Spider-Man: Far From Home was released in Italian theaters on July 10, 2019. The film, directed by Jon Watts, is the twenty-third film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and represents the closure of phase three and the Infinity Saga. Despite a brilliant first film, we have a second film that is lost in citations, ending up being absolutely avoidable. Unfortunately it is not possible to match the narrative performance of the Ps4 game, of which we have spoken Thu.


Despite the fact that in End Game the world has struggled to get out of the trauma of losing half of the earth's population, in just eight months after the battle with Thanos the world has returned to normal perfectly. Nobody has any problems accepting the fact that some of his acquaintances lived five years without him. Families have no difficulty seeing their grown children, aware that they haven't been there for them. The world has once again become the place it was before. We are in 2023 and the five years swept away by Thanos have been simply cataloged as "Blip" or "Mishap". It takes courage to call half a decade with the world population halved as a setback.

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Peter Parker has returned to his friendly neighborhood Spider-Man life, despite the loss of Tony Stark, his mentor and father figure. Michelle Jones, in a time that isn't shown on screen, has become the only thing that matters to Peter. The young man is in love with her and intends to take advantage of a long trip to Europe to declare her feelings.

At the same time, the Elementals appear in the world, four giants representing the elements of nature, which threaten to destroy the planet. Peter's vacation will then be interrupted by Nick Fury himself, in search of the Spider-Man who had helped save the world. Mysteriously, all the other Avengers are unavailable, including the Black Panther, so it's up to Peter Parker to save the situation. The school trip will become very complicated, as will the climbing wall.

The sentimental theme is tender but banal

Since we don't see the moment when Michelle Jones and Peter Parker begin to develop interest in each other, starting a movie with the classic "I like her but I don't know how to communicate my feelings in a romantic way" is really absurd. It's a romantic story with absolutely no connection to the previous movie, thrown in there. Without having to specify how Peter's statement turns out, you will understand that the topos of "she and he like each other but they don't say it to the end" is something very trivial. This embarrassment is very banal and decidedly not very modern if we think that Mary Jane in the comic is introduced like this:

You will therefore understand the perplexity in seeing declarations of mutual clumsy interest.

"Great responsibilities derive great responsibility"

Throughout the film Peter has to elaborate on the mourning of his mentor Tony Stark, and the fact that the world needs an Iron Man. Someone has to protect Earth, stand in charge of the Avengers after the best ones have given up. The world needs a protector. To get around this, Tony has come up with a plan B that can help Peter. The problem is that, once this phantom help is discovered, the young man doesn't give a damn. The words of Uncle Ben do not echo in his ears, there is no "From great powers come great responsibilities". Peter just wants a way to spend time with Michelle, who knows about the needs of the world.

The parenting role of Aunt May

Special mention goes to Aunt May, who after discovering Peter's true identity at the end of the first film, having disappeared with him and being told of the two battles against Thanos, does not blink at the fact that his nephew is in constant danger of be killed. Instead, he uses his fame for fundraising. Great job May, you are definitely a caring and attentive parenting figure.

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The fake twist

There is a twist in the middle of the film, which we will not mention for those few chosen ones who can enjoy it, which is not. The identity of the villain of the film can be a surprise only and only for those who know nothing about Spider-Man, from comics to animated series, from toys to video games. The only way to enjoy it is to be an absolute ignorant of the world of The Amazing Spider-Man, and that's a shame. It is a wasted opportunity because Homecoming did not try to "screw" the viewer, immediately revealing who the villain was and playing on the relationship between Peter and his daughter. In all this, the thing that makes you laugh, is that the enemy in turn is not angry with Spider-Man but with Tony Stark.


From an actor point of view, this film had the cards to be more than excellent. Only a weak script could waste exceptional actors of this type. They managed to make Samuel L. Jackson, Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal appear subdued, who has only one moment in which he shines for his own ability.

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Sound aspect

The classic theme of Spider-Man, which in Homecoming accompanied the Marvel logo and which had found a way to be in every spider man film, was very absent from the soundtrack. For the rest, we are faced with something technically well done. Some themes from the first Iron Man film are also taken up, signifying the handover between Tony and Peter, and even some theme taken from Avengers.

Direction and editing

The film has an amazing visual appearance, except for a few small smudges with the CGI, and Mysterio's illusions are really well done. A greater commitment in this sense would have been appreciable, given that the character allowed the imagination to go wild, but all in all the film is visually satisfying.

A fun but avoidable movie

If you want to laugh, this is the film that is right for you. However, you must accept, in case you enter the room, that the film has little to do with Spider-Man. The concept of responsibility is absent and there is a Peter in front of you who, if he could, would give up everything to the first that happens. Unfortunately there is no real growth of the character, which makes the film absolutely avoidable.

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