Caution. Unlike previous reviews related to the saga, the following contains spoiler of the titles "To the Moon" and "Finding Paradise", in addition to the content of the Minisodes themselves. Part of the review also consists of theories and speculations about the new sequel announced, "Impostor Factory". Read at your discretion! We recommend playing the Minisode before going into this review.

Sigmund Minisode 1

During the Christmas holidays of 2013, after the release of To The Moon but well before the release of Finding Paradise, Freebird Games (as their name sounds ironic now) shows up after a long silence. It makes available on Steam a DLC called "Special", a sort of missing moments, set within the walls of the Sigmund Corporation. He calls it, simply "Sigmund minisode 1"

It's all deliciously fun. It's Christmas, there is a small refreshment in the company, everyone is happy. All or almost all, because a protest rages just outside the doors of the Sigmund. A crowd, armed with signs and tomatoes, sends insults and accusations to the resigned employees. The recovery of the theme of the company's work ethics is evident but implicit, and it worries our darlings.
But let's go back inside. Neil seems in a good mood, all jokes and jokes. He's working on something, but he's not done yet: he asks Eva to go get him a drink, then he'll have something to show her. Eva snorts, but from that sugar cube that is, she runs. First, he quickly passes by his office, however, and notices his diary open on the table: poffarbacco, better put it away, thinks. He leaves, leaving the door open (...).
Chatter and dialogue (at least apparently) useless at the party, until Eva can not go back upstairs. Neil, very proud, shows her his Christmas gift just completed: a video game!

"This is plainly disrespectful", comments Eva, definitely not impressed. "Oh come on, I worked so hard! Sit down and play! ", Neil slyly replies.
So, Eva sits and plays. Meanwhile, Neil walks away.
(The game is beautiful, but I won't spoil it for you).
When Neil returns (?), Eva left the game halfway and left. The door to his office is closed.
Neil searches for her in his office, does not find her, and goes out again. The door to Eva's office is now open, and she isn't there. He is on another floor of the building, looking through the window at the ongoing protest.
When Neil finds her, she is saddened and tired. "When I started this job", He admits,"I thought it would be respectable. You know, satisfy one last wish ...He sighs. "But ... Those who thank us are the dead, and those who support us are dying". He pauses. "Do you think they are right, Neil?"
Neil takes time and responds. "I know they seem a lot", it starts. "But there are many people also from ours. It's just that those who are happy usually make less noise". He walks away from the window, and continues. "We must not forget every patient we have helped. We must remember how hard we tried, and think of all those who left with a smile instead of regret thanks to our work. Sometimes ... All it takes to make it worth it is that brief moment of shared joy."
The brief emotional moment passes, and the two resume being awkward and comical as usual. They are called by a patient.
After just half an hour of play, the minisode ends.

Sigmund Minisode 2

Here, then, here the trouble begins.
One year after the release of the first minisode, a second DLC is released on Steam in early 2015.
I report here the salient moments and the essential extracts to get to the point of this review: notice in advance that not everything is told in detail, otherwise hours would not be enough.
I highly recommend everyone interested to play it: it says more this minisode of the plot of the saga than all the other games put together.

Again, it's Christmas! It's snowing, there's the party, and a new ferocious protest darkens the minds of Sigmund. As time goes on, it seems that the discussions about our doctors' work ethic have not subsided.
Eva is going to go to her sister's house to celebrate, and wander around the company. "Eva, sorry, isn't that what you would call the elevator?”Asks a colleague amused. "When you call it, it opens immediately!"
But what a nice prankster, Eva thinks.
Hey, take a look at the case, it actually opened right away. Curious.
The doctor passes by her office, and again finds out that she has left the diary open on the table. Come on, Eva, moron!she says to herself before putting it away.
What can you do, she's too worried about Neil, who refuses to go home to celebrate Christmas and would like to continue working on his project. Besides, that bungler keeps calling someone, waits for that someone to answer, and then ... puts them down.
"Neil, if you like ... You can come with me to my sister's house”Suggests Eva, a little shy, to try to distract him.
"No thanks, I don't like to celebrate”, Neil replies, as nice as the water in his pajama sleeve.

After a while, Eva takes her things and leaves. His diary, without anyone having touched it, is again open on the table (...).
In the car, call her sister. "I'm coming. My colleague said he won't come, "he explains.
"I'll eat my hat if we leave your colleague alone in the office at Christmas!" Protests the voice on the other end of the phone. "Go inside and tell him!"
But Eva doesn't hear it. He nails the car and stares, petrified, at something beyond the windshield.
On the street, in front of the car, there is another Eva. The two look at each other, without saying anything, and the Eva who was crossing the road slowly disappears into thin air.

Neil returns to his office, finally alone. Move some furniture, and reveal a hiding place embedded in the wall. He carefully extracts a new machine for the modification of memories, similar to that of the Sigmund, and puts the helmet on his head. He sits on the computer and starts working.
It is clear that this is yet another attempt to make something work. For the first time, perhaps, the process (which we are not given to see) is working. Neil is enthusiastic, cheers, almost celebrating, when ... The electric current jumps. Black-out.
Neil-style blasphemies follow.
But in fact, we already knew that machinery sometimes blows the current ... Maybe.
Neil goes downstairs to check the generator, in the already deserted company. At the entrance, a row of snow-covered footprints indicate that someone has recently returned to the building.

The current did not blow by itself, someone cut it off. Who?
"Employee Neil Watts, number blah blah.", Reveals the generator.
The surprise is interrupted by noises. Someone is coming.
Neil, our favorite ninja, arms himself with a broom and goes up the stairs. In silence, he finds the intruder and pulls the broom on his head.
"Electricity restored", announces the speaker.
The intruder is obviously Eva, who has come back to invite Neil again, and who in return received a headshot that not even Call of Duty.

Eva, now with a head injury to bend over laughing, can no longer drive: her sister and family join her, and after the usual scoldings and scoldings, everyone celebrates Christmas.

A flash.
Eva, in what appears to be her room, sitting at a table. On his head, he has the helmet that we saw in Neil's head a little while ago. There is no shadow of a doubt, he is using it.


At this point it is only speculation, but we can say without too many doubts that we are in someone's memories. The question is… since?
The most common theory is that we are in Neil's memories, and that our darling is dying.
It may be a little sudden, but think about it, many elements support the thesis. Neil is not well: we already see him in "To the Moon", when he takes drugs for the first time (painkillers?). If he does not take them, a red flash interrupts his vision. Pain, perhaps, or even withdrawal symptoms. We do not feel like excluding anything. And when, still in "To the Moon", Neil makes the scene to fight against the squirrel, his HP bar is already half gone.
In light of this, it sounds terribly sad that he recorded the Christmas party rumors with Eva in minisode 2. Really.

Image results for to the moon neil watts fight

Let us not forget, even if it is not strictly related, that Neil is clearly with his hands in dough in something shady: since "To the Moon", but more evidently in the minisodes, and explicitly in "Finding Paradise", we see that he works until late, that he hides things in his office, that he is (probably) working on changes to the standard Sigmund Corp machinery. And what about the fact that he "saved" Faye's avatar in the database? What is it for? There are tons of little things that don't come back, in all games.
It cannot be something "bad" in the strict sense, or the reactions of his colleagues after they discovered it, in "Finding Paradise", would have been much more severe. Certainly they would not have decided to help him, whatever his mysterious project may be.
We can say with equal confidence that an Eva is involved at the moment unaware. Looking for all the signs, it is clear that Neil is "spying on" her, and that already during the first minisode she was keeping her busy making her play the video game. In the second, instead, Eva's involvement is shown without possibility of error: for some strange reason, she is using the new machinery, the one created by Neil.

I personally believe that the events of the games seen so far are real, but it is likely that we have always seen only memories. Remember inside a memory. Either this, or the journey into the memories of one of our doctors has not yet begun.
That dramatic flash of Eva wearing the helmet would be for this theory a brief look at the real world, where Eva uses the machinery to observe Neil's memories or, even if it is less likely, she has the function of "patient" herself. Following the line of reasoning, the Eva we see crossing the road in minisode 2 would be the real Eva, while the one in the car would be the memory. Let us also insert the fortuitous event of the elevator doors that always open immediately for her.
Similarly, the electrical generator that claims the electricity was cut off by Neil himself (and his ID) could indicate the presence of a "real" Neil, or the fact that Eve has his ID.

I would not even exclude that both of them carry out the work of "Sigmund technician" on the other, for purposes that we can only theorize.
Maybe Eve just wants to fulfill Neil's final death wish. Neil seems the type to have many regrets: why doesn't he want to hear from his family? Why do you call them and then don't speak?

Maybe instead he is trying to go back to prevent him from doing the work with the machinery, and for this reason he has interrupted the electricity. It is difficult to imagine his motivations, since it is a question of changing only memories, and not the actual past.

mini soda

"Impostor Factory"

On November 28 2019, a trailer is given to the public, still unaware and blessed.

Leaving aside the initial troll, which personally made me leaf through the calendar in search of new saints, the rapid roundup of images is confusing and disturbing. You can see everything, but nothing is clear.
There is a wedding. The groom looks like Neil. The bride looks like Eve, but only in a few frames. There is a very long cat, dead on the floor, holding a knife. A memory modified by a filter? Anyway, creepy. There is another Neil, dressed differently and almost certainly much younger, but Eva is not there. We are in a rich mansion, surely. With a giant fountain (Faye ?!) in the garden. I mean, what the hell is going on? Besides, does it make sense to question these things, considering the title of the game?
And especially.
What the hell does that mean the order of titles in the saga that appears at the end?
Why is "Impostor Factory" numbered X, as if something else was waiting for us before?
And, to conclude ... What @ * #! - § means "End of 2020"?

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