Let's clarify the recent controversy over the non-consensual kiss between Snow White and the Prince. Why is it an artfully mounted hoax to make clickbait?

Let's start with an important premise.

I beg you, do not comment on this article talking about whether the kissing of Snow White is consensual or not, because you would demonstrate that you are looking at the finger pointing to the moon, and not the moon itself. And you would play the game of whoever mounted this puppet controversy.

That said, let's get to the point.
These days the news of a new terrible controversy. This news has bounced on all newspapers and television networks from the United States to Italy. It has unleashed the wrath of many, many people, including several Italian politicians. It sparked general outrage.
A lot of people shouted at the dictatorship of the politically correct, that ruins our childhoods and "broke my balls".

Yes, we're talking about the recent controversy over whether the final kiss between the Prince and Snow White, in Disney's historic animated film, is non-consensual.
But wait until you get the knives out. Because yes, we are again faced with one fake controversy.
Presented by the newspapers as a politically correct war on Snow White, in reality it is none other than the personal consideration of two individual columnists. Not an organized struggle against the "beautiful fairy tales of yesteryear".
If you haven't already read the countless debunking articles on the issue, here we will try to explain to you what happened. If you have already read them, here we will also report part of the original article that triggered this staging and we will talk more deeply about the reactions of the other newspapers.

Title and cover image of the SFGate article that brought the opinions of two journalists on a Snow White attraction
Title and cover image of the SFGate article that brought the opinions of two journalists on a Snow White attraction

What does the article that triggered the fake Snow White controversy say?

It all started Saturday May 1 with this article di SFGate.
SFGate is an American news site born in 1994 and which is mainly interested in the events of the San Francisco area (hence SF, in fact).

The offending article is titled Disneyland's new Snow White ride adds magic, but also a new problem. Talk about how it was changed an attraction dedicated to snow-white (Snow White's Scary Adventures) at Disneyland, balancing the pros and cons a bit.
Indeed, the carousel Snow White's Scary Adventures, which was a sort of horror train on the hunt for the evil queen, was remodeled during the 400-day closure of the historic amusement park.
Upon its reopening these days, the carousel has been renamed Snow White's Enchanted Wish and was revealed to the public.
Among the major changes, in addition to technical improvements, is the fact that the carousel is no longer so focused on horror, but on the general story of snow-white. Therefore, the attraction does not end with the death of the evil queen, but with the kiss with which the Prince awakens Snow White.

The two paragraphs that talk about non-consensual kissing

At this point, the SFGate article includes two paragraphs, in which the authors of the article, Katie Dowd e Julie Tremaine, reflect that the kiss between Snow White and the Prince has been the subject of criticism over the years. Furthermore, the two authors seem quite in agreement with these criticisms.
Here are the two paragraphs in question:

The new ride includes a more comprehensive storyline - but that's also the problem. The new grand finale of Snow White's Enchanted Wish is the moment when the Prince finds Snow White asleep under the Evil Queen's spell and gives her “true love's kiss” to release her from the enchantment. A kiss he gives to her without her consent, while she's asleep, which cannot possibly be true love if only one person knows it's happening. 

Haven't we already agreed that consent in early Disney movies is a major issue? That teaching kids that kissing, when it hasn't been established if both parties are willing to engage, is not OK? It's hard to understand why the Disneyland of 2021 would choose to add a scene with such old fashioned ideas of what a man is allowed to do to a woman, especially given the company's current emphasis on removing problematic scenes from rides like Jungle Cruise and Splash Mountain . Why not re-imagine an ending in keeping with the spirit of the movie and Snow White's place in the Disney canon, but that avoids this problem? 

Fox News scare story gallery on a "cancel culture attack" on Snow White
Fox News' gallery of alarmist reports on a "cancel culture attack" on Snow White

The reaction of the US newspapers: Fox News bases the apocalypse

First, SFGate's reflection on Snow White's non-consensual kiss has been revived by some news sites, such as Entertainment Weekly (EW). This newspaper picked up the SFGate news Monday May 3 around 10 in the morning, after this had been commented on Twitter by Matt Traynor, a New York Rangers player.
Two hours later, at around 12, the news is picked up by one of the main US television stations, that is Fox News.
If the EW article was not particularly scandalous and reported the thoughts of the SFGate columnists in a rather neutral way, Fox News does not maintain calm tones.

In fact, if their article reports a backlash, i.e. the repercussions towards the attraction of Disneyland, their news is much more apocalyptic. Indeed, in their service (which you can see at this link) Fox News shows the following subtitles:

Cancel culture targets Snow White
Snow White ride slammed as not "woke" enough
Cancer culture comes for Disney Classic

According to the information site The Mary Sue, Fox News reportedly covered the news of the "cancel culture targeting Snow White" nine times in a single day. As if that weren't enough, their newspaper would have reported it five more times.
In short, if EW brought the news to the ears of the general public, it was Fox News who presented it with apocalyptic tones, fearing a crusade of "liberals" and "Democrats" against Snow White.
All, of course, in response to two paragraphs of an otherwise unimportant article. In this sense, Fox News presented the personal opinion of two journalists as an organized attack of "woke culture" on our beloved Disney classics.
Unsurprisingly, several other overseas newspapers picked up the news on the same day or the next, giving it further visibility and partially echoing the apocalyptic tones of Fox News.

The Huffington Post article about Snow White becoming a "case"
The Huffington Post article about Snow White becoming a "case"

The reaction of the Italian newspapers: we are all following the Huffington Post

The first Italian newspaper to take up the story of Snow White is Huffington Post (HP), which in the opinion of many is not a particularly reliable newspaper. In fact, it is also known as the Fuffington Post, as it would often publish "crap" for those who don't know.

What did the Huffington Post write?

Well, the HP article, published on May 4, is entitled The unconsensual kiss of the Prince to Snow White becomes a coincidence.
As we all know, headlines are the most important element of a newspaper article, as they are often the only thing the public will actually read. It is therefore a very risky choice that HP has described the story (the personal opinion of two columnists expressed in two paragraphs) as a "case", thus giving it a much greater relevance than it actually is.
Additionally, in the first paragraph of its article, HP reports the following sentence:

The carousel, which is a journey into the fairy tale of Snow White, has however collected numerous criticisms. To report the news is Entertainment Weekly

However, as far as we know, this sentence is not true. Indeed, EW's article, as we saw above, does not report further criticism in addition to those of the SFGate. At the most, EW points out that the opinions of the two columnists are certainly not new, as they sometimes pop up.
And although HP later cites SFGate's criticism, the article continues to reiterate that SFGate has only started the controversy. However, this is also an incorrect claim, since de facto There was no further criticism of this attraction in the wake of the SFGate article.
The only thing the SFGate article moved was a series of articles that fear a wave of criticism of Snow White.

What have other Italian newspapers written?

In fact, subsequently, many other Italian newspapers also followed in HP's footsteps, publishing the news. Even in these cases, very often the tones of the articles and, above all, of the titles, are apocalyptic and they give the impression of a shower of criticism.
Let's take a look at these titles.

Il Messaggero speaks of a "storm on Disney", while RaiNews says "Prince Charming under accusation in the US". The metaphor of bufera the Fatto Quotidiano also likes it, which says “the historic Disney cartoon ends up in the storm”, and TuttoSport, with “Snow White, the“ non-consensual ”kiss becomes a coincidence: it's a storm!”.
La Stampa, between the ironic and the alarmist, says "Help, Snow White does not give consent". Il Giorno tries to be more generic on the title "Snow White, the kiss and the others: the fairy tales we could not talk about", but the first sentence of the article is "Hands off Snow White".
The Cosmopolitan, on the other hand, is much more tragic: “So the politically correct takes away the pleasure of dreaming with the kiss between Snow White and the charming prince”. ANSA also magnifies the story: "Furore on Disney for the" stolen kiss "from Snow White".

What have certain Italian politicians written?

After several newspapers have already brought out the bugbear of cancel culture and the even more terrible politically correct, obviously some Italian politicians have seized the ball to become the defenders of the beautiful fairy tales of the past.
Matteo Salvini he offers us a tweet full of slogans as usual, with the tone of the guy at the bar able to solve all the complex problems of the world with simplicity and common sense:

From censorship to censorship, we come to the RIDICLE. Here to be attacked, outraged and discriminated against is ... common sense! Long live Freedom, Long live Prince Charming e #Snow-white.

Also Giorgia Meloni speaks directly of censorship.

The delusional censorships and indignations of the politically correct continue. But does anyone really support this nonsense?

The kissing scene in Snow White's Enchanted Wish, reported by SFGate
The kissing scene in Snow White's Enchanted Wish, reported by SFGate

Da opinion a bufera a censorship: how I make you hysteria about Snow White

So we see the transition from "legitimate critical opinion" to "storm of criticism", up to "censorship".
Little by little, from distortion to distortion, Western journalism mounts a controversy that no one has ever started, creating headlines and messages so strong as to make the association with censorship inevitable (and perhaps a bit maliciously sought by some politicians).

In this case, the game was particularly easy. Indeed, snow-white is a beloved Disney cartoon from everyone's childhood, now dated to 1937 and considered a masterpiece of Western animation. Furthermore, Snow White tells a fairy tale, that is a type of story that is generally associated with a narrative by narrative archetypes of which the underlying message is more important than the actual realization.
Combining a similar product with today's social critique is a difficult job. Of course, we can always start a discussion on how certain fairy tales and / or certain films of the past convey oppressive or discriminatory messages. Indeed, it is right to reflect critically on these products.

However, we do note that make this kind of critical reflections, like those of SFGate, does not mean wanting to "cancel" snow-white, or censor it, or rewrite it. It doesn't even mean you want to close the attraction reviewed by SFGate, which in fact absolutely does not ask for the removal of Snow White's Enchanted Wish.

The fear of questioning generates clickbait monsters

However, in an age in which new awareness of sensitive issues change our vision of the world, the questioning of our certainties is scary. Therefore, it is easy to believe that any criticism is an attack, an attempt to censor and remove the beautiful things of our childhood.
And it is on this fear that broadcasters like Fox News make money, creating bogus situations that, however, scare us so much, because they question a film that we love and consider very innocent, such as snow-white.

Obviously, there are two reasons for this type of rhetoric.
The first is policy, since newspapers such as Fox News have an interest in creating a climate of fear and suspicion towards anything that is not the "values ​​of the past", or otherwise perceived as such.
The second is economic, as portraying the story of Snow White as a huge attack on this film is more appealing than a much calmer title like "Two Journalists Reflect on Consensus in Snow White". A calm headline does not elicit reactions on Facebook, or incite you to comment and / or share the article (often without having read it). Nor does it urge you to open the article to find out what's going on.