Today we talk about the new series of resident evil Netflix branded.

History is the memory of a people and without memory man is reduced to the rank of an inferior animal 

Malcolm X

Let's find out why this quote for an article about the recent Netflix product!

The show of the world's most talked about streaming platform is an amalgamation. It's chock-full of quotes and tributes not just to the franchise (9 video games, 6 movies and a reboot), but everything that's been about zombies to date. 

The series of resident evil has a dual purpose. Attract the attention of fans of the saga and wink at a new, younger audience, which very often in the 90s was not yet born. All that remains is to see if he has succeeded in his purpose or not ...

There is a golden rule in Writers' rooms of every TV series ever produced, watched, loved, hated, abandoned or made to survive well beyond expectations and very often well beyond its expiration date:

Grab the attention of the reader / viewer with your first two pages


Is the Resident Evil series really that bad?

It is easy to misunderstand the meaning of these words. You don't want to force the scriptwriter's hand. It is not necessary to insert epic scenes of cities on fire or exploding cars right away; not even spaceships falling from the sky, depending on the genre you are writing. No, the writer is simply told to create characters that attract so much attention that it becomes impossible to let them go.

This is the first of the problems encountered in the series of resident evil. Jade's character (Ella Balinska as an adult, Tamara smart in the teenage years), it doesn't matter, at least not at the beginning, and not until nearly the exact middle of the season. 

The viewer expects more from a survivor, from a mother who wants to return to her daughter. What's more, she is a scientist. She is even ready to sacrifice a rabbit, which runs away (she is in fact the smartest character in the series!). Zero. Most if not nearly all humans have in fact been mutated since T virus, courtesy of Umbrella Corporation. But we witness helpless, the stupid way in which he injures himself, thus attracting the attention of the pack he is studying. 

The show is too ambitious. He has solid ideas that have been misused. A cast that at least in this first season shows as a single actor (Lance Reddick, The Wire, Lost, Fringe, John Wick) can carry on their shoulders all the weight of an entire production and many references that inevitably become ends in themselves when they are not properly explored.

This first season of the Resident Evil series has a measly 27% from the audience of R (the well-known review aggregator site). Evidently the connoisseurs and admirers of history did not like the artistic choices, in many cases wrong, and the objective lack of originality.


There is something that can be saved!

This is not to say that the show is to be thrown away in its entirety. There are some truly remarkable episodes, both from a plot development point of view and from a directorial point of view. For example in the fourth episode (The Turn) we discover, together with Jade, who is still not completely passionate, but to whom the public is approaching episode after episode, that the virus is really evolving, making the Zero able to communicate, even if only at the level of pheromones. 

Returning to the lack of originality, it is impossible not to notice references and references to other works, first of all I'm legend e The Walking Dad. 

While it is objectively difficult to give new life to the stories of monsters born from scientific experiments that have gone wrong. Moreover, they do not have brain functions superior to those necessary to move. Furthermore, in many cases, they continue to rot until they become useless. On the other hand, it is not impossible to create something original on the stories of the characters called to face them!

The start is always the same, so dear even to Latin authors. The multitude of enemies facing the courage of some Roman hero.
We thus discover that it is 2036, fourteen years after the end of the world as we know it. There are only a few hundred thousand uninfected humans left. The remaining seven billion and pennies are contaminated. If you do two calculations, the future does not seem rosy ...

After this first glimpse of the post-apocalyptic scenario, the viewer is catapulted into South Africa. We are in a perfectly sterile and impersonal white city, where everyone wears only shades of gray: Raccoon City. And already here you feel the desire to escape. A middle ground between Wisteria Lane and the delightfully awful suburb of The Stepford Wives. 

In this beautiful and charming town, everything and everything happens within three days. We thus witness a chaotic and convulsive story. The timing of a TV series is tyrannical when you want to show the two timelines of past and present at the same time. 

Jade and Billie go from being two teenagers in crisis, with a father too busy, to becoming the center of a dense web of lies and conspiracies that will lead in eight episodes to the liberation of the virus that will decimate the human race. 

And here comes the painful notes because what really bothers about this series is the confusion. The series of resident evil Netflix does not know what genre to place itself in. The dividing line becomes blurry and confusing and so the viewer never knows what to expect. A teen drama when we are told of how the end of the world happens and a horror when the protagonists grow up.
It takes a few episodes, at least 3, before the show finds its rhythm. But once it gets underway it keeps it up to the end. 


Resident Evil series


Well executed and difficult to predict is the plot twist that nails the viewer in front of the screen during episode 6 Someone's Little Girl. Billie, Jade's sister (Sienna Agudong as a teenager, Adeline Rudolph as an adult) is not only alive after being bitten by an infected dog (the Umbrella Inc. obviously has a serious problem with the cages), but also the real villain of the story!

Head of the Umbrella Corporation, after taking over the mind of Evelyn Marcus (Paola Nunez), hunts down Jade for her blood. The virus left her with a genetic disorder like the one her father had, who turns out to be a clone of the real Dr. Albert Wesker.

Billie has never forgiven Jade for abandoning her. She blames her for being her favorite daughter of hers, even though she never was, but this she Billie she can't see. She does not forgive her for being part of the group she has called university, rebels who know that the Umbrella Corporation is responsible for what has happened and which has among its objectives that of saving relics of the past to everything that can allow a reconstruction of society. Billie can't and she doesn't want to allow it. 

The past is, in his opinion, full of errors that have led to the collapse and almost total destruction of the human race. Therefore it must not be repeated, but only forgotten. 

At this point the viewer has now ceased all hesitation. Jade, after showing her humanity and her fallibility, albeit in a hasty and risky way, is now a character to cheer for.

She lost everything and yet she always got up. She has been betrayed by everyone she has loved, yet she is ready to move forward in her mission to save what is left of the human race. At least until Billie takes away her dearest thing: her daughter. 

Jade gets up again, now with a wound in her abdomen where Billie shot her, and watches the helicopter pull away. There's no denying this is a good starting point for a second season. Netflix has accustomed its subscribers not to get too attached to the series on offer. It is not known what the future of the Resident Evil series will be. To date, the series has neither been canceled nor renewed. We can only hope that a possible new season does not turn into a family drama, but that it finds a way to stay true to the general idea of ​​the franchise and pay more attention to the evolution of the virus and the infected. 


Resident Evil series

Conclusions on the Resident Evil series

If the valiant Romans will be able to prevail over multitude of enemies, we hope they do it with a little originality at least. For the moment, fans and the curious can only take a look at sites like TV Series Finale and find out if a second season will see the light or not. 

What do you think about it? Did you love the series? Did you hate it? Did she leave you completely indifferent?