"Savage Worlds: Adventure Edition" is the new edition of the famous Savage Worlds system, which allows agile and streamlined rules to be able to play any setting you want to create. The new edition was brought to Italy by SpaceOrange42 during Modena Play 2019, with a truly remarkable advertising campaign, worthy of a title of this type.
"Savage Worlds: Adventure Edition" is the kind of manual that all RPG fans should have at home. You never know when it will come in handy for a game and until the arrival of Not The End, it was probably one of the best systems if not the best with which to rotate any setting did not have its own regulation.

Structure of the manual

The manual consists of 263 pages divided into nine chapters and an analytical index of the terms used within it. The binding is of fine workmanship and, even a year later, the aesthetic quality of the manual pleasantly affects the eye. Everything is easy to read, thanks to well-set chapters that can be clearly divided between rules by player, master or list of objects. This way the reader won't waste time and will find what he needs very quickly.

A system with a thousand settings

The greatest strength of the Savage Worlds system is, without a shadow of a doubt, the presence of more settings than can be tracked. Building a world with this system becomes easier and easier, thanks to specific rules and generic skills very easily adaptable to different contexts. After a spannometric account, I would venture to say that there are currently more than twenty settings for Savage Worlds, ranging from the Italian Renaissance to cyberpunk, passing from western to horror to more intense and dark fantasy.
Last but not least "The Silence of Hollowind”, Which had Savage Worlds among its first systems for the setting.

Heroes have an edge

Savage Worlds characters are mechanically and narratively ahead of their opponents. After all, as the manual often points out, it is not an ordinary person who launches himself from the waterfall and survives, or who hijacks an airship to save a princess.
On a mechanical level, Heroes have two allies on their side: the Die of Fate and the Benny.

The Nut of Fate

Fate's Die is a d6 that rolls in addition to everything else, once per character's action. This mechanic serves to give the Hero an advantage and allow him to keep the result higher. Like all other dice, the Fate Die can explode.

The Benny

The Benny is the most powerful tool in the player's hands, and has been enhanced for this new edition of Savage Worlds. Each player starts each session with three Benny and those not spent are lost at the end of the same, so that there is no temptation to accumulate or not to use them.
- Benny allow you to reroll any Trait again, if you have not rolled a critical failure, and keep the best result.
- A player can use a Benny to immediately recover from the "Shaken" state, which is particularly annoying during a fight.
- A Benny can be used to try to avoid Injuries by absorbing damage, following a specific rules.
- Benny can also be used to draw a new Action card. The order of Action in Savage Worlds is decided with the drawing of poker cards and you can spend as many Benny as you want to draw more cards and keep the one most advantageous for the player.
- A Benny can be spent to re-roll your character's damage roll. This refers to all dice that should come into play in the damage count.
- Sacrificing a Benny allows the restoration of five Power Points, great for activating the character's special abilities.
- Influence the story. This is a very nice point, added with this edition of Savage Worlds, which allows players to add narrative elements to their advantage or to shift events in their favor. It can be very useful when, despite everything, the dice are rowing against good plays or to add new and unpredictable elements.

General and narrative, rather than specific and mechanical

It is clear that Savage Worlds has also learned the role-playing trend of this decade to move, increasingly quickly, towards fiction. We tend to abandon the picture to move to the theater of the mind, we shoot scenes as if we were preparing a film or a TV series, etc ...
In this direction we notice a combination of different skills compared to the old edition of Savage Worlds, in addition to the introduction of rules for fast and much more narrative scenes.

Deadlands' first big update in 15 years is looking like the best ...

Who is it recommended for?

Savage Worlds should be known, if for no other reason, for the personal culture of the role-playing world. At the level of use, however, it is recommended to anyone who wants a system that is all in all light and easy to learn to play all its settings. One cannot help but fall in love with it, as many of them have years and years of work and material now available and are easily adaptable for this edition of Savage Worlds.
It can be found on the SpaceOrange42 website.