The new Marvel Comics "Star Wars" series, due out in January 2020, will deal with the unexplored time span that separates episode IV from V. Thanks to the Charles Soule and to the pencils of Jesus Saiz e Arif Prianto we can finally discover different mysteries of the Star Wars universe. The period faced, so far never covered by any comic, could reveal more about the completion of Luke's training and his new hunt by Vader.

A long time ago in a distant galaxy, far away ...

With 2019, the first new Star Wars journey has closed since the acquisition of the rights by Disney. After introducing several changes in the canon, such as i red crystals, some Jedi vows and moments just after episode III, the series explored the time span following the destruction of the first black death. We had Chelli Lona Aphra, the cover of the first series of Vaders, so loved to have received her own magazine. We explored how the Sith Lord remained Darth Sidious's apprentice after the death of the Death Star and, more importantly, we finally found out about the Sith's reaction to Luke Skywalker's learning.

We have learned that even a sword master, although he wields a lightsaber, he is not much more than a child for those who have the Force as their ally. Sergeant Kreel was a fantastic, complex character in his own way, and I can't wait to see him come back for one last fight with Luke. After episode V, with the rudiments of the Force now in his possession, the future Jedi master should be able to do more than survive.

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A series without Han Solo

Perhaps one of the sore points of this new series will be the lack of Han Solo. Sadly imprisoned and currently en route to Tatooine, the captain of the Millennium Falcon will be out of action until the start of Episode VI. In his place we will find Lando Calrissian, a man who will have to face the fact of having betrayed Han and his friends in times of need, in the role of the rogue. Somehow we know that Lando will be able to win the trust of the group, to the point of being included in the plan of Han's liberation, but the whole path that divides these two moments is obscure to us.

Luke morally broken

In his confusion after the duel with Vader, Luke tries to get in touch through the Force with master Yoda and Ben. Unfortunately, both attempts receive no response whatsoever and the young padawan, aware that he is not yet a Jedi, fears that he has become something different.

With the rebellion cornered by the imperial fleet, Han Solo imprisoned and Luke confused and without a guide, the series looks incredibly interesting. What will the future hold for us?