The role-play manuals are available on the Humble Bundle Number it they are on offer at bargain prices. Here is what content has been made available to fund It Gets Better Project against homophobic bullying.

Le Humble Bundle offers they strike again and this time it's the fanta-magi-strange-scientific franchise of Number it to be the protagonist.

Let's see what it is and what manuals have been put on the field!

How does the Humble Bundle work?

For those unfamiliar with this platform, Humble Bundle is an online reality that sells role-playing games, video games, ebooks and software with the formula of pay what you want.

The proceeds from sales go partially to a series of charities (Save the Children, WWF, the American Red Cross et similia), while in part it is divided between the Humble Bundle, the Humble Partners and the creators of the product sold. The interesting thing is that buyers can choose how to divide the money offered, perhaps giving more (or all) of them to charities; it is also possible decide which specific institution the money will go to.

In the case of the offer of Number it, Humble Bundle offers as a funded charity It Gets Better Project, a non-profit organization that fights homophobic or transphobic youth bullying, giving free psychological and legal support to those who need it. Obviously, if you prefer to give your money to another charity, you can choose one yourself.

Humble Bundle
Humble Bundle

Number it: a quick look

It is not really easy to frame Number it (info Thu) as a role-playing game genre: set a billion years into the future, shows us a very different Earth.

Man has returned to ape and then has returned to man, various alien species have colonized the planet, cataclysms of various kinds have upset the environment and now a new civilization has arisen, which must survive and juggle the ruins of the previous eight great civilizations. Their technology was so advanced that it is now considered magic, and the legacy of these precursors has changed mankind today in ways that are often incomprehensible.

Number it uses, slightly personalizing them, the mechanics of the Cypher system, in which the characters must use their skills, competences, knowledge, powers and equipment for lower the difficulty of the challenge, until his "target number" can be dealt with by rolling a d20.

In this Bundle, the manuals of the second edition of Number it, always published by Monte Cook and titled Issue 2: Discovery and Destiny. This second edition re-proposes the game with modified classes and mechanics, adding to the revisiting of the original manual (Discovery) a new development component of communities, objects and buildings in the manual Destiny.

Numenera offers strange stuff
Number it offers strange stuff

Humble Bundle of Number it: what's so nice?

This Humble Bundle allows you to buy at a bargain price the basic manuals for playing Numenera 2, obviously in PDF format.

With 1$ (= € 0,88) you can get the two basic manuals, It will number Discovery e Numenate Destiny. To these are also added the Ninth World Bestiary, Technology Compendium, Weird Discoveries (with new adventures and NPCs), Into the Night (which takes us to the Luna and around our Solar System), The Nightcraft (the ship to go with in space) and the Map of the Nine Worlds.

Paying 8$ (= € 7,04) you will also get the Player's Guide, Ninth World Bestiary 2, Torment: The Explorer's Guide (which shows the world of video game of Numenera). In addition, you will also have Into the Deep (where you will explore i seabed) and its compendium The Octopi of the Ninth World. There are also two interesting adventures: The Devil's Spine e Beyond All Worlds. There is also an interesting booklet Love and Sex in the Ninth World and the guide for Game Masters Taking the narrative by the trail.

Finally paying $15 (= € 13,20), you will have, in addition to everything else, also the setting manual Ninth World Guidebook and the manual Into the Outside, in which you will explore parallel dimensions, to which you can combine the guide for the Game Master In Alternate Dimensions. You will also have adventures Jade Colossus, Escape from the Jade Colossus, Into the Violet Vale, Skein of the Blackbone Bride, The Hideous Game e V. For fans of Lovecraft, there is the inevitable In Strange Aeons: Lovecraftian Numenera, in which you will have to deal with ancient and unmentionable horrors. Also for the Game Master there is, finally, the manual Injecting the Weird.

In short, a very rich Humble Bundle, which basically proposes a large part of Number 2. It is excellent both for those who want to get closer to the game (perhaps browsing the main manuals for less than one Euro), and for those who, like myself, had played the first edition of Number it, but still had not dedicated itself to the second edition.