A new Nintendo Direct was held on February 17, 2021, after the Japanese company by its own admission had been negligent in showing new games for so long, and the result was a riot of titles coming out. The very good news is that most of these games will arrive by August, with plenty of them coming out on May 21st, and that there is a lot in the works that hasn't been discussed yet.

Pyra in Super Smash Bros Ultimate with Awaken Mythra

With a fairly lengthy trailer, very well designed in order to arouse emotions and wonder if it's the announcement of a new Xenoblade, Nintendo opens its direct with this announcement for Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Although some have turned their noses up at the thought of a new swordsman on the well-known Nintendo title, it seems that the Season Pass currently underway will see the young Pyra arrive in the arena.

Fall guys Latest Knockout on Nintendo Switch

After the incredible success on PC, Fall Guys is also coming to Nintendo Switch. This arrival will be the first of many announced during the direct in which Nintendo emphasizes its approach to gameplay, socialization and the fun of its players.

Outer Wilds

Outeer Wilds is a new title that will surprise players with the exploration and search for the new and the mysterious. Embarking on a journey of this kind will allow you to face the unknown and satisfy your curiosity. Although little has been seen, the trailer is enough to push everyone to raise an eyebrow in appreciation.

Famicom Detective Club leaves Japan

Fans of detective adventures and visual novels, like Danganronpa, will have bread for their teeth with the release from Japan of two titles of a saga dating back to 1988. Although the games are sold separately, this operation is part of a wider release of works, produced and designed for the Japanese public, on the international market. Will we be able to solve the two mysteries?

Samurai Warriors 5

The acclaimed Samurai Warriors saga finally receives its fifth title, a game that from the trailer promises to immerse us in the shoes of Japanese historical figures and Oda Nobunaga has been chosen to be put on display. After seeing it in Nioh 2, that the time has come for a new game that delves into this historical / mythological figure? We just have to wait for Nintendo.

Legend of Mana on Nintendo Switch

As we all know, Square Enix has been carrying out a rediscovery of its most ancient titles for years, in a world that still seems to appreciate old-fashioned games, and the arrival of the HD remastered of Legend of Mana is only a natural consequence of this. process.

Monster hunter rise

One of this year's flagship titles could not be missing, which has already attracted many fans back to the Nintendo platform after a not too short vacation on PC and consoles. Monster Hunter Rise is the newest iteration of the great monster Hunter saga and promises to be even more multiplayer and collaborative than before.

Mario Golf

Mario Golf: Super Rush is perhaps one of the first party titles presented that most attract attention. A Mario party game dedicated to golf, with story mode, challenges between friends and family and the ability to play using the joycon. This game will depopulate and rightly so.

Tales from the Borderlands on Switch

A title that rises from the ashes of a company that no longer exists, Telltale, reminds us of how much quality there was in their work. Unfortunately this title has been poorly exploited in Bordarlands 3, the most recent iteration of the Borderlands saga, but we are sure that in the future the protagonists of this fantastic title will return to visit us. In the meantime, why not review it on Switch or take the opportunity to find out?

Nintendo Capcom Arcade Stadium

32 Capcom arcade classics are now available on Nintendo Switch with Capcom Arcade Stadium. Longtime fans will find the games they loved as children, and new players may find the difficulty of titles made to get players to spend money, not to buy skins or lootboxes.

No More Heroes 3

Nintendo does not stop even a second and reveals the sequel to No More Heroes with the third chapter. It seems that this time there will be a tournament involved and that our protagonist will have to earn the way to enter, paying the registration to each fight. Will this idea satisfy the most avid gamers?

Neon white

Slaying demons in… heaven? In this first person shooter we will solve this puzzle by using cards to get rid of the hateful antagonists. A title of which we have seen little but which already amazes for the art design of its characters and for the unusual style of play chosen. We are eager to find out more.

DC Super Hero Girl Teen Power

A game that makes Girl Power its workhorse, hoping there is also some substance for DC fans, in which we will see several heroines, including metahumans and vigilantes, grappling with both everyday life and saving the city of Metropolis. Will this title impress? We just have to wait and find out.

Plants vs Zombies

The acclaimed Plant Vs Zombie game returns with a gameplay-packed trailer for Nintendo Switch. Once again the Japanese house opts for a game with a high gameplay content, confirming itself as an excellent platform where you can find titles that allow you to detach your head with fun.


A fantasy adventure with Miis? This alone would be enough to sell this game. Miitopia wants to go much further and will also allow us to interact with animals, dark wizards and probably save the world on our white horse (after taming it).

Super Mario item on Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing players are about to get a juicy free update (no, sadly not the one on Doom) with a Super Mario theme. There will be new items, new clothing and an experience designed to make the islanders live the adventures of our favorite plumber.

Project triangle strategy

Project Triangle Strategy immediately attracted the attention of all Octopath Traveler lovers but renewing its game form. It will no longer be a turn-based jrpg but a strategic one, following in the footsteps of Fire Emblem. We will have a protagonist, which was not possible to obtain in Octopath Traveler, and we will follow his story through different routes.

Star wars hunters

The new Star Wars Combat Arena enters the Nintendo Switch ring. Star Wars is experiencing a real rebirth in recent years that starts from the amazing success of The Mandalorian until you get right on the console. What surprises await us in this new title?

Knockout city

A game that immediately struck Nintendo Direct viewers for its irreverence in presenting teams and characters. The title will take the concept of Dodgeball and, like all the works related to this magnificent game, it will embroider on it extending it to the whole city. It will certainly be a team title, in which you can combine the skills of individual characters to eliminate as many opponents as possible.

World'd End Club

From the creators of Danganronpa comes this new title, which follows the themes of the series by moving the target and significantly lowering its age. In this undiscovered title there will be kidnapped kids, dangerous games and a world to rediscover after its end.

Physical Version Hades

One of the most popular rogue-like titles arrives not only on Nintendo Switch but with a physical version full of content and nice extras. Hades is a title that now needs no introduction, having slowly successfully scaled the other games on the Epic Game Store and having landed with a fantastic 1.0 also on Steam.

Ninja gaiden master collection

Fans of the Ninja Gaiden series will soon be delighted. A collection of the first three titles in the series is waiting to land on Nintendo Switch.

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity (Expansion Pass)

It seems that everything related to Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild is destined for success. For the prequel game that explores the age of calamities this is no different and in fact an expansion pass has just been announced for the acclaimed title. Those who want to experience the adventures of that era again are finally satisfied.

Bravely Default II

Final trailer for Bravely Default II, an upcoming title that promises fans of the first chapter many hours of fun and interest. Nintendo proves that it does not want to give up a single shot and to keep the direct level of this February very high.

Ghost's and Goblins resurrection

A great and immortal classic returns to Nintendo and to be precise on Nintendo Switch with a Resurrection version. Let's go back to the role of Arthur and face the pitfalls of the world of demons.

SaGa Frontier Remaster

Retrogaming fans will get another little treat as a gift from Nintendo. With SaGa Frontier Remastered they will be able to experience the adventures they love so much and some new scenarios, promised precisely by virtue of the remastered edition.

Apex Legends on Switch

Could a title like Apex Legends be missing from a gameplay oriented console like Nintendo Switch? In the latest trailers, a gameplay sequence with stable frame rates was shown, so Apex Legends has all the credentials to arrive with a bang on the Nintendo console.

Zelda Skyward Sword HD

Zelda fans will have to wait a little longer for the new title of the series but, to pass the wait, the remastered edition with renewed controls of the well-known Skyward Sword will be released. In this title of the series we will be able to fight both by moving the joycon and using the analog sticks.

Splatoon 3

In the latest title announced for this Nintendo Direct we have nothing less than Splatoon 3, the third game in the critically acclaimed series that sees an ever-growing audience, tournaments and a devoted fanbase ready to return to dip in ink.