A few days ago I got to read the Quickstart by Broken Compass, that the Two Little Mice they released these days, and try it out by playing it. I have to tell you I had a lot of fun! We had already talked about this project, do you remember? Well if you don't remember you can refresh your memory in this article.

When I approach a Quickstart, I often wonder why I should read it. I can never get a precise idea of ​​the game and too often the expectations I had set are not met. This time it was completely different. Not only did I already have in mind at least ten ideas for possible research campaigns after the game, but I had already started writing them!

After this short preamble, let's first examine the Broken Compass Quickstart and then the game!

Quickstart by Broken Compass

The Quickstart comes in a slightly larger format than an A5, similar to other role-playing manuals that come out in this period, and consists of 97 color pages, with basic rules and explanations to better manage the first adventures. For those who are really brave I recommend, before reading the rules, to go on an adventure that Richard Sirignano e Simone Formicola have attached to Quickstart by Broken Compass. Because? Because the system is so simple that you can play it all.

The kinematic idea of ​​the game is exciting.
The first thing you will have to choose is the year of play. Whether it's the Golden Age, Indiana Jones' roaring 30s, or 1999, the action will be fast-paced, thrilling and suspenseful.

Every action taken by the players is right and the story will go on, although things may have gone more or less well with the dice. Because the course of events in a film never stops, don't you think? It would be silly if a movie crashed because a door got stuck or the bridge you passed through to get to the temple collapsed in a rushing river. There will always be another path and players will not only be able to find it, but often they will create it.

The important thing is to always say "Yes". Of course, dear players, try to justify your actions as much as possible!

Let's go and study the layout of this Quickstart. The pages have a very interesting and well-finished template, the manual is really “colorful”, I will look like a two-year-old child, but I like the manuals illustrated with cheerful colors. Of course I also appreciate the grimdark, but the bright green, the color of gold and the bright images conquer me hands down.
The designs are all handled by the same hand, that of Daniela Giubelli.

We know the system, don't we? It is the Fortune System, already implemented in HouseHold and now also applied to this project, so I will not go much further, it is enough for me to say that you will have to have a lot of luck in rolling your six-sided dice.

First played

I was unpleasant in the first game, know it.
As soon as we sat down at the virtual table, I immediately overcame claims, choosing the character first: Caleb Stone called me!

All aside, the adventure that Simone Formicola kindly introduced us to the table PlayerVsCoronavirus, was an original play, set inside a Brazilian hacienda, owned by a disreputable subject, which featured underground access to pre-Columbian ruins.

This is enough to smell Indiana Jones, Lara Croft and “In pursuit of the green stone”. Do you remember the latter? And it is very true.

I don't want to spoil the game anyway, but I want to reveal something interesting. During the game we all decided together what to do! We were a nightmare for Simone because, perhaps, we went too cautious or had too many ideas to survive and avoid ending up badly, which in any case happened in the end!

But don't despair, you will always have a moment to breathe!

Conclusions on Broken Compass' Quickstart and its first play

Both the Quickstart and the first play lived up to expectations. I don't usually play online, and I was a bit hesitant not to see my fellow adventurers, but after the first few moments in which we had to, as it were, agree as we were an instrument, in the end the "concert" continued smoothly!

In addition to thanking Simone Formicola again for making us play, I would also like to thank the associations that have done their utmost, in this complicated moment, to create a game reality like PlayerVsCoronavirus.

Before leaving, I invite you, if you have not already done so, to register on the Broken Compass Facebook page and download, through this here, the quickstart of the game!