What impressions it arouses snyder cut film Justice League, released on HBO Max and Sky Cinema this March?

And in short, let's talk a little about this Zack Snyder's Justice League, the new DC movie that has largely divided the fanbase.
But before we begin, an important premise.


Why am I not mad about the Snyder Cut?

The undersigned has been reading DC comics for quite some time. I am therefore used to ups and downs of this comic universe, which I still love very much, much more than the Marvel one.
And I'm used to realizing that there have been a thousand thousand interpretations of every single character. Therefore, I am also used to ignoring interpretations that I don't like beautifully, keeping in my personal canon only those that I like, fully aware that they are my personal choices.

This also means that, personally, I don't see cinematic transpositions as "insults to character X". They are just further re-interpretations of characters changed hands too many times to have only one face. At best, it's a face that I don't like.
And do you know what happens if I don't like this new face? What do I say "patience".
What if you like it instead? I say "good for you".

This whole premise goes to say that I know that Snyder Cut has been very divisive for the DC fandom. I understand that many of you are angry.
However, I'm not here to start flaming. What you will read are just my personal impressions, nothing more.
I don't claim to be doing a sophisticated analysis of the Snyder Cut, and therefore I do not think you are stupid if you have different opinions from mine.

Zack Snyder to direct Justice League
Zack Snyder directing Justice League

What does the Snyder Cut consist of?

In case you have no idea what I'm talking about, here is a short recap.
Lo Zack Snyder's Justice League is a reinterpretation of the film Justice League, based on the DC comics, released in theaters in 2017 and directed by Joss Whedon. Whedon is a director who needs little introduction, and here we just need to know that he was chosen to direct Justice League because he had already been the author of two big films of rival Marvel: The Avengers e Avengers: Age of Ultron.

The problems of the first Justice League and the version of Joss Whedon

However, initially the film Justice League of 2017 should have been shot by Zack Snyder, former director of two other DC titles: Man of Steel e Batman v superman, of which Justice League it should have been the sequel. Unfortunately, Snyder had to abandon directing Justice League after having already shot a considerable part of the film, due to the suicide of one of his two daughters. Thus, Warner Bros. decided to call Whedon to complete Snyder's work.

Meeting the manufacturer's demands and public criticism, Whedon yielded Justice League less gloomy and more like The Avengers. Eventually, Justice League got better reviews than Snyder's two previous films, but it was soon clear that Whedon had reworked the initial film a lot. He told himself that Whedon actually used only 10% of Snyder's original material.
Thus, it was born in la fans curiosity to see Snyder's original work and, little by little, one was formed petition to get a Justice League Snyder Cut.

The road to the Snyder Cut

Collar voice support part of the cast of Justice League and many other personalities of the comic world, and above all with the support of a large number of fans very I decided, Snyder eventually admitted the existence of a Snyder Cut from the film.
But it must also be remembered that part of this pro-Snyder Cut movement has also had attitudes very toxic towards other personalities related to DC.

Eventually, in 2019, Warner Bros. leaders decided to support Snyder in his project. During 2020 new scenes were filmed, cost about another $ 70 million, until Snyder announced that his Justice League was ready in January 2021.
La Zack Snyder's Justice League was aired on HBO Max and Sky Cinema on March 18.

Darkseid in the Snyder Cut
Darkseid in the Snyder Cut

General plot impressions of the Snyder Cut

Let's start by saying that I I spent the 4 hours of the Snyder Cut well. Maybe I like things a little slow and they take it easy. Or talkative things, because I'm talkative.
In that sense, did you know that this article was supposed to be a short post on the Atlantean Seekers Facebook page, in which I would write “just a couple of things” about this movie? Here, after having transformed "two little things" into a post of 1.000 words, I am forever silent on the matter of length. But let's get back to talking about the Snyder Cut.

We go on to say that, in many respects, I preferred Snyder's view to Whedon's.
I didn't find the Snyder Cut particularly dark and opinionated, as it happened with the cursed one Batman v superman, which is just good.
The plot is what we have already seen and, at the end of the fair, it works. There are more verbose explanations and attempts are made to give more depth to Steppenwolf, but in the end the gist is always the same: stopping the invasion of Darkseid.

Thoughts scattered over some scenes

I really enjoyed the scene where Flash rewinds time, although I would have preferred it to cost him his life. If Snyder really wanted to do the dark and serious stuff, he would.
And that makes me think that Snyder is actually more like someone who can't really write the serious and dark stuff.

I was not particularly confused by the final scene in the alternate universe, but maybe it's because by now I'm used to the inherent chaos of DC and I label everything as “well, it will just be another alternate universe or a new reboot”.
Please though Jared Leto no. The dialogue between Batman and the Joker was also nice, but Leto can't play the Joker.
Put Mark Hamill in it. He may not be young and smooth as a peach, but at least he can play the Joker.

Superman in the Snyder Cut
Superman in the Snyder Cut

Impressions on the characters

Personally, I have found Cyborg rendered much better than Whedon's Justice League. It has more depth and its story is more intense.
I loved his final scene, where he realizes (and claims) that he's not broken, because it's a good hat on his personal evolution. In that sense, it is important to mention that yes, Victor is the only character that has a real evolution. Therefore, he is the best written and most successful character in the film, as well as the real heart of the plot, from my point of view.

Aquaman e Flash, in comparison, they have little personal evolution.
Flash looks a lot more like Wally West than Barry Allen, but I understand the desire for a comic line. Anyway, I like this Flash and Ezra Miller was delightful.
Jason Momoa was best in Aquaman and his character does not particularly shine, unfortunately. Of the whole group, he is perhaps the weakest. However, Flash and Aquaman have a modicum of growth and story arc, which puts them on top of the next two characters.

Wonder Woman e Batman they are in fact much more static, although I have quite appreciated their characterization.
Ben Affleck is a soft Daddy Batman that I didn't know I needed. Diana was a pleasant and well structured character.
Alfred is wonderful and he should have a movie just for himself. While making tea and being sarcastic with Bruce.

I have nothing to say about the antagonists.
Darkseid exists and lurka on another planet, glaring at the Justice League through portals.
Steppenwolf acquired that orange wedge of characterization more than Whedon's film. It almost makes me want to adopt him, but on adopting people I could be almost worse than Bruce Wayne, so I have no say.

Superman's pain point

Superman… it's a sore point. Because, you know, I'm mostly a reader of Batman (and of the whole Batfamily), but amo Superman. I love Superman because I find him an ideal to aspire to, and I love the stories he can tell, when he's (rarely) in the hands of capable people.
Here, in my opinion, Snyder can't write Superman, because he does not know how to make a deeply good, kind, selfless, empathetic and intelligent character interesting.

For me, the best Superman stories are the ones where he helps girls who want to commit suicide by talking to them. And Snyder's Superman would never know that. We saw it in Batman v superman and we also see it here.
Henry Cavill is aesthetically perfect for this role, and I don't think he's at fault.
But Snyder only knows how to write Superman as "the guy who looks so good, but we have to be afraid of him underneath, because omioddio has the big potery". And no. Even enough, for me.

Unmissable meme about the Snyder Cut
Unmissable meme about the Snyder Cut

Impressions about other things

Thanks to all the existing deities, they took the shots off Diana's ass. Thanks, Snyder.
You still can't help but put the Amazons in ridiculous two-piece leather swimsuits (Patty Jenkins in Wonder Woman had done a much better job), but at least you avoid sexualizing women too much.
If you could also not let your actresses stay on the ALWAYS heel 10, it would be even better. My feet ached for them.
Speaking of female characters, I need to take two seconds to the background female choir to Diana while she does whatever. It confused me. And disturbed. But the memes that arose as an inevitable consequence deserve it.

Batman thinking of taking necromancy in Snyder Cut
Batman thinking of taking necromancy in Snyder Cut

Conclusions on the Snyder Cut

Let's face it clearly: now I don't give a damn to see these superheroes saving the world. I always appreciate a healthy well-choreographed fight, let's be clear. For me, a good fight scene done right tells more than ten minutes of dialogue. It is no coincidence that I love movies like M.
But, having said that, in these films I now want to see the characters to be people, not just a cluster of superpowers.

I want to see Clark Kent and Lois Lane discuss politics and civil rights together as they work on their new articles.
I want to see Batman facing Jason's death and accidentally adopting 5 other babies. (Anyway, Bruce has definitely adopted Flash in this movie. You saw him signing the metaphorical forms too, right?)
Then, I want to see Victor living his life and continuing to redistribute the finances of the rich who don't pay taxes.
I want to see Arthur doing the things he did in Aquaman and generally behaves like a gruff bear with a heart of gold.
I want to see Barry who is a dog sitter and enters college.

“More could have been done,” and that's a problem

In some respects, the Snyder Cut took the time to show us these characters as human beings. But, in the time he had, he could have done more and been more character-driven and plot driven.
In short, the Snyder Cut is an appreciable film from some points of view, much less appreciable from others.
“We could have done more” is a bit of his leitmotif. And I'm not sure it's good for that judgment to apply to a four-hour film. Because, if Snyder hasn't been able to do better with carte blanche and very long times, then I'm afraid he will never be able to write a good movie about DC heroes.
At the moment, the only genuinely well done DC movie remains Shazam!, Followed by Wonder Woman e Aquaman, in my opinion.