The new video game Life Is Strange: True Colors is undergoing a review bombing by Chinese users, outraged by a Tibetan flag.

Last year we saw one review bomb against The Last of Us 2. Because, my lady, it is never to have queer people, female protagonists and muscular women in a game.
This year, however, we see one review bomb of Chinese users against another video game, that is Life Is Strange: True Colors. Part of the award-winning gaming series Life is Strange, True Colors was released on Steam on September 9th.
Let's see better, but in short, what happened and why.

What triggered the review bomb of Chinese users?

On Steam, Life Is Strange: True Colors recently received many negative reviews, mostly written by Chinese users. This wave of negative reviews, according to CogConnected (which first broke the news), on September 10 it made up about a fifth of the game's total reviews, which are still relatively few.
Today, however, the total negative reviews of the game are 12% of the total, and the negative reviews written in simplified Chinese (i.e. the bulk of the review bomb) are just the 5%.

The reason?
The inclusion of a Tibetan flag in the game. The flag, in fact, would be placed in front of a shop called “Treasures of Tibet”, as you can see in the cover image of the article.
In fact, the Tibetan flag, also known as the “snow lion flag”, is currently a prohibited symbol in China. In fact, this flag is not only the historic flag of Tibet, invaded and conquered by China between 1950 and 1951, but has now also become the symbol of the movements for the independence of Tibet, which China considers terrorist movements.

The flag of Tibet
The flag of Tibet

What do the reviews say against the Tibetan flag?

Among the negative reviews in English, we read:

Promotes separatist terrorist group. Skip.

A good game should not be mixed with any political views, especially when it comes to highly controversial topics. Regrettably, at least 2 flag of Tibet appear in the town of the story, which is considered to be a symbol of separatism of China. This practice undoubtedly not only hurts the feelings of the Chinese people, but it is also a fatal damage to the series of Life is Strange. [...]


No one should challenge the bottom line of the Chinese people at any time

Among the negative reviews in Chinese (which we translated with Google Translate, so if you have better translations let us know!), We read:

游戏 本身 以 我 的 眼光 挑 不 出毛病 , 配乐 也 很 抓 耳 , 但是 唯独 我 不能 接受 那个 雪山 狮子 旗
The game itself cannot be criticized [...] and the soundtrack is also very captivating, but I [...] cannot accept the flag of the snowy lion

为什么 要 挑战 中国 玩家 的 底线 呢? 不搞 点 政治 就 活不下去 是 吧?
往 游戏 里加 藏独 旗 ?? Deck Nine 真 就 恶心 人 4000+ ???
Why challenge the profits of Chinese players? You can't live without some politics, can you?
Add a Tibetan flag to the game ?? Deck Nine is really disgusting 4000+ ???

Some reviews of the review bomb against Life Is Strange: True Colors, due to the Tibetan flag.
Some reviews of the review bomb against Life Is Strange: True Colors, due to the Tibetan flag.

A few words on the matter

After the debates on Mulan, the Disney film shot in the territories where the Chinese government holds Uyghur people prisoner, Chinese imperialism is once again being talked about.
We are in a situation where Western products have to choose between inserting progressive content and avoiding censorship in countries like Russia and China, as we have already seen. on several occasions. With Life Is Strange: True Colors we are in a relatively similar situation, in which those who developed the game, however, did not think of censoring the Chinese edition of True Colors.
Most likely, we should expect that such conflicts will continue to be frequent in the coming years as well. If they then stop at a (relatively harmless) review bomb, it's too early to tell.