"Project Power" is a 2020 film directed by Ariel Schulman and HenryJoost, which made an appearance on Netflix on August 14, 2020. The 114-minute feature sets out to explore the story of a policeman, an underage drug dealer and a soldier struggling with a drug that gives superpowers for 5 minutes to anyone who takes it. Unfortunately, the plot is treated with superficiality and does not even try to want to be more than a drug movie.


The protagonists of this adventure are Major Art, a former military man in search of his daughter, Frank Shaver, a policeman from New Orleans willing to fight fire with fire, and Robin Reilly, a young girl who is hustling to cover the mother's medical expenses.
The background of the adventure is the city of New Orleans in an unspecified future, where a mysterious drug capable of giving superpowers for 5 minutes is swirled among all the drug dealers. Each person reacts differently to the "Power" and some do not even survive the assumption, unable to control their powers.
The protagonists will be pitted against each other by the "system" hoping that the troublemakers eliminate each other, and from this premise the story will develop ...

Which sadly won't go beyond this subtle level of texture. The rest of the film is bullets, some power shown in CGI and the same old-fashioned story of a drug movie. The film was not supposed to be a superhero film, no one says it, but the card of powers and “Power” could have been played much better.

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Let's move on to the positives of this film, which sports an amazing cast. Next to the timeless Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Levitt we find a young Dominique Fishback to complete the trio of protagonists, who despite a flat screenplay manages to give us a good interpretation.
These actors are contrasted by a very fit Rodrigo Santoro, especially after delighting us with his Hector in Westworld, and a discreet but not essential Colson Baker.

Is Project Power a superhero movie?

No way. If you are looking for a superhero movie with strong themes, I recommend a good Deadpool rewatch, because this is a drug movie. Despite some great stunts and a well-developed CGI, for 114 minutes we will have a banal drug story on screen with all the classic elements: multinationals, corrupt police and everything else in the package. It's a real shame, because the film jokes about "the evolution of mankind" without ever stopping for a few seconds to ask questions.

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Who is it recommended for?

“Project Power” is mainly recommended for fans of single actors, those people who just need their favorite face to enjoy the film. These folks will enjoy two hours of history without complaining (and they will do well). Fans of war on drugs movies will also find a good product, swallowing superpower scenes with a few smiles.