Space Rangers is a complete and functional setting for role playing Adventurers!, which we talked about in this review. Written by Umberto Pignatelli and consisting of about seventy easy-to-read pages, Space Rangers strikes for the original idea of ​​the Far West world transposed into space.

Space Rangers presentation

The human race left the Earth many centuries ago, conquering the universe and spreading everywhere. The new worlds came together in the Confederation of Human Planets, divided into: more central sectors, more economically and socially stable and the Frontier, the horizon of human human space and civilization. People move to the fringes of the Confederation territories in search of new planets, riches and the possibility of finding "the gold".

On the Frontier, technology is old, obsolete and dead. Old computers without connections, laser blasters and anti-assault shields represent everything that separates a Ranger from death.

Space Rangers structure


The idea of ​​the setting is undoubtedly the strong point of this title. The desire to link the American gold rush, with the myth of the Far West, of bandits and Native Americans with space has led to the creation of a fascinating setting. The characters play the Space Rangers, highly trained people charged with enforcing the law on the Frontier. They can take care of any kind of work, as long as their conduct is unquestionable, since they can answer at any moment of their work.

Imagine a duel at noon on a desert planet between two gunslingers, blaster in hand, to try to resolve a territorial dispute between two Cornilunghi herdsmen.

Game Master Guide

The basic structure of each manual of the Adventurers series is the division between the player's guide and the master's guide, which in this case serves to give an indication of the mood to be played at the table. It is not difficult to identify with the scene and, having to recommend a series, probably the tone of Space Rangers could be similar to that of The Mandalorian.

Pregenerated characters and Bestiary

The pre-generated characters allow you to jump into the adventure contained in the manual, very well written and excellent for getting into the spirit of the setting. To these is obviously added the bestiary, which extends that of the basic manual and allows you to play at your best in the Frontier.

Where to get Space Rangers?

As for the basic manual and Vigilantes, we recommend buying this little pearl directly on the "La Terra dei Giochi" website link. Given the low cost, the same as the Adventurers! I consider it a must have product for anyone who loves the Far West and space.