Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order is a video game developed by Respawn Entertainment and distributed starting November 15, 2019 from Electronic Arts. The game received a warm welcome from the public, marking an important milestone for the distributor and the production company. The title is perfectly enjoyable and is characterized by its marked simplicity even at high difficulties.


The game has a very linear and, although enjoyable, absolutely predictable plot for those who know the world of Star Wars. Despite its simplicity, numerous characters perfectly consistent with the universe in which they are found are introduced and, at the same time, the power in the Force of the same is well contextualized. We will never find a new Starkiller again, with a little luck.

The protagonist is Cal Kestis, a padawan survivor of the order 66, who returns to use the Force to save a colleague. Perceived by the Inquisition, Cal will begin his escape together with Cere, a Jedi who severed his contact with the Force, Greeze, the Mantis pilot and BD-1, the most useful droid in the world.

The plot benefits from the touch of Chris Avellone and his recent marathon of all the new Star Wars material. A lot of the two animated series and the prequel trilogy, as well as the comics, has been included in Fallen Order. The canonical nature of the game required special attention, which Avellone and the team looked after well. A sore note appears at the end with a happy ending a little forced but in any case appreciable.

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The game is mainly configured in two macro phases: exploration and combat. The first part uses already seen concepts, some dating back to games with a strong exploratory component: double jump; running on the wall; climbing; keys; environmental puzzles. The structure of some planets strongly recalls the concept of metroidvania, with the presence of shortcuts and unlockable paths only after having acquired a certain skill.


The fight would like to recall Sekiro: Shadows die twice, with a system of parry and resistance that leads to consider which shots to parry and which to deflect. Unfortunately, compared to the From Software game, several animations are more woody and, in general, less fluid. The fact that by running out of enemy resistance you gain a maximum of two or three hits to your opponent, instead of having the possibility of a deadly lunge, plays strongly against this system.

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Laser sword

Although the system winks at the possibility of using different styles with the lightsaber, unfortunately the choices have been severely limited. Depending on your choices, you will receive the double blade upgrade after a planet or two, and it will be the biggest feasible change in your gameplay choices. Dual wielding will be introduced much later and, unfortunately, it will be limited to a special move. Perhaps, instead of winking at Sekiro in vain, it would have been possible to insert the styles of the lightsaber, which had long been no longer canonical.


We come to a real sore point of the title. Bossfights are very few, if you consider those times when the game does not put you in front of a common enemy for the first time, making it a "boss", and also an inattentive eye like ours has managed to learn the three most difficult below the hour of play. Played on high difficulty, it would have been a must to offer a wider challenge. Unfortunately, the only truly satisfying fights are those against other Force sensitive. It is to be hoped that in the future they will insert an episode "What if?" entering Vader as bossfight.

Technical sector

The game rarely has framerate drops and, in general, has a strong aesthetic that recalls the world of Star Wars. Several sequences have been designed with a particular direction, especially those on Bracca and Kashyyyk. 

Also noteworthy is the sound sector and the tracks that have been inserted directly from the films. Fans of the saga will therefore be able to shed a few tears, recalling original memories directly from the films of the prequel trilogy.

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The success of Fallen Order

Let's move on to broader considerations regarding the videogame world. After the slides of EA with Battlefront, the players were hungry for a game on Star Wars that was not multiplayer, full of grind to the ears and with rain micro-transactions. Whenever a software house launches into dangerous (and wrong) claims such as the overwhelming superiority of multiplayer games over singleplayers, the market sends strong signals in the opposite direction. 

It is plausible that a sequel to this game is planned, given the enormous success, and I hope that in a possible Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order II more emphasis will be placed on the lightsaber. Players don't just want cosmetic items, they want to feel like Jedi.