NEED GAMES! announces the localization in Italian OLD-SCHOOL ESSENTIALS, the old school role-playing game par excellence, published by NECROTIC GNOME.
NEED GAMES !, the Milanese publisher of role-playing and board games, is thus entering into a new fruitful collaboration with NECROTIC GNOME and its founder, as well as author of the game itself, Gavin Norman.
“In our catalog an Old School title was missing, and as soon as we saw OSE, and its total compatibility with all B / X modules, we fell in love with it, we went back in time and we wanted it at all costs !!
Old-School Essentials will be distributed exclusively by Asmodee Italia and will be available in all specialized stores and online from September 2020.

Old-School Essentials

What is Old School Essentials? This is the retro-clone RPG of adventure, exploration, danger, monsters and magic, built with simple and immediate rules that allow you to start quickly and immerse yourself in decades of adventures with a balanced system and perfectly compatible with the Basic / Expert rules of 1981!
Inside the basic manual (or the modules enclosed inside the box) you will find all the rules of the game, all the classes to be played, the equipment, the magic, the monsters and the treasures to be able to play live any adventure with a Classic fantasy mold .
100% old school rules
100% modern design!

In addition, to celebrate the localization of Old-School Essentials in Italian, the author Gavin Norman will be a guest of the NeedCon, this year renamed NeedPunk in honor of the release of Cyberpunk Red, the annual Need Games convention, at the Casa dei Giochi in Milan, Saturday 22 February 2020.
On February 22, at 15.00 there will be a presentation of the game together with the author and from 15.30 to 19.00 there will be a session arbitrated by Gavin himself!