Rick and Morty has always had the amazing ability to create lighthearted, deep and intelligent entertainment. This trinomial is a constant that has followed this animated series since its inception and, with the fifth season, it has not been lost; on the contrary, the canonical strand of the plot has been improved without losing the quality of the self-contained episodes. In fact, the series is based on absolutely disconnected episodes and others in which there seems to be a main trend.

Recently released on Netflix, the fifth season of Rick and Morty was already available on the internet, but I wanted to wait and enjoy it all in one fell swoop. If I had to rate the whole season I would give a very solid 9. But wanting to be more specific, we need to talk about the series following two aspects: that of the underlying plot and that of the self-contained episodes.

Rick and Morty Season 5

Main plot: 9 and a half

I admit I was not happy: extra-happy to see our very bad Evil Morty succeed in his plan. Just as I was lovingly shaken by the story of Persuccello (whom I know by the name of Birdperson), by the fleeting but full of ideas to Rick's past, as well as to the relationship between the old man and his nephew, more and more tense, deep and incredibly unstable. Are two ravens better than a human? Perhaps.

Between the two main characters of the series, I believe that the plot of the fifth season is solidly resting on the back of Morty: he is the one to carry on the problems of episode in episode, he is no longer the shy kid of the first season and he knows when to get dirty (a lot ) the hands. He is no longer even candid and innocent: in a certain sense Rick has changed him, changed him and made him more cynical and similar to himself. The scientist, on the other hand, remains fundamental in solving problems but, the more we go forward, the more the figure of the unbeatable intelligent disappears: this season Rick appears beaten, distant, in a certain sense secondary to the more central Morty.

Rick and Morty Season 5

Self-contained bets: 8 and a half

The self-contained episodes hold up badly in comparison with the main plot: you still find yourself amazed at watching something extraordinary like turkeys transformed into superhumans, huge sperms born from abstruse genetic plans and megazord ferrets. The level is very high, and each episode largely contains all the creative flair we are used to. The violence is great, more than in the old episodes (at least this was the feeling), the amount of extras is incredibly high and the characters (Mr Nimbus among the first) included is amazing.

Unlike the other seasons, though, the self-contained episodes aren't as bright as the developments in the main storyline. It is a natural consequence of the thickening of the latter, little but certain, and they are by no means below the average of all the others; simply the plot was more compelling to me. I personally loved the Thanksgiving episode, as well as any other episode that featured Rick facing President Obama.

Rick and Morty Season 5

What I loved

Personally, if I had to choose the episode I liked the most, it would be the one focused on Birdperson; is a pleasant episode that develops into dreamlike realities, with references to what we have seen and what we have heard in the previous episodes. Let's review Tammy and Rick's friends, we have a glimpse into his past and what hurt him as well as a future new character (Birdperson's son) who is sure to give birth to new adventures.

Second place Mortyplicity, especially for the best post-credit scene ever; the mere thought of having applied for a license to use a Queen song to make Gerry suffer is absolutely magnificent. In addition to this, it is another episode with crazy details and a set of extras, alternate realities and space-time holes to make 3 × 07 pale.