Today we talk about Star Debates, a party game mixed with an RPG, which develops in a single one-shot.

This game is inspired by the work of Douglas Adams. Obviously I'm referring to his well-known cycle of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Obviously, as with most of this author's writings, satire is king and Star Debates makes extensive use of it, making it his workhorse.

Before taking a look at this gdr, which can be purchased through the Pay What You Want formula on the platform DriveThruRPG, I would like to say a few words about Douglas Adams to get a little more into the mood of the game.

A word about Douglas Adams

He left us too soon.

Okay, that's five, like his more than complete trilogy in five parts, but they're true words.
For those who don't know him Douglas Adams was a British novelist, screenwriter and humorist. He began his career as a television writer, working for the BBC on titles such as Doctor Who e Monty Python's Flying Circusbut without achieving the desired success. In fact, his work was considered out of step with the times.

He achieved success only in 1979 with Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy before and in the following year with Restaurant at the end of the universe. Subsequently the list of his works continued to increase by adding other characters and books to his carnet. Unforgettable is the character of Dirk Gently, holistic investigator, of which it is also possible to find a television series still present in the Netflix catalog.

But in addition to being a writer, a screenwriter, Douglas Adams was also an environmental activist. He founded the organizationSave the Rhino Trust” to protect endangered rhinos.
His passion for the environment was also evident in his writings, in which he often referred to ecological issues in an ironic yes, but nevertheless always careful way.

It is precisely thanks to his "comic and irreverent philosophy" that it was possible to see him born Star Debates.


Star Debats – Or: How do I win you the galactic election

Star Debates is a one-shot tabletop RPG where you have to cheating during crazy alien debates against other players. Each player will create an alien political party and campaign on the Five Planets, where he will debate with other players through improvisation and role-playing.

This pamflet was created by Universe Ball Anthology a indie sci-fi RPG house that focuses on crafting weird stories, creative problem solving, and fun role-playing. There are only two people behind these works and they design games in their spare time, simply because they are passionate about them. And only from the mind in charge of having fun, but above all not taking oneself seriously, can it arise Star Debats!

Here is a simple summary of the game:

[...] The galactic government is conducting a worldwide election to decide who will become ruler of the entire star system. Political parties from all corners of the universe have flocked to the Five Planets in an attempt to win the hearts of voters. With these alien politicians comes a wide range of strange, ridiculous and absurd ideologies. To legitimize their platforms, these parties will need to campaign across five planets and demonstrate their understanding of local issues. See you in the debates! [...]

During the game you will have to choose what is the purpose of your party, by whom it is financed. If you're wondering if lab rats are legitimate funders for your cause, yes they are!
After all this you will have to choose your course of action, a real political agenda and, of course, start preparing the debate, which will develop in three rounds, where everyone will have to be smart and ruthless enough to beat their opponent and reduce him in pieces, at least debatically speaking, of course. However, as I was writing these words, I realized that a nice party based on not exactly legal practices could be interesting to see…

After the debate phase, election day will take place where the moderator(s) of the debate will have to make a choice. Based on this unquestionable judgment, the winner will emerge from the galactic elections.
I still think that a possible blackmail or bribery is more than honest to get the upper hand…

It is therefore time for the final speech, but above all for disregarding your electoral promises!

Star Debates Loki
What more shining example of a liar of galactic proportions for Star Debates

Conclusions on Star Debates

First I'd like to thank Dylan Assed and Sami Jarbouh's Univers Ball Anthology for this fun game to propose during a party. In my personal opinion, the authors have grasped in all respects what Douglas Adams faced with his works. Themes such as the absurdity of human existence, the relativity of truth and the ephemeral nature of reality itself. The use of irony and humor to deconstruct the fundamental assumptions of Western culture, highlighting the contradictions and inconsistencies of modern society comes to a head with this game.

What's more absurd than a political election where you lie from start to finish?

As the comedian Albanese said through the mouth of his character Cetto La Whatever:

[...] "The voter buys any bullshit, just promise the impossible and sell it as guaranteed. Less taxes, they applaud and you raise them" [...]

I don't know about you, but it seems to me that it has always been like this.

So welcome Star Debates, have fun, try it and let us know not only the political parties you are going to create, but also if you liked it! Also remember that, although you can buy it on a free transfer, it would be nice to return to the platform at a later time and offer at least one coffee to the game creators.

Don't be the Vogon on duty!