Ready to join "The assault of the Sparrowhawks”And dive into it Vàhlendàrt?

But have we already reached number 100 of Dragonero, or not (101 if we count 21bis)? If we follow the old numbering, yes… we hold, however, a book like many others in b / w in our hands. There are no more pages, as per the tradition of the hundredth numbers of the Sergio Bonelli Editore, and therefore I would say no. But does this all matter, or does it just matter that this month's story is a turning point for the Rebel saga?
We will have the opportunity to talk about it later.
As usual, those interested in the history of the "Dragonero the RebelCan find it in this summary article.
Go with the intro!

Headin 'into twilight
Spreadin 'out her wings tonight
She got you jumpin 'off the deck
And shovin 'into overdrive
... "

Danger Zone, Top Gun, 1986, Giorgio Moroder, Tom Whitlock, Kenny Loggins

The assault of the Sparrowhawks

In The Sparrowhawk Assault, Ian and his fellow former raiders will sneak into the imperial palace of Vàhlendàrt from the sky!
Ian and his companions will sell their skin dearly to escape from the imperial palace of Vàhlendàrt

The emperor Nahim he realized, with an interested dose of "help", that he was just a puppet in the hands of Leario (who then risks becoming the puppet in someone else's hands is possible…). His reign is increasingly on the brink of disaster and therefore he is ready to side with the Rebels, who at that point would have another flag to fly against the theocratic usurper. But how can you help him?
A brave handful of raiders would be needed to penetrate the imperial capital and free it from the golden cage in which Leario locked him up. But the memory of Gnoon and Yafnan's tragic failure to attack is vivid in the minds of the Rebels. Vàhlendàrt directly. All that remains is to exploit another way ... that of the sky!

The Sparrowhawk assault is a heart-pounding number, the attempt to free Emperor Nahim will lead to several consequences ...
Emperor Nahim appears to have been rescued, but at what cost?

It is therefore up to Ian to reunite his former fellow raiders and embark on a mission so dangerous that it seems almost suicidal ...

In Assault of the Sparrowhawks, Ian will seek help from the ranks of former Imperial raiders sympathetic to the cause of the Rebels
Former Imperial Raiders care about the cause of the Erondár Rebels

Episode analysis

As mentioned above, we have reached number 100 of Dragonero (seventy-seven numbers of the series "Black Dragon"And twenty-three of"Dragonero the Rebel"). But where the tradition of the books with the double 0 is missing (no, we are not talking about James Bond!) Made of color, extra pages, special brands (except that of the 80 years of the SBE), etc., there is instead a such a quantity of characters, events and twists necessary to close and complete many open stitches in the tapestry that is the great Dragonero saga. It is easy to imagine the two master tapestry makers, Luca Enoch e Stefano Vietti, smile imagining the faces of us readers bent over the pages of this issue. From the beginning they have woven a broad plot, made up of interwoven relationships and alliances, a multitude of characters, many of whom with their own hidden agenda, increasingly less open-faced clashes and more and more in the shadows.

The feeling that we readers felt was one of bewilderment in front of intertwining by the many, and apparently too many, threads left open. But, as we have pointed out several times, Enoch and Vietti know how to hold the rudder firmly!

Now, however, we want to know more about the Lady of Blood Tears and how Leario has become his intermediary, from the trafficking and undermining that he was ...

To return to "The assault of the Sparrowhawks“, Luca Enoch not only manages to close many of these threads, but also opens new ones and does it with his usual mastery. It is a continuous crescendo, from the search for prototypes of the hawks, to the recruitment of former raiders, to the night assault of Vàhlendàrt to free the Emperor Nahim, to… well, I won't spoil you any further, buy yourselves and enjoy this month's issue!

The action, however, has its counterpart in the emotions. And it is thanks to these and to the hopes and dramas of all the characters involved, once again masterfully dosed by the pen of Enoch that we are able to feel how “alive” this saga is.

At the opening

In the editorial Chronicles of the Rebellion, Luca Barbieri celebrates, in its own way, the penny Dragonero number in "colors".

There is the red of vitality, energy and passions, which Ian has to sell. But also blood, enemies, friends and other creatures, including dragons. There is green, and here Sera and Gmor would be the masters! You want for the luxuriant nature of which the elf is a follower, or for a more skin matter in the case of our lovable ogre. There are the purple of magic and mystery, and so we could turn to Alben and Aura. But we could also ask Myrva, since it is also the color of intuition and creativity.

And why not black? After all, Ian ingested the blood of the first dragon we saw, and it was changed forever, as was his blade. But black is also the absence of colors. It represents the end, death, the unfathomable darkness, like those we have seen gathering, ready to invade theErondár.
But at each end, a new beginning follows, and then I like to add white, which is the sum of all colors, it is light, almost a new dawn.

Here, I think we are facing a real work that we could call “All the colors of Dragonero”!

Drawings & lettering

The dynamic duo Gianluca Pagliarani (drawings) and Paolo Francescutto (colors) takes care, as always, of the cover. Like the one of the last issue, it seemed to me that it did not capture the essence of the episode, although it was done in an excellent way, that of the register that we hold from our hands fully transmits the cornerstone of the story. The assault on Vàhlendàrt by the Sparrowhawks, a fire that rises from the imperial palace but, as often happens, under the ashes (in this case from behind the cover onwards) smolders much more ...

Making of the cover of the Assault of the Sparrowhawks
Timelapse of the cover of the register "The assault of the Sparrowhawks"

This month we return to a single hand for drawings, that of Antonella Platano. The designer is completely at ease in wandering between old fortresses, sea ports, skies plunged into darkness, flying machines, sumptuous interiors of imperial palaces, raids, clashes and twists. Without neglecting, moreover, the emotions that are indulged on the faces of the characters in the succession of the story.

The lettering of the register is by Luca Corda.

We'll be reading next month when we find out what abominations will pour out of "A wound in the earth” (“Dragonero the Rebel"N. 24, 9 October) and who will be the old enemy who will help our heroes ...

From the shadows we rise. In silence we strike.

The Rebels of Erondár