Well, after an entire summer spent between sci-fi series and science fiction novels, it has finally begun Of Need Virtue; One of the many role-playing campaigns that we manage on the Seekers, this time concerning Coriolis: The Third Horizon. This series of articles will serve as the narrator's summary and diary, between points of view, doubts, advice to future narrators and much, much more. Thank you in advance Alessia Sagnotti for his numerous designs (thanks Alessia!) and the staff Wyrd Editions for bringing this wonderful role-playing game to Italy.

Between Zero Sessions and Ideas

I admit that Of Need Virtue didn't exactly start with the right foot. Started as an idea just after the Modena Play, planned to leave in June and then slide until today, between abandonments and constant changes of course. In short, not really the best start you could expect. Despite everything, it is started.

Session Zero was fundamental. Coriolis needs a lot of preparatory work, including creating the groupand nave and characters. We, all fairly experienced players, have built everything through 4 0 sessions. Plan, study the characters and their relationships, equipment and form; session zero is the foundation of our home / countryside. Always make at least 2, my dispassionate advice, to avoid surprises and start on the right foot.

Despite the sessions 0, the backgrounds of the characters and the encounters with the players, I still managed to get some wrong ideas (which I will tell later, in italics). It was only with the prelude that I really had clear ideas about who they were really the characters, on how it is They were moving and in general how they would be behaved. Another tip: always prepare a prelude mission, a one-shot with which to probe the ground before the great show.


Well, we begin to present those who will be our companions throughout the campaign. On the ship Stargazer complex and intricate personalities have arrived, not without defects or strengths.

Reem, interpreted by Alessia, is the captain of the aforementioned ship. She is an artist, a dancer and a diplomat whose delicacy goes hand in hand with poise. Despite the calm tones he cares about his subordinates, enlisted for their skills, and during the prologue he has shown that he can manage the crew well. Reem is very well suited to lead the group, above all thanks to his character and his Background. She is a diplomat, a calm person and capable of quelling any quarrels with a look and a smile. My ideas about her were all in all correct.

Ismael, by Alessia Sagnotti
Ismael, of Alessia Sagnotti

Ismael, interpreted by Riccardo, is our personal agent of Chaos. A negotiator and agitator, he is an extraordinarily skilled man in leading the masses towards his future. Study who is around, analyze what is happening in the area and then act. Initially I had a very different idea of ​​Ismael from that given to him by Riccardo: an agent of chaos reaching out towards himself more than towards others, completely individualistic and selfish. Riccardo amazed me and, with hindsight, a character as I had imagined him would have been out of tune in the group. Great, therefore, to have the wrong idea.

Ardashir, by Alessia Sagnotti
Ardashir, of Alessia Sagnotti

Ardashir, played by Leonardo, is the Paria among the Parias. A soldier from Zalos, home of the Judge, a war-hardened fighter from the not too rosy past, currently on the run. Again, I had imagined Ardashir as a dark, silent and calm warrior, almost a ghostly shadow waiting for the right moment, completely wrong. Leonardo clearly explained that Ardashir is always on the move, active, perhaps not talkative but different from the tormented and silent soul that I had created in my head.

Ja'Far, by Alessia Sagnotti
Ja'Far, of Alessia Sagnotti

Ja'Far, played by Alessandro, is the ship's doctor. He is a terribly cultured, intelligent and studious man, coming from a very good family and becoming a free trader unfortunately. I hadn't been able to get an idea of ​​Alexander's character, but I'm still happy that I was able to find a way to put him in the context of the prelude. It's hard to get a medic on a ship without relegating him to a "heal hit point bag" and my personal goal is to extend his "aura" so that he can find as many opportunities as possible. Ditto for Ardashir, a character created to fight. I don't want to relegate anyone to doing exclusively what they spent the most skill points on, so to speak. Alessandro will be a difficult testing ground, I admit, but with pleasant results, if obtained.

Various sketches by Alessia Sagnotti
Various sketches of Alessia Sagnotti

Haydee, played by Simone, is the sensor clerk. An apparently shy personality, more akin to monitors than people, and in any case pleasant in the time he devotes to them. Simone has something like eighteen campaigns at hand, the site and several rpgs to read (about 30) and, taking over later, he opted for a side character. Haydée's background is interesting and I hope to develop it satisfactorily.

Of Need Virtue: Prelude

The campaign began among the tall buildings of Korpe, one of the seven moons of Nirolith, the Gas Giant of the Vit system Aiwaz. I know there are a lot of names that have nothing to do with it, I know.

The moon in question is densely populated, being the nerve center of almost all the trading of the system, and is firmly under the control of merchants, previously privateers then bought by the Consortium, one of the Coriolis factions. Lately, however, revolts have been breaking out; the terrorist organization Korpe Libera aims to oust these gentlemen to return to raids and old traditions.

The group found an abandoned shipment of vaccines in their hands, won at auction thanks to their extraordinary skills. Almost simultaneously the news broke the news of a civilian hospital hit by a bacteriological terrorist attack. The group then decided, after gathering the necessary information, to take the load to the hospital, limiting the losses in human lives and saving a neighborhood from the massacre.

The mission, being a prelude, I needed to understand how "neutral" and detached the characters were from their outside. Being free traders they could very well have kept this load for themselves and awaited propitious times, while hearing of civilian victims they immediately mobilized to help them. Thanks to this I have underlined inter-nos that they are not unscrupulous merchants, but people with jobs, but mainly people. Human.

Next appointment: first session!

Tuesday we will have our first official session, in streaming and with all the trappings that are suitable for streaming. I don't deny it, I'm a little bit tense, but thanks to the guys I know I have an excellent team on my hands. Which I must not disappoint, of course.

As we have already written about FB Di Necessità Virtù will allow viewers to interact with the stream thanks to the dark points, a mechanic that allows you to "change" the plot in progress. Just write on the chat and I will try to make your advice solid realities.

I look forward to seeing you on our page FB. I also remember that all the sketches you see above are the work of the tireless pencil of Alessia (Reem). Visit his page, he deserves.

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