Well, it looks like we'll have a series on Tales from the Loop. After spoken of the two role - playing games published by Fria Ligan we will therefore have to get ready to talk about the series, episode after episode, hoping to be pardoned with something of the caliber of Watchmen e Picard. But what exactly do we know about the series?

Who Made The Loop?

The Loop Universe (Ring? Node?) was born from the pen of the Swedish artist Simon Stalenhag in 2014. The artist, composer and musician creates a collection of illustrations with a strong neo-futuristic feeling set in the Sweden of his childhood. The result is a book that makes sci-fi and pop culture of the 80s a winning and successful blend. Simon begins to devote himself to many other projects, one among many No Man's Sky.

The book then receives a sequel, in 2016, with Things from the Flood, an artistic leap forward of just 10 years. Here a more bleak and much more sinister climate prevails and, thanks to the release of the same year of Stranger Things, definitely receives more attention than its predecessor. The publishing houses contact Simon and a collaboration comes out for the creation of the board game that we know today: Tales From The Loop. And the 2017. In 2019 Simon creates a new artbook, The Electric State, bringing new life to the project that has become globally famous.

Following the enormous success of the Stranger Things series, Amazon decides to acquire part of the rights to the illustrations and proposes to Simon to create a TV series based on his artbooks and his ideas. Hence the series we are talking about: Tales from the Loop, taken from the author's first artbook.

The Universe of the Loop

The role-playing game and the illustrations by Simon take up two more or less specific and altered environments so as to be fantastic: the Sweden and U.S.A. More specifically the island of Adelsö e Boulder city in Nevada. Both cities developed Loop technology, a sort of particle acceleration portal with unknown capacities built in 1970 initially in Sweden. The new technology has deeply shocked the whole world that has begun, thanks to the energy of the portal and new discoveries, to advance technologically.

Much of the more strenuous jobs are performed by large magnetic robots almost autonomous, produced by large car / robotics manufacturers. In the midst of these giants, alone in almost untouched nature, are a handful of elementary school children struggling with their very simple lives. However, the Loop seems to "live" through the sensations: its pulsing in the earth, changing the way some animals and people behave and much more.

This is the universe that Simon talks about in his Artbooks and subsequently Fria Ligan in her role-playing games; we will then have to deal with big companies (presumably Swedish judging by the trailer), children on adventures and adults who are a bit strange with their complicated lives.

The Artbook released in 2019 by Simon Stålenhag, The Elecrtic State
The Artbook released in 2019 by Simon Stålenhag, The Electric State

Tales from the Loop: what do we know about the series?

The Loop series will be released soon, the April 3 2020, its Amazon Prime Video. The first season, with 8 episodes, will be supervised by Nathaniel Halpern, writer of some episodes of Legion e The Killing. For now we know that the staff will be present Matt Reeves, writer and producer of the latest films on the Planet of the Apes and of the future Batman e Mark Romanek.

Among the actors are some well known faces like Rebecca Hall (which we have already seen in Iron Man 3 as Maya Hansen) and Jonathan Pryce (among all, the High Sparrow of GoT). Other, lesser known faces are Paul Schneider (Bright Star), Tyler Barnhardt (13 Reasons Why), Duncan Joiner, Daniel Zolghadri.

Looking forward to the 3 April (and not just to jump on this series, I admit it) I'll meet you on our site to discuss the first episode, Pilot-Loop!