In this article we talk a little about the latest Squarenix announcements on Final Fantasy XVI, the future of the VII Remake and the reception they have had on the Italian public.

I met Final Fantasy through its VIII episode, which I played with the depth of a 10 year old boy (because that was I). I don't have the intellectual dishonesty to call myself a Fan of the saga as, actually, I don't really know a lot about each chapter, even though I've played practically all of them. Hanging out for themed pages like this, I noticed without being too surprised that there are two types of FF fans: those up to X and those beyond X.

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake finale left a lot of fans with a bad taste in their mouths

I found out why by staying in these pages and reading the comments on the news related to the famous title of Squarenix; which is why, today, I do a survey of what has come up about the SE (Squarenix) titles on the future of the title.

The news on FF XVI as "Action Oriented Game"

In a Tweet, concerning an intervention on a podcast, it was discovered that Naoki Yoshida, producer of the new chapter XVI, would have spoken of this as an action-oriented game, with a commitment towards the less skilled players in these (and an eye towards history).

Yoshida briefly discussed FF16 on a radio broadcast he was invited to primarily to discuss FF14. He said that FF16 is “action-oriented” and that they're putting effort into supporting players who are less-skilled at action games - also that they're working hard on the story.

The description of the Tweet

Wanting to interpret these words, the world of theories opens up; efforts towards the "less skilled in action games" could materialize in a "story based mode" that is less strategically punitive towards players who want to enjoy the story. Just like FF7R's Casual Mode.

Final Fantasy XVI
A controversy still heated, among critics of the series, concerns the main character

New for FF7 and its PS5 version

Speaking of Final Fantasy VII Remake (FF7R), some clues have leaked about additional content and the transition to PS5 with the second part. The PS5 version, called FF7R integrate, it will be an enhanced version of its PS4 version; Improved lighting performance and fixed 60 fps are expected, as well as better effects and performance.

Obviously, Yuffie Kirasagi, an expected character from the launch of FF7R, has also turned up, which will arrive on PS5 with a DLC. In addition to this, owners of the simple FF7R will be able to "bring" the game on PS5 for free. The Intergrade version will have already included Yuffie's side-story, while owners of the simple FF7R will have to buy it. Yuffie's story will be a mission carried out in parallel with the AVALANCHE group, as revealed by this one trailer.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Yuffie

Is Moving to Mobile the Right Way?

But Squarenix didn't just produce FF7; from the release of the title, various spin-offs of the main plot, sequels and prequels set in Midgard, as well as animated films and so on, have flocked. With so much material left on the sidelines, part of the fanbase felt it was legitimate to ask for polishing.

The parent company gave an answer that unfortunately did not go down for many. All the spin-off episodes will be ported to mobile: Advent Children, Before Crisis, Crisis Core and Dirge of Cerberus will then move to smartphones, in a unique game called Ever Crisis. The nature of an "episode collector" is the only information released: any changes and improvements remain mysterious. Also on Mobile will be released an FF-themed battle royale, called First Soldier; Thu the trailer.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake First Soldier

Italian welcome

The flood of news has obviously received the fanbase (and not only) in a gigantic avalanche effect. Most of the attention was paid to the mobile ad and the phrase "action-oriented game". "The real Final Fantasy is turn-based, the latest Final Fantasy is X, awesome" was the phrase I read most often under the posts discussing FF XVI.

The acrimony towards the need, for Squarenix, to return to turn-based combat is understandable but dictated, in my opinion, by a stronger nostalgia effect than an accurate market analysis. No matter what people say, triple A games like FF7R would not sell well if they showed turn-based combat, which instead remains stable in less famous but no less beautiful games like Persona (and its derivatives), Bravely Default and non-J strategy games. Unfortunately ( or luckily, depending on your taste) turn-based games are for a minority of buyers, while the majority opt for a faster game.

As for the Mobile titles, I have mixed opinions. The work done on FF7R is huge, so asking for as much for the various ancillary titles as the ones enclosed in Ever Crisis would be economic suicide for Squarenix. With a view to minimum expense and maximum yield, it seems obvious that bringing old titles to mobile is less expensive than creating them from scratch, especially given the starting points for PS5; the mobile gaming market is huge and Squarenix will surely find its niche of fans.