We had modsor to give look at the Quickstart of Brancalonia in preview and, while we browse it, we would like to have the basic manual already finished in our hands!

After this preamble, we remind you of our old interview with the creative director Mauro Longo, which you can find in this article, and our review of one of the books which inspired the game.

Brancalonia Quickstart - Size Brothers, Size is Modest

I find no other way of opening this analysis, tracing the initial sentence of Brancalonia. Did you want to play heroes without blemish and without fear? Forget about being spotless, for the fearless, if you're lucky, maybe your characters won't have the courage of a rat in the grain.

Since their creation the characters will be part of one Band and yours is one Canaglia cove it will be well run in. This idea of ​​generating the group brought to mind the product "Blades in the dark“, But the similarities end there. The characters are indeed gallows and evil in tool who fight with what they find, but at least they are "Partners in Crime".

Remember, the worst affront you can make to a brother in Taglia is to sell it to Birri and or to other bounty hunters. Please, never do it!

As I scroll through the Quickstart of Brancalonia, I see how the figure is managed of the Game Master oh, forgive me, del Leader and of all that can be a campaign in this Other Italy. I must say that the approach was very interesting and shows, day after day, how much the figure of the GM must deviate from that of God the Creator of the game and approach others as a player in turn.

A look at the Kingdom of Taglia

Reading the Brancalonia Quickstart we also got in touch with geography and a bit of world history. In all and for all the Other Italy, or Kingdom of Taglia, is the same as our medieval Italy and I leave it to the "Supreme Poet" Dante Alighieri to define this Kingdom:

"Ouch servant Taglia (Italy), of pain hostel,
ship without noctor in stormy weather,
not provincial woman, but brothel! "

The Kingdom of Taglia is nothing more than a mix of regions, small towns and dark places. A country full of contradictions and more or less pleasant places. You won't fool me, I won't just talk about Penumbria, although most of my play will take place over there!
From the ancestral ruins of Quinotaria, to the farces of Galaverna, you will all find a place suitable for you to set your games. The regions described in the Quickstart are more than abundant and, in a few lines, manage to give the reader a general overview of what can be found in those lands.

Okay, now I'm talking about Penumbria, strange isn't it? I love it. Our Ravenloft. “Different” from what is narrated in the novel co-written by Mazza-Sensolini, but with the same evocative power of the books. I'm talking about Penumbria, but know that it's not just her, I assure you! There is always Fioraccia, where to set your political campaigns. My dear Fioraccia, or Florence, or whatever you want to call it. Land of Lordships, nonsense and ... talking puppets, but we will talk about this soon as soon as the Kickstart goes online!

Map of the Kingdom of Taglia directly from Brancalonia

News included in the Quickstart of Brancalonia

We come to the news.
Like any original product, born for the Fifth Edition of Dungeons & Dragons, you can find something innovative and characteristic related to the product itself.

Here, in perfect style Fantasy spaghetti, with a side dish of beans, we have a lot of tasty things to play. Let's start from rest. As many will know, short rest and long rest are two innovations included in the Fifth Edition. Each type of rest is different from the game world, or the group, or the master. I read about GMs using the short five (5) minute rest and the long one hour rest. Here things get more complicated. Goodbye, saddlebags smashed, curtains with holes in them, certainly do not help rest and therefore, to make a short rest, at least one night's sleep is necessary, and a week for the long one. Hard huh?

But what do we have besides this? Poor equipment. I love. I don't want to make you too many spoilers, so I invite you to read it!

Do we throw ourselves into serious things?
"Violent punches","Minchiate" and the "Barrel game".
Each of these innovations, which you will find on the Brancalonia Quickstart, is truly unique. The “Botte da Orbi” are reminiscent, in all respects, of the bar fights of Bud Spencer and Terence Hill. Ah, remember that in the end the landlord keeps the money, but above all make sure you don't let the dead escape. The blades must never, ever come out of the sheaths, trust me!

Le Minchiate I know them well (no low irony, please). We Florentines made them. Other than "Marseille cards"And come on"Tarocchi”This deck of cards contains 97 cards. Remember, when you play it, always keep an eye on the hands of other players, you don't want to be fooled, do you?

For what concern "Barrel game”Everything is simpler. Think of Jason Momoa drunk, or nearly so, throwing his axes at a barrel. You are close to us. Now give your worst and remember, whoever breaks wins everything!

Botte da Orbi in the Quickstart of Brancalonia

A long adventure of Davide Mana

To complete the Brancalonia Quickstart, you can try your hand at Davide Mana's adventure. Do you remember it? We talked with him and Umberto Pignatelli about "Hope & Glory" in one of our very first Articles!
In this adventure, Davide Mana sends the gang in search of the Bigatto's treasure. I won't go on explaining the adventure to you, otherwise your players will spoil the fun, but know that, thanks to the inspiration of Robert Ervin Howard, mixed with the story by Giuseppe Pederiali, you can live in all respects, a deeply immersive experience in the world of Brancalonia.


The Quickstart from Brancalonia, for my taste, was nice but a little too short. You know, I am unhappy and, as I said at the beginning of the article, I would have liked to have already had the whole manual on my hands. Instead we should wait for the KICK-STARTER, which perhaps will suffer a small delay in conjunction with the postponement of the Modena Play. Attention, this is my guess and it is not said that it can happen. My advice is to follow the site of Acheron Books and Facebook Group associated with this wonderful project.

What would I like to see more in this manual? Certainly quite a number of poultices and poultices to cure ailments, the downtime management system mentioned in the manual and hundreds of other things. The manual for me should be, in short, at least one thousand thousand pages!

I will have to wait, but know that, until then, in any case I will let anyone who happens to shoot me in the Kingdom of Taglia!

The Kickstart campaign of Brancalonia

We update the article to today, April 20, 2020 to tell you that the Brancalonia Kickstart campaign has officially started and you can find it at this address!