The international Kickstarter campaign for the award-winning role-playing game is launched Not The End in English. Let's see all the news!

A year and four months after the very first Kickstarter of Not The End, let's go back to talking about this beautiful role-playing game.
In recent years, in fact, we had already talked about this role-playing game Fumble RPG and that in 2020 it even won the Role-Playing Game of the Year. In this article we had talked about the quickstart di Not The End, while in this article we had reviewed the actual game.
In early 2020, the folks of Fumble GDR had launched the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter of the game in Italian, which ended up raising over € 40.000 out of a € 6.000 goal. The manuals of Not The End they started arriving in our homes a few weeks after the first lockdown, and we remember that at the time it was a very pleasant surprise for everyone and all.

This year, however, Fumble RPG teams up with Mana Project Studio (former creators of Historia, Journey to Ragnarok, Norse Grimoire and Nightfell) to give life to theEnglish edition of Not The End.
However, we are not talking about a simple translation. In fact, the news of this Not The End in English they are many and very interesting.
In this article, therefore, we will see a bit of what is new Not The End in English, how his Kickstarter is structured and how this crowdfunding started.
For the Kickstarter of the English edition of Not The End click here!

The manual of Not The End in English, in the normal version and in the deluxe version
The manual of Not The End in English, in normal version and in deluxe version

What's new in Not The End in English?

Let's start with the fact that the game system and regulation di Not The End they have not undergone (at least from what we can see!) any change.
We are always faced with the HexSys, which uses tokens of two different colors to solve difficult situations and dangers. Even the character sheet remains the same, all based on keywords that describe the character on a grid of hexagons. As always, keywords can change over time, thus signaling the evolution of the character. Even the main theme of the game remains being willing to risk everything to achieve your goals, but without the end (whatever it is) really being the last stop in your character's journey.

To change are instead the token used. In fact, in Not The End in English we will not have the well-known black and white hexagonal tokens, but always hexagonal tokens, but violet e orange. In this way, in fact, the two colors will be visible and recognizable even for people suffering from colorblindness.
Also, in the Kickstarter of Not The End in English you will have the deck of Lesson Cards included in the rewards immediately, while in the Italian Kickstarter it was among the stretch goals.

Stories, the evolution of Echoes for Not The End in English, in normal and deluxe versions
Stories, the evolution of Echoes per Not The End in English, in normal version and in deluxe version
The manual Stories

Another change will also be the additional manuals present in the Kickstarter.
In fact, in the Italian Kickstarter, in addition to the basic manual, it was also presented Echoes, an adventures manual for the game.
Instead, in the English Kickstarter we will not have Echoes, but rather Stories. It is a manual of scenarios in which the stories of Not The End, de facto è a reworking and expansion of Echoes. In that sense, it's a relatively similar idea to what Two Little Mice had with the manual What If?, which collects scenarios for Broken Compass.

The scenarios of Stories are the work of a wide range of Italian authors and authors. In addition to the author of Not The End (Fabio Airoldi) and Claudio Serena of Fumble GDR, we also have Andrea Buzzi of Aces Games, Andrea Rossi, Chiara Listo and Giuseppe Vitale of Morning gift, podcasters Alice Luidelli and Roberto De Luca, Andrea Lucca of Red Dragon Inn and Codex Venator, the author of Memento Mori Andrea Felicioni, the author of Little Katy's Tea Party Edoardo Cremaschi, the collective Role parents.

They join the team he had already started Echoes also other game designers and new Fumble RPG stories. All these scenarios are available for free in Italian on the Fumble GDR website.
We have in fact Enrico Pasotti and Tommaso De Benedetti, creators of Monad System, on which role-playing games are based Valraven e Broken Tales, which they wrote Nostalgia: Revelations. Then there are Evolution Island (inspired by Jurassic Park), And The Leviathan (inspired by The Shark), written by the artist Dario Lazzarini. Claudio Serena of Fumble GDR then created the investigative scenario Cold Case: The Black Dahlia. Finally, we also see Marta Palvarini, author of the eco-punk role-playing game Dura-Lande, which presents precisely one scenery on the Dura-Landes.

The new tokens of Not The End in English
The new tokens of Not The End in English

How is the Kickstarter made?

Let's see now how the Kickstarter of Not The End in English, that it will end on Thursday 8 July.
You will see that the goal, 10.000€, is already higher than the € 6.000 of the Italian edition. In general, even all pledge available will be more expensive than those of the Italian edition. Let's see them briefly:

  • Companion (€ 24). With this pledge you will get the two manuals available (the basic manual and Stories) and the Lesson Cards in PDF.
  • Hero (€ 68). In addition to the PDF contents, you will also have the basic manual and the token set in physical form.
  • Champion (108 €). To the contents of Hero, he adds the manual Stories in physical format.
  • Legend (€ 138). To the contents of Champion, he adds the deck of Lesson Cards in physical format and a second set of tokens.
  • Myth (€ 198). It contains the contents of Champion, but the basic manual and Stories will be in the deluxe version, in faux leather and with silver and gold details.

Furthermore, in the next 40 hours or so, it will be possible to take advantage of two offers early bird.
The first is Champion Early Bird, which offers Champion content for € 88 instead of € 108. The second is Legend Early Bird, which offers Legend content for € 118 instead of € 138.

How is it going Not The End in English?

At the moment, Not The End in English it reached e exceeded its goal, raising about € 15.000 and heading towards the stretch goals.
In this regard, the stretch goal that are proposed are generally new compared to those we saw with the first Kickstarter of the game. Here are the ones that have been announced currently:

  • At € 20.000, one Whatsapp which can be used in place of physical tokens. Similar apps are already available in Italian for Android e iOS.
  • At € 30.000, a scenario to play at Journey to Ragnarok, the Norse themed role-playing game from Mana Project Studio, with the system of Not The End;
  • At € 40.000, details visible to ultraviolet on the covers of the basic manual and Stories.
Lesson Cards for Not The End in English
The Lesson Cards for Not The End in English

Some conclusive thoughts

Last year, during the conference Italian Game Design organized for the FabCon 2020, I had had the pleasure of speaking (among other things) with Kickstarter's Claudio Serena Not The End.
During that occasion, Claudio told me that the choice to “start small”, organizing a first Kickstarter only in Italian, had proved beneficial in retrospect. In fact, having to send the manuals only in Italy, Fumble GDR had much less problems in the management of shipments during the COVID emergency, compared to other realities that had chosen a more international approach.

Hence, the decision to make a separate Kickstarter for a Not The End in English it is hardly a surprise. However, I found the changes made to the material from the first Kickstarter interesting. In fact, these changes make it clear that Not The End it is not an abandoned product after the first Kickstarter, but it continues to be a title played, expanded, and on which we continue to reflect.
Also, I really appreciate the idea of ​​continuing to upgrade apps to replace physical tokens. In fact, Fumble RPG has always been very attentive to people who role play digitally, as we have already seen with the creation of the bot for Discord and the apps in Italian. In these times of lockdown, these initiatives have proved very useful, so I hope they will continue afterwards.