Role Play Gathering, in this year so rich in cyberpunk, reaches its third edition and it does it in great style.

I still remember the first Role Play Gathering two years ago and I remember how far the shop has gone stratagem, organizer of the event, to make this convention a fixed, unmissable appointment in the city of Florence.

But before we talk about the event in depth, enjoy this cover made byillustrator Danny Orizio!

Role Play Gathering poster

But what is the Role Play Gathering 2020?

There is no better way to explain it than by letting the spokesperson for stratagem, a mythical figure generated by the merger of all those who work hard to carry on the passion for role-playing in the city of Florence, and now also in the rest of Italy thanks to the foundation of the games publishing house associated with them!

Without delay I leave the floor to them!

For the third consecutive year the Role Play Gathering opens its doors to every inhabitant of the Italian and non-Italian role-playing world, forming the natural habitat for the role-playing player of all types, genders and ages, in a fun world of storytelling and imagination to share with friends.
Organized by the historic Florentine game store stratagem, Role Play Gathering will see the presence of numerous national and international gdr realities make themselves available to novice players, eager to get closer to this world, alongside experienced players for two days, on Saturdays from 10 in the morning to 1 in the morning, on Sunday from 10 in the morning at 20, sessions and role-playing demonstrations.
The unmissable and fundamental appointment for all RPG enthusiasts on the Italian scene and beyond, confirms also this year the large location of the Tuscany Hall, usually also used for large events such as concerts and shows of various kinds.

The playful philosophy of Role Play Gathering is to involve people of all ages in an extraordinary two days who want to approach the world of role play; nerdy parents who want to start children and grandchildren in the world of role-playing games in a simple and playful way, but without losing their essence. Those who do not know role-playing games, have only heard of them, are intrigued by its use to have fun, but also to learn by looking for ideas and suggestions for the Game Base Learning in this event they will find what is right for them.
Among the various games offered there will also be the well-known Dungeons & Dragons in various incarnations, including the historical ones of the 80s and 90s and the most recent including the latest edition.
They will be present Italian authors and publishers of games, sales stands and areas dedicated to recreational associations, in addition to the many game tables active for the duration of the two days.

Guests & Games of a certain level!

As anticipated by the press release, they will be there again this year guests of a certain level to take part in the event and with them they will bring a large amount of games.

First of all, the game that will represent Florence, if you can say so even if it does a lot Games without Frontiers, Sara "the Gear”Published by Stratagemma Edizioni, but we will also have many other native games of our country. Will be played "Well-Movie","Heavy Sugar","Last Bomb","Gattai! ”, But alongside these games you will find many others!

For many it may seem normal, but to be able to play alongside their favorites like the boys of Fumble RPG, who in those days will launch a new Kickstarter, Don Orsogufo, Giano's living room, Durbghâsh the Destroyer, Morgengabe it will be a unique experience!

So how do you book?

To play a session, it will be sufficient to go to the convention and communicate directly to the secretariat your preference among the games available in the nearest time slot: whoever arrives first stays better!
Each association will have its own secretariat of reference with related playful proposals.

Latest considerations and conclusions

First I would like to apologize to everyone who has not included in this article. Less than two weeks before the event, not all the guests have been revealed yet so some will certainly not appear, but know that you will not be outdone!

We leave you a small summary of information here

Title: Role Play Gathering
Thing: III Edition of the event entirely dedicated to Role Play for adults and children
Place: Tuscany Hall - Via Fabrizio De André - Lungarno Aldo Moro - FLORENCE
When: Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 January 2020
Schedule: Sabato 10:00-01:00, Domenica 10:00-20:00
Organizing body: stratagem

To conclude, I just tell you this: play, play and play again, have fun and let them have fun, but above all we hope to be able to meet everyone and make some healthy noise!

Cyberpunk 2020 at Role Play Gathering
It will be a very Cyberpunk Role Play Gathering!