Lucca Comics & Games is pleased to announce the five finalists selected by the Jury of Role-Playing Game of the Year who will compete for the coveted prize, the winner of which will be unveiled on Tuesday 8 October.

2019 confirmed the importance of the competition, marking the absolute record of registered games, which go from 16 in 2018 to 24 of this edition.

La Award jury it was chaired by Paolo Cupola and composed by Mirella Vicini (vice-president), Davide Scano (coordinator), Giovanni Bacaro, Anna Benedetto, Luca Bonora and Daniele Prisco.

The five role-playing games selected are:

City of Mist

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  • City of Mist: among the inhabitants of City of Mist are the Chosen, whose existence is hidden by the fog that covers every test or trace. The players play the Chosen, action investigators with legendary powers who live in precarious balance between the real world of a dangerous and alienating metropolis and that of their own Mythos, intimate and powerful. The game system is based on the union between PbtA and the Roll + Tags systems.

By Amit Moshe, published by Son of Oak Game Studio and distributed by Illyon Edizioni Island.

Coriolis - the Third Horizon

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  • Coriolis - the Third Horizon: in the distant future, from the parts of Aldebaran, the players interpret the crew of a spaceship that travels through the remote star system called the Third Horizon, crossed by conflicts and dark threats, but also home to proud civilizations, old and new. Exploration, life on board and combat between ships are one of the cardinal principles of this role-playing game and well supported by a classic game system.

By Tomas Harenston, edited by Fria Ligan and distributed by Wyrd Edizioni. We have reviewed the title Thu.

Heavy Sugar

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  • Heavy Sugar: driven by a vision of perfection that led to madness, the EdiSons Company has transformed the entire metropolis of Balhan City into a colossal generator. These are the 20s of an unspecified century, in which large companies make the districts of the city shine with unnatural light, controlling order, traffic and… thoughts. The players play the handful of subversives trying to rebel against the false ideology of perfection that reigns in the city.

By Simone Morini, published by Eleven Aces and distributed by Aces Games.


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  • HouseHold: in an original and immersive setting, the players are accompanied by the narrator to discover the many Little Peoples who live inside an immense mansion, abandoned by the human master, and the already written history of their adventures. A game of epic exploits, conflicts, fine political balances and mysterious plots that unfold between the depths of the cellar and the magnificence of the first floor, where even a small pin can become a deadly weapon.

By Riccardo Sirignano and Simone Formicola, published and distributed by Raven Distribution.

Vampires: La Masquerade

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  • Vampires: La Masquerade: we are in a heavily changed World of Darkness: humanity has discovered the existence of vampires and has started to hunt them. At the same time, the older vampires headed east, attracted by a mysterious call. The game system is based on the d10 and uses the new Fame dice mechanics which aim to represent the awakening of the vampire "beast".

By Kenneth Hit and Karim Muammar, published by White Wolf Entertainment, distributed by Need Games - Asmodee Italia. We reviewed the title Thu.


This choice of finalists goes against the trend of the previous year. We can only learn the news with some dismay and ask ourselves what the vision of the jury and its jurors is. A little bad. We hope at this point that a successful Italian production such as HouseHold can assert itself with respect to translations of foreign products.

It is also strange the presence among the finalists of titles that have caused scandal due to obvious translation errors, which have led some very important mechanics to be distorted. Perhaps the RPG of the Year winner should be free from these controversies.