Our Broken Majesty is a masterless role-playing game with shared narration, from two to four people around the table, which takes place over 2-4 hours. The game was created by Jason Brown and was brought to Italy by Nessundove and can be purchased on the dreamlord.

This game was born from the author's desire to face death and mourning. As the creator himself states, Our Broken Majesty it was written to address the father's illness and in memory of the loss of his mother as a child. Each part of this game tries to tell a story starting from the loss.

But let's examine this volume starting from the introduction of the game:

To make his way into the Lonely City, the Assassin left behind a trail of blood and doom. Fate, or some other kind of spell, pushed him beyond all obstacles to the throne room. It was there that the Queen collapsed into a pool of scarlet blood. The first to react was the Gravity Witch. Summoning a whirlwind, she gathered around her the remains of the Animated Guard, the army of living statues torn apart by the Assassin. And when the dust returned to the ground, a new living statue stood in the throne room, deformed and asymmetrical. The Queen had returned. However this was only a temporary remedy. The amalgamated matter was not made to accommodate a human soul for too long, no matter what force held it. There was only one thing they could do for the Queen. Avenge her.


How to play Our Broken Majesty

On the first pages of the Our Broken Majesty, a couple of different game modes are presented. One more "light" and the other more demanding. The lightest is that linked to the investigation. You can develop the session as if it were a normal investigation into the killer, through the search for evidence, while the more challenging one is a construction of an intimate and sad story.

The second mode will require, like the investigative one, that eight total scenes are described, in which each player must narrate by incorporating, as he is telling, the traits of his character. This narrative will advance to its final term. The final act, the Tree Under the Mountain, will untie the Gordian knot of the characters' destiny while the artificial body that houses the Queen's soul is shattered.

What will remain after? Regret? Desire for revenge? Sadness? Do you have doubts about the future? This and more will be decided by the players.


Psychological implications of the game

For a game that deals with these issues (death, mourning, suffering, loss) it is essential that all the people at the table are aware that what will be narrated is not to be taken lightly. The first thing to face, before starting, is to agree to ensure that the experience is valid for everyone. The use of safety systems could be valid to avoid some problems.

Personally, I found myself very much in trouble with delineating the Queen's traits. Unfortunately, people's past, sometimes, means that there are repercussions even in the game. Having had a very similar experience to the author, I found some parts very difficult, especially the decay to which the Our Broken Majesty goes to meet.

An excellent game, but pay attention to the experience. I tell you with my heart in my hand.


Conclusions on Our Broken Majesty

As anticipated I have found Our Broken Majesty a very good product. I would like to underline the beauty of the Italian edition that comes in a box with the game cards completely plasticized so that you can use the water markers (those that can be erased to be understood), directly above the cards themselves, thus speeding up the "pre-match" and preparatory activities.

The graphics are very evocative and the idea of ​​the animated statues is something I found innovative. In particular, I really liked the color contrasts and chromatisms, the images and the cards of the characters where they come to life as if they were tarot cards.
It's a tough, highly challenging game, and not to be taken lightly, but it's a kind of cure at the same time. After reading and playing it, I was able to feel lighter in certain aspects of my past, finding myself smiling in front of certain memories that surfaced at the end of the game.

Whenever I play a Dreamlord game and Nessundove I find myself a different person. As if parts of my unspoken personality can find an outlet and I am able in turn to know them and know myself.
Recommended on all fronts, but use all safety mechanics!