"Root" is the role-playing game set in the world of the same name board game "Root, a game of power and justice in the woods" already brought to Italy by MS Edizioni. After an advertising campaign that probably many will remember, since it was impossible to talk about role-playing games without having hit the face Kickstarter of Root, the authors (Brendan Conway and Mark Diaz Truman) managed to raise over six hundred thousand dollars and over six thousand supporters. Whether it's for taking advantage of the fame of the board game version or something else, we can finally talk about Quickstart.


The woods are made up of dense forests from which they take their name. They make travel and civilization difficult, and even after years of settlement, the inhabitants of the Woods are mostly confined to "Glades", small deforested areas in the midst of a sea of ​​trees.


The woods of the world of Root are at war. The undisputed reign of the Eagles Dynasty has come to an end and the mighty masters of heaven observe from their often helpless nests the conquest of their territories. The fearsome Marchesa de Gattis, learned of the turmoil of the Woods, launched a ruthless campaign to conquer and industrialize the Glades.
Players will play Marauders, animals who do not bow to any faction but choose their own path, or path in this case, on their own. The Quickstart contains six playbooks that can be used to create your own character

Pages on pages on PBTA

One of the biggest shortcomings of this Quickstart are the expense pages to explain the PBTA extension. Out of 40 total pages, it is necessary to consider 12 playbook pages, 14 to explain the rules of a Powered by the Apocalypse and 7 pages to generate your own map randomly. The rest is divided between the index and a whit (but really a whit) of setting.

Who is Root for?

A very good question we should ask ourselves is who this Quickstart is for. The information on the setting is so narrow that it does not allow the approach of new players, if not for the sheer curiosity, and even at the end of the reading no particular charm is perceived. We hope that in the full role-playing game much more space has been given to make us understand a world that, currently, is only dashed.