We have all always been fascinated by Superheroes and Street Heroes, this is a fact. This will be the first in a series of articles that will examine the "fauna" of Superheroes that are cosmic, street, anti-hero and much more!

We also take as a fundamental assumption that, for obvious reasons, having a universe shared by different series leads to the birth of different problems. The part that has always made me laugh the most has always been that of the so-called street heroes.

In fact in the same universe where we have devourers of Suns or Worlds (because if Marvel has a devourer of planets the DC must have a bigger one), rings or bands that create constructs that allow you to travel in space, gods who walk among the mortals and things like that, we find simple men, homunculi, or simply men, perhaps even well trained, who carry a shotgun (yes Punisher, I'm talking to you) and with a kevlar vest fighting for the same streets as the above Super heroes.


The Punisher, Street Hero par excellence

Street heroes and suspension of disbelief

For heaven's sake, in the end the suspension of disbelief always has its charm, but the question to ask is: what the hell is Iron Fist doing against Galactus? Does he throw a super punch at him?

In fact, if these characters within their series have an incredible charm, and I can assure you that the Iron Fist series it is exhilarating to say the least once they are transferred into the shared world they lose all their charm or become figures to whom qualities must be attached to motivate their presence in groups where their "powers" would not make much sense.

A striking example is that of Batman in the Justice League, where after all he is nothing more than a tactician because he could do very little against Despero or people of that level.

Okay, we all agree that Batman is a genius. He has plans to take down the entire Justice League, and even himself, but for someone like Batman how many are there that are proportionately worth nothing?

What do we do with a gangbuster in a world where we have people flying, bending steel, firing laser beams and things like that?
In fact, every now and then these characters are changed and modified perhaps transformed into golems or Frankenstein's monsters, just to make sense of all the oddities that happen in the world around them and from which they cannot escape.


Here appears a Shang-Chi ready to summon the Dragon, other than Sirius the Dragon

Street heroes also have their charm

Yet we have beautiful stories and series that, when they depart from the canon, develop unique characteristics: think of the Constantine who manages to live in a world of demons without ever casting a spell. Or how can we forget Garth Ennis' Punisher, the Iron Fist or Moon Knight series. These are all stories that don't need great powers but that, nevertheless, reach unexpected levels of epicity.

And here we leave the classic superhero genre, the superhero with super problems and super powers and enter the world of everyday life. Sure, maybe this is a bit strange world, it's true, but where there aren't any deus ex machina who manage to save the situation by totally forcing the plot. Any reference to the Infinity Gauntlet with attached gems is totally deliberate.

In short, long live the street heroes, long live Shang-Chi, via Green Arrow, long live all those stories that do not always lead us adrift in space or in alternative worlds, but which exploit the medium of mainstream comic history to tell us the problems of everyday life , perhaps even with strong fantastic penetrations, and which therefore, fortunately, make us entertain all the same.


street heroes
Green Arrow in all his DC Comic Street Hero glory


For heaven's sake I love cosmic heroes, my favorite character is Green Lantern, but I put myself in the shoes of someone who is perhaps just a good soldier and is faced with cosmic entities with unspeakable powers, gods who sleep underground and so on, in short. , living in Superman's world doesn't have to be easy at all, maybe that's why Batman has a plan for everyone, including himself.

What kind of heroes do you prefer?