cruel sea will the crew of a ship that plows the waters between the most remote British Isles. Each character will therefore be characterized by two different librettos: the Libretto del Ruolo and the Libretto del Descrittore.

Il Role indicates, precisely, what role the character has within the hierarchy of the ship, starting from the Captain to go to the Surgeon, the Cook and the Boatswain, passing by the Explorer, the Mercenary and the Scholar, up to the Old Sea Wolf and to the Clandestino. Instead, the descriptor outlines a character's past, bonds and unique abilities. We therefore have the Lover, who is characterized by his love for a specific person, or the Believer, capable of moving people with the strength of his faith, or the Creature, who hides a supernatural secret.

Both the Role and Descriptor booklets provide special Moves, to be used in addition to the Basic Moves, common to all characters. In this way, the union of the two booklets does not add depth to the character only in terms of background and character, but also in mechanical terms.

One of the Italian librettos of The Ballad of the Cruel Sea
One of the Italian libretti de The ballad of the cruel sea

Crowdfunding for the Italian edition of Alas for the Awful Sea

Currently, the Italian edition of The ballad of the cruel sea, curated by Dreamlord, is in crowdfunding, which you can support Thu. The need to start a fundraiser to finance the Italian edition of this role-playing game has two main causes.

A 2020 that challenges the whole playful world

First of all, we know that the pandemic and the cancellation of the largest Italian fair dedicated to role-playing, that is the Play - Festival del Gioco di Modena, has put many local gaming realities in difficulty, causing various projects to postpone. This was also true for Dreamlord Press, which in this difficult time therefore asks for the support of its community.

But in reality, Dreamlord is no stranger to crowdfunding at all. As some of you may remember, in fact, this publishing house was born just after one funding campaign to bring the manuals of FATE in Italy, thus underlining how close the relationship between Dreamlord and the community that supports its role-playing games is.

A work that has been completely renovated

The need for crowdfunding, however, is not only due to the extraordinary situation that hit the game publishing industry in 2020, but also the very nature of this publication. The ballad of the cruel seain fact, long well 280 pages, needed much more work than the other works published by Dreamlord. In fact, this role-playing game was not only translated, but also saw the graphic appearance of the manual completely renovated (and, at least in my opinion, improved), thanks to new illustrations and layouts.

Furthermore, Dreamlord took care to put together a working group all at female for the Italian edition of The ballad of the cruel sea, just to work parallel to the original team that wrote Alas for the Awful Sea, composed only of women. Therefore, we have as a translator Chiara Locatelli and like new designers Maria Guarneri e Anna Despina Koprantzelas.

The Italian cover of The Ballad of the Cruel Sea, designed by Anna Despina Koprantzelas
The Italian cover of The ballad of the cruel sea, designed by Anna Despina Koprantzelas

Crowdfunding structure de The ballad of the cruel sea

Crowdfunding de The ballad of the cruel sea started on July 20 and will end on September 13th. It is held not on specialized platforms, such as Kickstarter or Productions from below, but on the Dreamlord website.

The figure to be reached is € 1.250 and in two days crowdfunding has reached a quarter of the requested sum. Having seen with Dura-Lande how complex it was to finance a project only Italian and on platforms other than Kickstarter, this crowdfunding is actually going very well.

The funding campaign can be supported by choosing from six products to buy.

First of all, you can obviously buy the de manual The ballad of the cruel sea in PDF, at the price of 15 €. If you want the paper version instead, the volume in softcover with flaps, always accompanied by the PDF, it costs € 30.

To these two choices, you can add two special products, made specifically for crowdfunding. The first product is a triptych of prints on cardboard, signed and numbered by the designer Maria Guarnieri, representing the waves of a storm. Instead, the second product is one Printing on canvas of the cover of The ballad of the cruel sea, painted by Anna Despina Koprantzelas. Respectively, they cost € 20 and € 35, and can be added to both the purchase of the PDF and the purchase of the paper volume.