Suzerain is a political simulation game in which you take the role of President Rayne in his first term at the helm of the nation of Sordland. The game, developed by Torpor Games and published by Fellow Traveler, is available at Steam e GOG from 4 December 2020 and has already received both balancing micropatches and excellent reviews from users.


Sordland is a wounded land that in the last fifty years has undergone a sharp transition from monarchy to republic, full of coups, military involvement, student protests and armed struggles. This confrontation found a resolution with the victory in the elections of the Conservative party, largely supported by citizens with a large majority, which also led to the nation's first Constitution. 
In this party our protagonist is formed, although at our choice he may also disagree with the ideals that are defended by the President in office, awaiting his moment.
A moment that will come about twenty years later, making us guide the nation in the midst of an unprecedented economic crisis. Several issues will be proposed to us, from internal politics, to infrastructure, to small extremist and violent parties, to the role of women in society, etc ... and we will have to try to balance our political capital in order to bring home as many victories as possible. Similarly, the first major objective of our mandate will be to try to change the Constitution towards something more modern, going to undermine privileges now considered unreasonable by citizens.


The importance of foreign policy

Of course, a modern nation must also think about its borders, especially when among its neighbors there are countries with expansionist aims and countries in dictatorship that produce refugees or immigrants. Also in this case we will be called by our ministers to discuss possible problems and some solutions to the problems. We will also be asked to join, or remain neutral, one of the large power blocs (pro-American or pro-Soviet) in order to guarantee economic, political and war aid. Obviously this will involve both political and social risks, effectively forcing us to surrender small portions of territory for foreign military bases.

A game that shows us the difficulties of politics

While Suzerain is primarily textual, with a large map of Sordland to move around to read mayors 'and governors' reports, newspapers and financial reports, most of the choices we will be presented with are not straightforward and will require you to hold on for a few years on a precise political line, with constant investments and comparing their ideas with those of the other parties of the majority.
Although overall it is easier but also much longer than a Democracy, video game series in which you can also choose the percentage of taxes, the type of taxes, expenses, etc ..., Suzerain tells us a story and shows us the difficulties of a man leading a nation. The game does not offer answers on what is wrong and what is right, it simply explains the effects of certain policies (upgrading the health infrastructure of the countryside will lead to health personnel ready to handle epidemics).
Like many games that make politics their heart, the main purpose of the game is to make us hit our heads against problems and make us understand how to lead a nation is not so simple (at the expense of the proclamations on social networks) and that between the electoral campaign and the government. there are very difficult obstacles to overcome.