"Nightfell" is setting horror fantasy for the fifth edition of Dungeons & Dragons, conceived by Angelo Peluso in collaboration with Mana Project Studio and illustrated by Helge C. Balzer. For some lucky few, who were lucky enough to discover "Nightfell" some time ago, this project was a long journey that required ideas and work. We Atlantean Seekers were able to peek a little bit before Lucca and, we must admit, some concepts are very fascinating.


“Nightfell is a dark world where terror and despair reign. The dead walk and eternal beings crave the annulment of reality. In this terrible and unforgiving setting, players will play night explorers; resilient survivors who have adapted to the Lunar Age, an era where the sun is now dead and life still exists only thanks to the last Primordial beings.
Nightfell is the place where characters have the opportunity to embrace the power of darkness to use it against the creatures of the night or stand as a source of faith and hope for the survivors. The prophecy of the Fourth Truth is now fulfilled and the world of Iirmen has been corrupted by the dark dimension of Enferun. The characters will face an environment
hostile, to cross wastelands and not be overwhelmed by entities that want to subjugate their Spirit. "

Introduction to Nightfell's Quickstart

With these words the Quickstart introduces the setting "Iùrmen", a world where light has lost and night has conquered every corner of the planet. In what remains livable, and perhaps not only, the last civilizations of the sentient races arise.
From the first lines of the introduction to Quickstart it is made clear to us how Nightfell is a setting that focuses so much on lore, with secrets to discover and many stories to tell. This peculiarity emerges from the Quickstart, which gives us a lot of information about Iùrmen and invites the reader to read, as well as to play.

Old and new mechanics

New Breeds

In the Quickstart of "Nightfell" there are seven hints for new playable breeds that, surely, will be deepened in the complete manual. Being all creatures related to the setting, they bring with them a particular charm for those who do not want to play the "simple" human being.
Particularly interesting are the Lunar Satyrs, the Night Goblins and the Alperni.

New Classes

Along with the new races, three completely new classes will also arrive, designed to give greater adherence to the setting: the Lunar Cultist, expert in lunar divination and in the avoidance of the beings of the night; the Master of Tradition, scholar of the arcane, of esotericism, of monsters and legends; the Tefillin, a person who deliberately allowed himself to be possessed by a spectrum.

New Archetypes and new Backgrounds

But the classes that we know and love so much have nothing to fear because they will all receive an exclusive archetype of this setting ... and the Warlock will be able to count on three new Patrons (fortunello). As for the Backgrounds, eight brand new passes are coming for our characters. Some arouse interest only in reading its name: Apostata; Hope Seeker; Raised among the Witches; Exiled; Master of Legends; Touched by Evil; Virtuoso of the Spirit; Lived in the Enclave.

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Spirit Points

"Spirit Points represent a character's psychological and spiritual temperament in the face of decay that wears down his soul."

The idea that a character should have a form of "number" for the whole mental and spiritual aspect is not new. This line of thought goes back directly to the Call of Cthulhu, where the concept of the human being who clashes with the unknown can destroy his body and spirit. Many settings, one among many, were inspired by this line of thought Codex Venator, and it is admirable to see that "Nightfell" follows the path, especially since it is not the only mechanic in this sense.
The Spirit Points mechanic is both fun to play, because it offers different ideas for very interesting moments, and important for your campaigns. Losing the last point will make the characters of the "Possessed" become, forcing the party to choose whether to help the companion in danger (at everyone's risk) or not.

Gloomy weapons

Darkness permeates everything and fighting the fire risks burning yourself. In this case, whatever the weapon used to fight, it will be infected by evil, risking to become a gloomy weapon. The idea of ​​seeing a simple sword transform into something dark, corrupt, which offers advantages and disadvantages in equal measure is something that could give excellent starting points for table games.
Perhaps the idea of ​​losing a Spirit Point for each failed attack with a bleak weapon should be reviewed but, I imagine, playtests have been made on this rule.

The role of the moon

In a world immersed in the night the Moon represents the most important of the celestial stars. Recalling the mechanics of the runic extraction of Journey to Ragnarok, complete with a specific die, players can choose a moon phase of birth for their character. It will give different characterization hints for the character according to the period in which it is played and, as a personal suggestion, the possibility of letting the moon phase of the real world play can be used to make the table enter the mood.

The introductory adventure

The introductory adventure and the pre-generated characters act as an excellent starting point for anyone who wants to enter this world. It is an adventure that provides level passes, indicated separately, which allow you to experiment with the new classes and new archetypes offered by "Nightfell". Furthermore, with a minimum of resourcefulness, the master can be an excellent starting point for future campaigns.

Nightfell 5e - All the news, from Quickstart to the campaign ...

What will the final product contain?

A bestiary will be produced together with the basic manual, for a total (basic manual + bestiary) of four hundred pages. Noteworthy is the fact that the bestiary will be based on Italian folklore, something that in recent years unites several projects. 
The basic manual instead will focus on lore, geography, religions and cults, new alphabets to use. It will also introduce 80 new spells based on moon magic


The project Kickstarter will start on June 30 and will have a base goal of € 10, offering favorable and honest prices which it would be really foolish not to take advantage of. Although very few stretch goals have been seen so far, they are all very interesting and directly involve the community. 
The professionals behind this project are all well-known faces of the Italian role-playing landscape, which makes it even more tempting.
Delivery is scheduled for November 2021, so let's not be surprised to see shipments leave shortly before or immediately after Lucca.