Renegadest will be in Modena with some very interesting news. Let's find them out together!

Dungeon Hunt by

Card game that simulates the experience of a Dungeon crawler. The game consists of only 54 cards and is prepared and played in half an hour, you can play it alone or in four.


A race of alien hunters arrives on earth and captures warriors for a survival game. The prey is brought and released inside a ship-arena-labyrinth in which they will have to face the monsters of the "Myth" while finding a way out.

Dungeon Hunt returns to Modena play in the final version, ready to make its debut in the playful world.

Game style

Players in the role of a hero will have to face hordes of monsters to find their way out of the maze. Each player has a card that summarizes the statistics of his hero and a hand of cards that he will use to enhance and better face the challenges by cooperating with the other players. At least 3 6-sided dice of different colors are required to play.

Where to find the game

In Modena there will be the opportunity to try the game, always with Forsaken!

30th Forsaken Adventures

Dungeon crawler, created by, with a "master" that goes back to the old school starting from the acclaimed Heroquest passing through the cult WarhammerQuest up to integrating recent releases, in our opinion noteworthy.

The game is from 2 to 5/6 players, in which a player in the role of the sorcerer lays the table and manages monsters, while the others can choose one of the 10 available heroes.

The aim of the game is to survive the quests by bringing home the skin and as many treasures as possible, to empower yourself with new objects and skills that increase based on experience. 

The game will have no miniatures apart from those of the heroes and will adapt to any miniature you already have at home to make dust.

Forsaken Adventures


The world of 30RA is mostly at peace after an era of great conflicts that resulted in the "great war". The forces of chaos are always lurking despite the defeat, and the peoples of the known lands keep their borders safe as much as they can, while ignoring relations with other peoples, proof of a mutual distrust that remains consolidated "by tradition". There is a common religion, for the peoples who follow the cult of the Sun, but there is no lack of gurus, shamans and witches of all caliber, it will depend on the populations that inhabit the lands visited by the heroes. The heroes, in reality they are not, not yet at least, it will therefore be the player's task to increase the fame of his character by winning the challenges that the adventure presents him in his path and making the right choices, having saved his skin and maybe fill the family chest with treasures and legendary items, becoming the hero and legend of the game's history.

Game style

The mechanics, as mentioned before, will be simple, but will offer a variety of actions that help liven up the game. In addition to the classic attack and defense with dice, you will have the innate skills, those learned by leveling up and a multitude of weapons and protections only for the combat part. Magic also plays an important part in the game through spells, scrolls, magical artifacts and traps. Monster cults will have some relevance to the game and even fearless sword-wielding heroes may falter before an enemy with a superior mind. In addition, in the advanced version the adventure is played at 360 ′, inside and outside the dungeon in fact you will have the opportunity to explore an open world full of secrets that only true adventurers will always be able to benefit from.

In Modena we will bring 3 30th demo tables where 2 different adventures can be played, one based on the undead and the other on green leather.

We will also show live the miniatures of the 4 basic heroes.

DeathRace Cyberglobe

Racing game where robots fight for victory.

one of Forsaken's creations


In a world now in decline, the multinational Cyber ​​Technologies has designed and implemented the most widely used "BOT" technologies in the war and healthcare fields. Most of the population survives hunger in stinking ghettos. DeathRace CyberGlobe is a race where teams can win fame and money to change their lives.

Game style

The game is for 1 to 4 players and for components it is not suitable for an audience of less than 11 years. The course of the race is through game turns and advances in the track by "sectors" (pieces of plate) with throwing dice. Upon reaching an opposing Runner, the combat phase is triggered. In the game there are 3 modes:
BasicLine - The category for novices from 1 to 4 free-for-all players, game duration approximately 30 minutes.
TeamRacer - Category dedicated to team racing from 2 to 4 players (team of max 4 BOTs per player), game duration about 60-90 minutes.
DeathRace - Category for experts from 2 to 4 players all against all, game duration about 30 minutes.
News Play 2019
This year CyberGlobe presents itself with a completely new and magnetically modular track.