What RPGs does the Texas Transgender Teen Rights Bundle offer, now on Itch.io? Let's see it together in this article!

A special offer on itch.io started a few days ago. It is a bundle in which it is possible to buy almost 500 RPGs in bulk at a very low price, with all the revenues that will go to support a specific cause: helping transgender teens in Texas, where they are facing significant discrimination.
In this article, we want to explain the situation in Texas, tell you about the bundle and examine the RPGs on offer that have caught our attention the most.
You can find the bundle at this link.

The Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott
The Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott

What's Happening to Transgender Teens in Texas?

At the moment, the situation for transgender teens in Texas is quite difficult, due to a letter of the Governor of Texas to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS).

In short, the Governor Greg Abbott at the end of February 2022 he sent an official letter to the DFPS, the government agency responsible for investigating child abuse. In this letter, Abbott orders the DFPS to investigate a particular type of child abuse: medical treatments for transgender adolescents. In the letter, therefore, Abbott classifies as "Child abuse" all medical treatments that are usually performed on trans teenagers, such as hormone injections and puberty blockers.
Therefore, according to Abbott's letter, the DFPS should investigate parents of trans adolescents who authorize medical treatment for child abuse. In addition, also in the letter, penalties should be imposed on teachers, nurses and doctors who do not report to the authorities the cases of transgender adolescents in Texas undergoing the aforementioned medical treatments.

Following this letter, a mother came early found accused child abuse to support their transgender daughter. A doctor's office was also reported to have started refusing to sell hormones to parents of trans teenagers, ignoring doctors' prescriptions.
THE11 March, a jury will decide whether or not to block Abbott's letter.

Photo of a protest in Texas against the Governor's letter. Source
Photo of a protest in Texas against the Governor's letter. Source
Why is medical treatment on underage trans people not abuse?

Now, all this sees several problems arise, but in the meantime it is necessary to see the major one: medical treatments for trans teenagers are not child abuse.
How stresses also Melissa K. Holt of the Wheelock College of Education & Human Development, there is evidence that medical treatments for transgender adolescents are approved in cases where they help the young person's psychological well-being. Furthermore, it must be taken into account that these medical treatments are of different types, depending on the age of the trans person.

In fact, before puberty, these treatments are not of a medical nature, but purely social: the child is called with the gender he / she identifies with and with a name appropriate to that gender, one buys the clothes that make him / her feel at ease and, in short, a social transition is made. When puberty begins, and therefore the changes in the physique that tend to make a transgender person uncomfortable, treatment can be started on the advice of the doctor. medical health insurance: drugs that block puberty and hormone therapies. Therefore, only upon reaching the age of majority it will be possible (if the trans person agrees) to proceed with the gender reassignment operation.

In what other ways is the Governor's letter problematic?

Second, there is the fact that a letter from the Governor is not law. Therefore, Abbott cannot decide what child abuse is in Texas. Moreover, his letter even violates the law, as it is legislating without going through standard procedures.

Third, this letter is a direct attack on families of young trans people, especially to families who support their transgender sons and daughters. If we take into account the fact that, due to the discrimination suffered, the suicide rate in young trans people is three times higher than that of their cisgender peers, and if we take into account that being accepted and supported by one's family tends to lower significantly this rate, enact a law (or wannabe such) that targets supportive parents, you will understand that such a law risks increasing the suicide rate in young trans people.

Image from For the Dungeon !, role-playing game in the Texas transgender teen bundle
image from For the Dungeon!, role-playing game in the Texas transgender teen bundle

What does the bundle on Itch.io propose to do for transgender teens in Texas?

The bundle TTRPGs for Trans Rights in Texas! can be found on Itch.io e it will expire on Monday 4th April. The bundle aims to raise $ 300.000 to donate to charities that help transgender teens in Texas. At the moment, the 90% of the figure, so about $ 270.000. Over 28.000 people contributed.
The bundle asks for a minimum donation of 5$ and in return it offers well 493 role-playing games, offered by 300 authors.

The profits from the bundle will go to two entities: the Transgender Education Network of Texas (TENT) and the Trans in Texas Latin Organization (OLTT). TENT is dedicated to combating discrimination against transgender people in Texas through education and offers support to young trans people. The OLTT, on the other hand, is a non-profit organization run by migrant Latin American transgender women that advocates for queer rights in Texas. The OLTT helps people at risk of deportation, and provides legal aid, shelters and other material and psychological support for trans people.

Thirsty Sword Lesbians, one of the hit role-playing games in the Texas transgender teen bundle
Thirsty Sword Lesbians, one of the hit role-playing games in the Texas transgender teen bundle

What are the most interesting RPGs in the bundle?

The Texas Helping Transgender Teens Bundle offers nearly 500 RPGs. Difficult to navigate in such a library of titles. So, we thought of browse the catalog for you, so as to tell you which are, in the opinion of the writer, the most interesting titles.

The role-playing games we have talked about on other occasions

In the bundle to help transgender teens in Texas there are first of all some RPGs that we have already talked about on this site. These are titles released in recent years on Kickstarter, or which have been translated into Italian.
The first is Pigsmoke, role-playing game Powered By The Apocalypse (PBTA) published in Italy by SpaceOrange42. In Pigsmoke the professors of a magical university are interpreted, in which it will be necessary to juggle between intrusive chosen ones and an academic career. We had reviewed it and, although it had not convinced us, it is still a nice title to try.

The second is Inspirisles, role-playing game in which sign language is used to cast spells. Very cute and interesting, especially suitable for young players, Inspirisles had a successful Kickstarter.
The third is Agon, a role-playing game on the creation of the myth of the Greek hero. Suitable for one-shot, in Agon they are portrayed as Heroes who must resolve disputes to gain enough divine favor to return home. We had reviewed it in this article.
The fourth is Thirsty Sword Lesbians. Another PBTA he had a very successful Kickstarter, this title allows you to experience She-Ra adventures. Queer women engaged in duels, adventures and a lot of love tension.

Cast Away, one of the role-playing games in the Texas transgender teen bundle
Cast Away, one of the role-playing games in the Texas transgender teen bundle

Role-playing games with masters and dice per campaign

The first title we're going to tell you about is For the Dungeon!, a light RPG and a laugh about monsters in a dungeon. But not the cool monsters, let's understand! You will play i minion useless, loyal to the final bad guy, who will make a huge pot to repel the adventurers from their dungeon.
Based on PBTA mechanics, For the Dungeon! it's a very agile game, where you build the game world together and grow the dungeon during downtime.

The second title is Cast Away. It is an RPG of survival: Characters have survived a catastrophe and must survive in hostile territory. Failure to obtain food and water causes a decrease in the size of the dice that are rolled: a d10 becomes a d8, then a d6, then a d4.
Death here is a serious and permanent thing. Then, dead characters become ghosts that haunt the area, allowing even dead character players to continue actively playing.

The third title is Magical Pets, that is a role-playing game on magical familiars of the students and professors of a school of magic. In short, a game in which you can play Edwige, Crookshanks, Oscar or Crust of Harry Potter.
Very lean and simple, it has a two-page regulation and can hold up to 6 players. Based on the system of Lasers and Feelings (which uses the d6), it is suitable for a one-shot or a short campaign with very little preparation.

The fourth title is Moriah, an RPG about sacrifice, death and becoming a deity. Ordinary people are played who have to climb a divine mountain to ask the gods for mercy. But the journey is difficult and you have to sacrifice something to get to the end.
Moriah has a mechanic for the sacrifice of life or body parts. The more you sacrifice, the higher the value of the dice you roll: from the d4 of the commoner, to the d100 of the divinity.

The fifth title is Perilous, an RPG inspired by the PBTA, but which also uses the d20. Perilous it's a dungeon crawling, in which the characters will have to overcome challenges not reducing the monster's hit points to zero, but facing each encounter as if it were a puzzle, finding ingenious solutions.

A promotional image of CASS 1 N 1
A promotional image of CASS 1 N 1

Role-playing games without dice

Here we see a sci-fi exploration title: CASS 1 N 1. In CASS 1 N 1 you play a team of scientists engaged in the exploration of the Galaxy to find out if there are other forms of life besides us humans.
In CASS 1 N 1 all together we create the solar system to be explored and we proceed from planet to planet, from satellite to satellite. In the end, you have to destroy your own spaceship, literally setting fire to the sheet of paper on which it was drawn.

Wanderhome, one of the masterless RPGs in the Texas transgender teen bundle
Wanderhome, one of the masterless RPGs in the Texas transgender teen bundle

Role-playing games without a master

The first game is Butterfly Court, which, to be honest, is not only masterless, but diceless too! In Butterfly Court the members of one are played noble court: Newcomer, the Artist, the Bureaucrat, the Social Climber, the Valet and others. It will be necessary to survive the intrigues of the court, to weave relationships and in general to face all the daily worries of a high-ranking court.

The second title too, Dragonhearts, is both masterless and diceless. Designed for groups of up to 4 players and for one-shot or bi-shot, Dragonhearts talk about loves and flirting among dragons which can take a human form.
It takes place in scenes that can go from the Duel to the Dance, from the Magical Ritual to Lying in the arms of the other (or of the others: Dragonhearts also includes polyamory!).

The third title is Wanderhome, a game without dice and, if you like, even without a master. For one-shot or for short companions, Wanderhome it's a game about traveling anthropomorphic animals, in which no dice are rolled, but tokens (to be spent to solve problems) are received when the character leaves his comfort zone. The idea of ​​the game is to travel and deal with problems in order to make the world a better place.

Quietus, one of the two-person RPGs in the Texas transgender teen bundle
Quietus, one of the two-person role-playing games in the Texas transgender teen bundle

Role-playing games for two people

The first title is Quietus, a horror role-playing game about being locked up at home with a serial killer. Suitable for a master and two players, Quietus is inspired by films like The Strangers e T. It will bring on the scene tormented characters, whose past traumas could help them survive the horror that lurks around the house.
Quietus uses a simplified version of the game system of Blades in the dark. It was recently announced its publication in Italy by Dreamlord.

The second title is Runecairn, a game about exploring the Nine Kingdoms of Norse mythology ... after Ragnarok. The world is dangerous, but death is not the end: when they are killed, adventurers wake up in front of a bonfire, Dark Souls.
Runecairn is meant for two players (Keeper and Adventurer) and uses a system called Cairn system, rather agile and intuitive, to which are added some mechanics of Dark Souls, like collecting souls.

Wandering Dreams, one of the solo role-playing games in the Texas transgender teen bundle
Wandering Dreams, one of the solo role-playing games in the Texas transgender teen bundle

Solo RPGs

The first title is Courier. It is a solo game in which, at the Death Stranding, is interpreted literally a courier who, in a post-apocalyptic world, has to deliver packages and resources, in exchange for money.
As you play, the world and the factions are outlined, you will have to decide which factions to work for and you will meet travel companions that we can take with us.

The second title is Wandering Dreams. It's a solo RPG where you explore a disturbing world and full of secrets to discover, inspired by Dark Souls and the stories of Lovecraft.
Wandering Dreams use playing cards to explore the world and a d6 to receive narrative cues. It includes the ability to battle the nightmare creatures that haunt the world. The game ends when you decide to wake up from the dream.

Runecairn, one of the two-person RPGs in the Texas transgender teen bundle
Runecairn, one of the two-person role-playing games in the Texas transgender teen bundle

Some conclusive words

This bundle dedicated to transgender teens in Texas allows you to buy a huge amount of role-playing games for very little, among which there are also some good famous titles or very interesting indie titles. It also allows you to invest in an important and positive cause, supporting people who are in a difficult situation.
It is worth supporting this cause, taking home a lot of interesting role-playing games.