We survived for several days on the island of "Sons of the Forest", ready to give our opinion on the Survival/Horror experience that many of us were waiting for.

Sons of the Forest in Early Access

First dutiful and obligatory note. What we are going to review is the early access version of Sons of the Forest published by Endnight games to avoid yet another postponement of the release.

As always, the early access version justifies the presence of possible bugs and the differentiation of the current game from the final version. And now let's move on to the story behind this game.

The story begins with the search for a missing tycoon on a small pristine island with his family in tow, wife and daughter. Let's face it this incipit for "Sons of the Forest" certainly does not shine with originality compared to its predecessor "The Forest". In fact, aboard two helicopters, two special teams fly over the island in question, when, due to a failure with mysterious causes, both aircraft crash. Brief and effective, the intro ends with a young man in a silver windbreaker who, after the impact of the helicopter on the ground, stuns us with the butt of his pistol.

Hence the beginning of our survival on the island, marked only by the constant succession of day and night which determine the days of survival of our alter-ego. Around us the wreckage of the crashed helicopter, some crates to loot and one of the members of the special team who, following the accident, lost his hearing and will accompany us in the exploration of the island, following our instructions via notepad .


What is important to monitor in the game?

The first element to keep under control is absolutely the survival aspect of the game, therefore hunger, thirst and tiredness, indicated by indicators positioned at the bottom right of the game hub just above the mini-map. Minimal game hub because in addition to these components, nothing else is indicated on the screen as if to mark the extreme impersonation in the difficult situation of the protagonist.

The inventory, which can be explored by pressing the "I" key, is represented by a roll-up tool bag that can contain everything that we will collect in the exploration.

The absence of tutorials can make you turn up your nose but, in our opinion, this choice makes the critical condition of the character even more coherent. To our aid, a small construction guide, which can be consulted with the "B" key, allows us to understand how to set up a bonfire, a tent and other various utilities.

Sons of the forest climate changing

The evocative graphics of the game

The visual impact is decidedly convincing, the lighting management is the element that most enhances the forest and the various settings of the game. Walking in the woods, crossing streams and taking a stroll on the beach is truly rewarding. Even the audio department is no different, clearly balanced to make the title as horror as possible with particular emphasis on the screams and cries of the enemies. Great attention to detail on each environmental noise helping a lot in the identification of the experience.

The game, as anticipated by the software house, is not free from graphic bugs, despite this, the overall experience is hardly affected. 
In our opinion, the real critical point of the situation, pausing to consider only the open-air places, is the lack of things to do in the long walk on the island, gathering resources or plundering enemy camps is pleasant but the overall situation makes a bare, almost empty island, surely to be enriched in the following patches.


Single way exploration

The real beating heart of the game is the exploration of the various interiors and caves. There, the horror soul of the game is truly expressed to the nth degree, no setting situation to make your eyes roll, all very basic in terms of graphics, but the atmosphere is really successful. Thanks to an imperfect illumination of the light sources, such as above all the torch in focus, which is often swallowed up in the dark, even too much, in certain cases, and an audio embellished by many different noises that always keep our senses on alert. The resolution of these interiors and caves generally always rewards the player with strong or even fundamental objects for the unfolding of the plot.

Summing up, the single player experience is pleasant and undemanding in normal mode, for the more experienced players, especially given the abundance of resources available. We therefore recommend setting the difficulty a little higher and sharing the experience with at least one friend to enjoy the game to the fullest possible expression, especially if playing in roleplay using the supplied radios as the only method of communication. in game they will make it really hard to let go.

Sons of the forest dungeon

Conclusions on Sons of the Forest

We've been waiting for a good multiplayer survival for a long time, and since today the only thing similar was Valheim, "Sons of the Forest" answered our "hunger" very effectively by laying an excellent foundation for a game that with a few patches could be an unforgettable experience!

So we give it something more than enough, but we look forward to the future features of the game, above all because I saw a head that can be used as a weapon and immediately Blood came back to my mind.