The event for Playstation 5, held by Sony, was held on Thursday evening and did not fail to arouse a stir and mixed emotions in the public.
The period that anticipates a new generation of console hardware is always peppered with great declarations and promises that do not always really center, functions never arrived or used, overestimated performances and countless news on future technological and interactive revolutions and upheavals.
Over time, of course, expectations are reduced to a more concrete and realistic form of the future, since even the most ambitious purposes are not always (for one reason or another) fully achievable in relatively short times.

The dawn of the generation

The first step for the ninth generation was shown to the world on the evening of June 11, during which Sony decided to put its first cards on the table for what the whole PlayStation 5 project will be.
From the conference, which lasted just over an hour, we were finally able to see the design of the new console (presented in two models, one traditional and another without a disc player dedicated entirely to digital) and what will be the intentions for the year launch of the product by the company.
And if on the one hand it is clear the intention to maintain the direction consolidated by PlayStation 4 as regards Sony's investments in its development studies, inaccurate communication in some cases, lacked in others and, sometimes, the type of games put on the pitch bring up some concerns about who the audience is to whom the lineup is actually aimed.

Rumors Suggest Sony PlayStation 5 Event is Coming Soon ...


One of the most obvious shortcomings is that of the direct response with the numerous high-sounding declarations, by developers in particular, of major technical revolutions of the titles designed on the Sony hardware: the games shown certainly showed an evolution in terms of visual and sound effects, but it is certainly a more natural step than the inflated and heralded radical change of the entire technological paradigm that in recent months (especially following the technical presentation for the GDC event) has been reported several times.


Among the titles shown, the real surprise was Ratchet & Clank which, completely discarding the reboot project that took place alongside the film released in 2016, seems to choose to resume from the not too much followed narrative cycle released on PS3, leaving some perplexity on the public. target of the Insomniac title and, along with a few other titles (including Spider-Man: Miles Morales, rectified as a stand alone spin off of the 2018 title) is part of the PlayStation 5 first party lineup.
So if we found ourselves in front of an event that, apart from some communication limits, was adequately managed in terms of its function, it ended up giving a lot of attention to third party and indie titles whose exclusivity, if any, is purely temporal, in a long technical showcase that seems more to want to sell the audiovisual aspect of the console than to show how the new technology available to developers will allow new ways to play and interact with what will appear on our screens.

Playstation 5 event

The end of the Console War?

It is however possible that the Playstation 5 event is just a first glimpse of what awaits us in the next year and that Sony still has something to show before the actual launch (which, indeed, does not yet have a date).
In the meantime, Sony seems to confirm what has been beginning to be felt for some time: with Nintendo to represent a reality in itself for many years, Microsoft and Sony seem to have wanted to follow its philosophical trail and create its own space in the medium in which operate independently. Therefore, the 2020 console war makes little sense in a market that brings into play vastly different projects and with distinct and disinterested objectives in the mutual confrontation.
To find out if this is, indeed, what awaits us in the new generation we will have to wait a little longer, when all the consoles and their offers and directions will be completely revealed.