The second installment of the seventh and final season of "The Clone Wars" continues as seen in first episode. Therefore, the airing continues on Disney + which, after the excellent start of the season, continues its journey with "A Distant Echo", another episode focused on Commander Rex and the new arrivals of the Bad Batch. 

Anakin, Padme and Rex

The episode opens with a moment added to the seventh season. We discover that Rex is aware of the relationship between Anakin and Padmé, a revelation presented in a distinctly different way in the old version of the episode (seen following the Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim in 2015), in which the members of the Bad Batch had repainted the their spaceship with a pin-up version of the senator from Naboo. This obviously particularly irritating the young Skywalker, and from his discussion with the clone commander it was clear that Rex knew everything.

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The new scene, in addition to reinforcing the concept of "belief" of the opening quote thanks to Padmé's words, offers us some more information on the timeline. Although Anakin seems not to notice, we see Senator Amidala in the first months of pregnancy, an idea also reinforced by the position of the hand on the abdomen, which places us a few months after the events of the final chapter of the prequel trilogy.

The conclusion of the scene between Padmé and Anakin gives us another very important moment, one of those small exchanges of The Clone Wars that add depth to the events of Revenge of the Sith. In fact, we discover that Obi-Wan also seems to be aware of the secret relationship between Skywalker and the senator. 


The rest of the episode is a succession of excellent action scenes, aided by the splendid animation of this season, which lead us to the inevitable conclusion in which there is the finding of Echo, in one of the most macabre moments of the series. Already in the old version, seeing the clone attached to the wires of the separatist machine had a strong emotional impact, but with the renewed graphics and the work done on the contrasts between shadow and light, with a particular focus on the expressiveness of the eyes, the drama of these soldiers and the weight of the war is even more evident.