Today we talk about Sanctuary: Dungeon Tales. Do you know this project that has been on Kickstarter for a few days? If the answer is no, go and see right away at this link.

If I write this article it is not "just" to support them. In fact, I consider myself a friend of the authors, but above all because it really offers so much to future supporters. Do you want to analyze the project and the people behind it a bit? Let's not delay any longer then!

Sanctuary: Dungeon Tales a slideshow

Sanctuary: Dungeon Tales is a setting manual for the 5th edition of the most famous game ever. The pens behind this project are those of Laura Cardinale, Eugenio Nuzzo and Michele Corradini. As we have already mentioned it is currently being funded on Kickstarter and will be published by Game Start Studio.
The game will be produced in four languages ​​(Italian, English, French and German) and will be accompanied by over two hundred miniatures and tokens from the Interactive Miniatures line. It will also feature a fully rewritable color modular 3D dungeon!

Sanctuary: Dungeon Tales is a game permeated with natural mysticism and focused on the exploration of two floors, that Material and that Metaphysical. In fact, by turning the card, you will be able to access new game options and class privileges, with original mechanics.

Players play gods Arkoiris, bearers of the light of the elements. These Arkoiris they are among the few who still perceive their own Spark and have a Vocation that guides them to rediscover the world, Athafios, a place overflowing with energy.

- Arkoiris will find themselves exploring the regions of Athafios and rebuild the ley lines that cross them. They will have to regenerate the Sanctuaries built on the Nodes and close the breaches, trying to restore order to the world.

In Sanctuary: Dungeon Tales there are several classes that represent the main playable professions and the particular declination that the Vocation assumes. We go from the Fighter who coordinates a handful of his peers, to the Mystic who governs the flow of energy lines. Then we have the Cantor who composes and recites the heroic deeds of his ancestors and many others.

In the Basic Manual there will be eight new Classes, with the related Archetypes and advancements.

  • Fighter
  • Mystical
  • Healer
  • Cantor
  • Cartographer
  • Explorer
  • Office worker
  • Collector


Kickstarter special

The game, in addition to the Basic Setting Manual, provides for the development of various adventures that make up a mini-campaign: The Cards of Time.
There is also a game book, playable both in solitary and in multiplayer mode. Among these pages, a part of the setting prior to the one playable with the Basic Manual will be explored.
Among the pledges, in addition to the Basic Setting Manual, the Master's Screen and the rewritable regional maps are also available. These are accompanied by a set of detachable stickers that allow you to create original campaigns and customize some portions of Athafios.
The game will also have its own six-track original soundtrack, composed by NoMana.

The authors of Sanctuary: Dungeon Tales

Laura Cardinal

Laura Cardinale is the administrator of Jano Studio Srl and vice president of Il Salotto di Giano APS. She is the author of supplements for international RPGs (Lex Arcana, Zombicide, Broken Compass, Unglorious, VHS). You deal with public history in the medieval field and write games and adventures that combine entertainment with cultural dissemination. You are a member of the Game Science Research Center and you are also a member of the Game Research Center of the University of Genoa (CeRG).

Eugene Nuzzo

Eugenio Nuzzo is a founding partner of Jano Studio Srl, a journalist and anthropologist with a specialization in the recreational sector. He coordinates the recreational activities for Il Salotto di Giano APS and for LabGdR, a project aimed at young people on the autistic spectrum. Author of adventures with didactic and socio-educational purposes (Frascati Scienza, Bergamo Scienza), he is a teacher of Mastering courses at the Giano Academy - Academy of Role Playing. He oversaw the game design of several projects, including "Il Ruolo del Gioco" on behalf of Unicredit.

Michael Corradini

Michele Corradini is a collaborator of Jano Studio srl and master of Il Salotto di Giano APS. He trained at the Giano Academy – Role Play Academy specializing in the Clinical-Therapeutic context. Operator for the LabGdR project since 2020, he has carried out activities with young people on the autistic spectrum and SEN in varied contexts, from school to festivals, with a particular preference for popular plots on a historical-scientific basis. Expert in Dungeons and 5E, he oversaw the creation of several thematic adventures in the associative field.


Sanctuary Dungeon Tales

A few words about the Sanctuary: Dungeon Tales Quickstart

We presented the game, but we didn't tell you that it's possible to download the Quickstart in Italian at this address. The product in question is presented as an electronic manual of "only" seventy-one (71) pages! All well laid out, in color, and richly illustrated. Inside we can find spells, world history, monsters, a playable adventure and ready-to-use pre-generated characters to throw into the fray.

If you are still not convinced then let me spend some personal consideration on the project.


When we find ourselves in front of a Kickstarter, often, we should ask ourselves some questions. One of these is how much the project offers. For this game the answer is only one: a lot of stuff!
Between thumbnails, manual, master screen, rewritable maps and so on and so forth, I wonder why it still doesn't have more backers!

The second question is about people. Perhaps not all of them are internationally known faces, but it still means something to have worked on heavy names such as Lex Arcana and the like, right?

Shouldn't we trust these people? The answer is yes!
Still not convinced? Yet a job like this, with so many vibes that bring to mind Beyond The Wall and so many other titles between the bucolic and the mystical, should be supported a priori.

Try it, play the QS and go support my favorite Travelers!