The third season of the Daredevil TV series made its debut on October 19th on Netflix. Produced and created thanks to the precious collaboration between Marvel and Netflix, the series was the progenitor of a trend that lately has not enjoyed good health on the streaming platform. As the release of the third season approached, the cancellations of the two series Iron Fist and Luke Cage were announced. Although the two products did not shine with success and critical appraisal, the lack of renewal has raised some doubts and not a few questions about the future of the collaboration between the two entertainment giants. The Daredevil series, which has always been on other levels of writing and reception by the public, seems instead to resist the challenge of time.


Matt Murdock, after the events of The Defenders, is recovered and brought back to the care of the church. Waking up in an environment familiar to him and welcomed by voices from his childhood, the blind lawyer realizes that he has lost practically all his skills. Forced to live several months as a simple blind person, Matt will develop and give vent to his anger towards the same god he was convinced he was serving. Despite his disappearance from the world, everyone seems to want to continue his fight. Wilson Fisk, locked up in prison, finally decides to partner with the FBI in exchange for some "little" convenience. He will find in Agent Nadeem a poor victim through whom to weave his intrigues. To fight their personal war against the crime lord of New York stand Karen and Foggy, each with his own means and ideals.


This season Charlie Cox is deliberately left on the sidelines. His Matt occupies the initial episodes with interesting biblical and philosophical reflections but in the subsequent episodes the scene is redistributed among all the characters in the series. In particular Karen, Foggy and Fisk will steal the scene many times in what appears to be a season of rebirth. A special mention goes to Vincent D'Onofrio, extraordinary in his role as Kingpin. Thanks to the actor's interpretation, the character returns to show himself in that mixture of weaknesses and power that characterizes him. The love for his Vanessa consumes him, distracts him and focuses his attention on one goal: the happy ending. On the other side are Deborah Ann Woll, who continues her portrayal of Karen after The Punisher, and Elden Henson who show the humanity and fragility of two people fighting crime. Divided between accepting Matt's disappearance and having to carry on a battle that they feel like them, the two will have to deal with themselves and with the systematic destruction of their lives.

A special mention goes to the whole squad of characters belonging to the FBI. To avoid spoilers, we will not mention names and roles in the series, but they are well written and never banal. Some will be happy to see them again in the next Hell's Kitchen Devil series, others will leave us at the end of the season.

Direction, Photography and Soundtrack

One of the striking things about this series, and the wonder is renewed from season to season, is the care for direction and photography. The shots are always refined, never banal, and the composition of the images will make more than one person want to print some frames to make pictures of them. Unlike the other Marvel-Netflix TV series, Daredevil can count on a remarkable visual impact and a soundtrack worthy of the task. The latter excites, moves, fills us with anger and anger and is capable of holding our breath.


Although some episodes are slow and with a poorly distributed rhythm, the third season of Daredevil continues to keep the standards of the series very high. We recommend everyone to watch it, let the images and their composition make them fall in love while the interpreters show us the depths of the human soul in a dance between fear, fragility and anger.